When is the right time to incorporate a company?

Many people around the world have a dream of running their own business. And it’s easy to see what the attraction is; you can do things in your own way, on your own time, and with the people you want to work with. Others like the fact that they can work from wherever they like, and some people just like the fact that being the boss means more money.

And actually, some research suggests that more people would actually benefit from starting their own firms, leading to a happier and more wholesome life without spending 8-10 hours of every day working for someone else’s agenda.

Still, it’s not an easy task to begin a new business venture, especially not on your own. If you aren’t careful it might all end with you losing money and time on your investments.

So to answer the question of when’s the right time to incorporate a company: that depends. There are above all, 2 critical components to choosing when the right time is. Economy and the Business Plan.

Economy is everything.
A large number of entrepreneurs fail to get past 1 or 2 years of active business, before shutting down due to bad economics. Whether they are not selling as much as they need to, or whether they have terrible accounting skills and thus lose out on tax – the common denominator is they all have bad economy.

And while it makes sense to consider the profits and losses at all times, a surprising number of business owners just go by what they feel, and not by what the numbers tell them. In fact, in 2016 a study was made and found that 40% of business owners did not have proper accounting, a fact that cost them more money down the line, when they had to pay to fix it.

So whether you need to learn about how to incorporate a company in Singapore, or whether you need to know about accounting, it is important to have the best help at hand from the start. These experienced people can help with making the best decisions and saving you both time, money and possibly even from failure.

The business plan.

The other important thing to consider is how you are going to make money, and ensure you make enough money, month after month. And you don’t have to invent the thing that replaces all smartphones to make money. The most common thing for businesses is actually to copy existing plans, and adapt and modify them to improve them, and to make them more viable for the business owner in question.

Look at new businesses in your chosen niche, and find the ones that seem to be making profits. Improve their service by offering more for less, and if you can add a few unique things on to that, you can make money too.

So start today.
The best time to start, is now. So what are you waiting for?

The Current Affairs of AI in Business and Enterprise use

The advent of AI and cognitive intelligence is one of those self-fulfilling prophesies that we’ve simultaneously worked for and dreaded. It is at once too fantastical and too scary, an idea that could snowball into something amazing.

But now that we may finally have an inkling of its abilities, how do we take it further? How can AI change the way we do business? Or is it already changing it?

When it comes to AI software development in India, the perception can vary quite wildly. Some see it as the super solution, capable of answering all our problems, while some see it as a dud idea, a flash in the pan destined to fizzle out. They see it as an over reach, too fantastic to ever be truly useful. The truth, though, lies somewhere in between.

Not quite there, the truth in AI technology still lies somewhere between the imaginative and the pessimist. To say that AI does not exist is foolish. Cloud computing and cognitive intelligence solutions are a reality. But to claim that we’ll soon be taken over by super-machines and computers is just plain fanciful. The truth is that we are reaching the level of a super-machine, but one that is just starting out.

Yes, autonomous machines like self-driving cars have made significant improvements, but they are far away from displacing actual drivers. So, do we junk the idea or wait for the real deal? Or do we learn from what we have and apply it where we can? In business, automation itself can be a success, But only if it is applied at the right place. For instance, we may not get a self-driving truck to the go down, but we can use automated delivery pods within a controlled environment.

In short, there is a definite merit in AI systems. But it is still very far away from a fix-it to all our problems. Right now it is more useful as augmenting our business intelligence, a useful assistant in some cases, but still far from an enterprise-wide program. So, for a business that wants to utilize AI, it is important to understand its limitations and benefits before implementing it.

Do we need it?

The first and foremost question is, of course, whether you actually need it. If the good old methods and tools are giving us the answers we seek, do we really need to invest millions on an AI breakthrough which will give us the same results?

Cognitive intelligence is today working with a mass of data and information to find solutions that are hidden within. But if regular analytics can achieve the results, AI is probably just an overkill. Sure, we can learn something important from it, but not every business process is on a learning curve!

It is also important to keep in mind that business AI makes considerable demands on organizational resources. It will have an impact on almost all processes — from manufacturing to HR. This technology also needs a significant outlay of finance. First, there is the implementation of often expensive technology tools. Then comes the people requirement. This is a highly skilled field and even a small team can be expensive for a medium-sized business.

What to expect?

 So, obviously, there is still a lot to be gained by investing in AI software development in India. More importantly, it may soon become a necessity. For the SME sector, the trick may lie in a phased implementation, going for specific function-oriented AI and cognitive computing technology. For instance, the role of AI in Big Data analytics is irrefutable.

We can use AI solutions to cull data, understand patterns, create reasonable predictions while mitigating the risks involved. A lot of these functions can be achieved through traditional tools. But AI solutions are faster and less prone to errors.

In marketing, we can pinpoint repetitive tasks, automate them, predict more accurate sales, and even predict the effect of promotional videos on people. In customer services, it is already helping us to reach out through multiple channels to multiple markets at the same time. In communications, we have developed a faster, multichannel approach and in healthcare, we are closer to personalized care than ever before.

In short, AI software development in India is no longer a far-fetched fantasy. With IoT and cognitive intelligence, we are already in the AI era. It may not be a fix-all, but it is an efficient assistant that has already changed the way we are doing business.

4 Online Marketing Tips for Small Business

Most of the small business owners these days understand the importance of online marketing. People are spending a greater amount of time online these days. Owing to this very reason, it has become pretty important for the small business owners to focus on digital marketing so that they are able to get new customers for their business.

Most of the business owners, however, are not familiar with the technical side of online marketing. That is why, even though they want to capture the visitors through online marketing but they do not know where to start.

We would today solve this problem. We would share with you four such steps which you can take action on in order to begin your online marketing strategy for your business.

  1. Choosing the method of marketing:

There are multiple ways to bring traffic to your website. Most of the small business owners are not familiar with these methods. You can either opt for search engine optimization or you can opt for social media marketing or you can even opt for paid advertising.

Most of the business owners are not able to clearly choose the method which is best for them. One of the best options for you currently is to opt for social media marketing because once you are able to build a community, not only you can get the visitors but also you would be able to build the brand itself as well.

That is why it is always important for the small business owners to start with social media marketing as that would increase the visibility as well.

  1. Getting the website ready:

You need to understand that the normal official website is not good enough for marketing. Many times, you need to create a separate landing page in order to convert the visitors. Moreover, if you’re selling something, you have to provide the online transaction option as well so that you are able to get instant sales. Once you are able to get these instant sales, it will become easier for you to convert the visitors online as well.

  1. Creating a proper brand name:

Instead of just having a website, you have to create a logo and you have to create a brand name as well. Once you are able to do that, it becomes easier for you to spread the word out about your website. When you spread the word out about your website, it becomes easier for you to get direct visitors as well without any type of seo or marketing practice.

Owing to this very reason, it is important for you to always create a proper brand name as well as a logo.

  1. Setting a proper budget:

Each and every marketing technique requires a certain amount of budget. That is why in order to begin with online marketing,first look at the budget which you are willing to invest. You also outsource your all marketing work to Submitcore.com.

Only after that, you would be able to act on the budget and get visitors to your website. That is why you have to always set up a budget 1st and thereafter start the marketing.

So, whenever you are looking at the online marketing tips which you can follow for your business, these are the 4 things which you should look into.

Managing a Business: Best Tips for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Business requires much strategy as well as management skills, and when you own business, the mentality to take a calculated risk to a certain extent is also necessary.

There are different types of business debts which you may incur and however, you want to avoid debts, one cannot run a business successfully without the debts. The risks that you take in business would help to boost the business further.

There are different types of business risks which you may face, and at times there would be crises as well, but with the right planning as well as strategy for management, you can ensure that you easily handle such situations.

Business risk

There are various risks which may arise in business, and one of the major risks that you can have is debt. The debts that you incur in business as well as the hassle of paying them off are altogether a challenging situation. The business men can manage all kinds of debts when they have the idea of how they can pay off the debts. Here we are going to provide some tips which if followed would be able to help any businessman out of the debt situation they are facing. A proper as well as thorough understanding of the debt policies is needed to ensure that the debt that you face is quickly resolved. The main thing one should focus in this situation is the type of debt they incur and how far is it feasible to attempt as well as solve it with the right measures possible.


As a businessman, it is an immense pressure when you have a certain amount of debt to handle. There are many factors associated with the business debt as well as to ensure that you can handle them well, it is important to be level headed in this situation. The pressure may, however, make it difficult to maintain your composure and this is where you need the help of the counselors. There are financial planners whom you can rely on, and they can, in turn, help you out with the debt management by planning a finance plan for you. Other than that you can also opt for psychological counseling to get relief from the stress. In case you are looking for such help, it is important to have a thorough understanding of your situation. Each finance planner has their way of dealing with the situation, and hence it is important that you make a choice correctly as well as make sure the financial planner you are relying on is reliable enough for this particular purpose.

Chalk out a plan

It is important to sketch a plan for the coming months when you have to pay off the debts as well as  when you would have a very hectic situation. Tally the various income sources which you have and understand which are the safest and the surest source that you can rely on. Identify all the expenses which you have and whether they can be cut down to a certain extent. Set aside some money for one time expenditures which might be inevitable during the crisis months and then plan the budget. Recognize the different expenses which you have monthly and which keep changing but are essential at the same time. Chalk out the plan putting all this information together and recognize the gravity of your condition in particular. There is different software which you can rely on for this purpose, and they are notable for the budget management solution they provide.

Earning money

Do not focus only on debt consolidation and paying off the debts. In parallel, make sure that you have a steady income from one source or the other. Otherwise, your budget plan is likely to collapse and without a minimum amount of sustenance paying off the debt would become difficult too. Innovating ways in which your business would keep gaining profit and thrive even when you are neck deep buried in debt and this way you can make sure that you have a steady income. Other than that you can always have the option to work part time, and this would be helpful as well. Do not go after the larger sources of money and instead focus on the smaller pools which are less in amount but are sure-shot options that you have at hand.

Consolidate loans

You should seek professional help to consolidate the loans you have incurred. The experts can give you the right advice regarding whether your loans can be consolidated and to what extent. There are many benefits of consolidating the loans like one monthly payment options, the rates of the interest is also lowered down, you can easily pay off your debts quickly, and you do not have to deal with the debt collectors personally. Also, the financial expert would be guiding you keeping in mind the unique situation of your debt. They would also negotiate with the creditors for you and can bring down the amount that you need to pay to some extent.


There are different types of loans which you can incur and with the right strategy you can easily pay them off too. The different tips which are provided to the businessmen to get them out of the situation are useful only when they are thoroughly implemented. It can be concluded that the various solution to debt management is essential to overcome any crises that arise due to debt issues. Lastly, to handle such situation, you can just consult a professional too.

Author bio: Isabella Rossellini is one of the top legal advisors for business & startup. Her inspirational blogs also have helped some businessmen distressed with debt to gain some hope about their situation. She has some very authentic as well as practical tips which one can easily rely on.

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing: Which is the Best Way to Market Your Business?

Becoming a business owner in 2017 can be an extremely difficult feat, as the economy has begun to stabilise and the market is becoming much more saturated with business. It’s been revealed that only 20% of entrepreneurs are victorious in their business ventures after those initial two years.

One of the most difficult things to consider when starting a business is how you are going to build your brand and how you are going to market your services. The majority of modern marketing tools fall into two categories, which are “traditional” and “digital” marketing, the question is, which one is best for your business?

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional marketing is a craft that has been perfected over the span of centuries. Every advertisement you ever see, hear, or pass by are the result of carefully calculated and thought out by a marketing team. Traditional marketing has the power to stay with somebody long after they have come into contact with the advertisement or strategy.

Think about this, have you ever walked through a busy high-street and been handed a bottle of your favourite drink, or given a sample of food in a supermarket. All of these clever little ways to get you thinking and talking about a product or brand, fall under the umbrella of traditional marketing.

One of the best things about a traditional marketing campaign, is that you are most likely going to reach a lot of people over a short period of time, for example if you have a television advert set to air over the course of a day, then people are bound to see it. On the other hand, although you will be reaching a large audience, or putting your product in front of a lot of people, there is no guarantee that any of these people will want to buy your product or service, or even take notice of the advertisement.

There is a common saying in the marketing industry, called “throwing mud at the wall”, unless carefully catered to a specific/ niche television channel, or centred around the demographics and psychographics of your target audience, then you are essentially throwing mud at the wall and hoping that it sticks.

In other words, traditional marketing is all about thinking outside of the box and about timing. If you consider the people you are trying to sell to, where they will be, what they watch, what they listen to, and what they respond to, and then target your campaign to fit this, then you can have a really successful outcome. Some of the most simple yet effective ways to deliver brand marketing is to also hand out promotional items, such as wristbands, t-shirts and mugs.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing allows you to be more specific and precise with your targeting. Rather than using the “throwing mud at a wall” approach, you instead have the option of practices such as Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click, which will put your company’s website in front of people who are seeking your service. This is great news for you, as it means that you are guaranteed to reach your target audience – this isn’t always a possibility with TV adverts.

As well as using SEO and PPC, many companies also choose to take advantage of social media as a key aspect of their digital marketing strategy. The reason that this strategy is becoming increasingly more popular is because it is a cheap and easy to use platform, and has also been proven to bring in one of the most successful ROI of all the marketing tools. Similar to traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing techniques and strategies are most successful when they are used together. For example, social media campaigns are useful when they are combined with SEO campaigns or PPC campaigns. All are effective on their own, but all are more successful when combined together.

Is Either one Better?

As with anything, these traditional and digital strategies are not without fault of their own. Following on from the “throwing mud at the wall” idea for traditional marketing, there is also no real way of tracking how effective your campaigns have been. For example, if a chocolate manufacturer decides to hand out free samples of their product, and also to produce a television advert, there is no real way of knowing how many direct sales have come from this.

Although you can take into consideration the rise/ drop in sales of a product, or a rise/ drop in enquiries based around the time or location, you can never be sure. As for digital marketing strategies and the use of social media platforms, there is often a two-way communication between both the company and the customers or clients, so any negative reviews that are left for the site, are made open to the public and can even damage the company’s reputation in the long run.

With all factors considered, it’s important to make sure that you put a lot of thought and consideration into your marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to ensure that you are making the most out of your marketing campaigns is by using both methods in tandem with one another.

Running various marketing campaigns, both traditional and digital and using the trial and error method will allow you to gain a better understanding on what works for your business and what brings in ROI. An unconventional, yet successful method could be to create a hashtag on social media and also printing out the hashtag on wristbands. There are so many different ways that collaborating and exerting these techniques could really assist your business in making a higher ROI.

8+ Best of WordPress Business Themes

Creating a business website with WordPress has never been easier. Just find a suitable theme for what sort of message your business wants to emit, and add your unique content. Sounds simple when it’s written down like this, but in reality, there’s many questions you need to answer before you end up with a well designed website for corporate use.
Please note that our WordPress themes somewhat differ from the similar but more niche oriented “StartUp Themes for WordPress


This theme has a lot going for it. For starters it uses the free plugin “Page Builder” which in an by itself is a great tool for any WordPress administrator. But coupled with powerful skins and predefined layouts, 3clicks provides an all-in-one user interface for creating virtually any sort of layout within the given framework. Plenty of color customization options as well as WooCommerce integration, this makes for a great all-round business theme.


Needs no introduction, the single best selling theme ever to come out on ThemeForest, with more than 160,000 copies sold and almost as many happy customers, you can never go wrong with Avada. Drawing upon the inspiration from others, you can create whichever layout, style or design you so dream up. If you only ever want to learn one commercial theme’s framework to use for your clients, this theme is it my friends.

X The Theme

One the other hand, if you dislike how Avada functions, you could try out X. Just like Avada, this theme is one of the top bestsellers on themeforest.net and also enables anyone to build anything within the WordPress universe. The difference in these two themes is not necessarily in the look and feel of the website itself, but more-so in how the administrator and webmaster interacts within the administrative panel, when customizing options and so on.


One of the customers favorites, this theme has one of the best ratings out of any WordPress business theme out there, or any WordPress theme in general for that matter! And if you look at what Enfold offers, it is no wonder. Superb customer support for any sort of question, linked with a state-of-the-art documentation and FAQ, anyone who purchases this theme will find it within their range of creating unique and beautiful WordPress websites.

The Seven

This theme is perfect for anything with a commercial interest. With it’s clean lines, and sombre, almost dignified feel to it, you can be sure to impress your visitors with this design. Choose one of the many premade layouts for both the frontpage, and any other page in WordPress, using Visual Composer, an easy to use drag & drop interface for building content like never before.


More than 20.000 users have purchased a copy of Jupiter, a perfect theme for anything WordPress. With it’s advanced and unique custom-made template system, you have dozens of templates ready to be put into good use with your webcopy. All you need to do is choose how it should look, and then enter the text into the ready-made fields and your layout will be fully responsive and work perfectly. Every time.


Sahifa is one of the best selling themes at the envato marketplace, and for good reason. A very solid and extensive foundation lays the stepping stones for virtually any blogging or news site imaginable. Updated regularly and well documented, this theme has earned it’s 1st spot on this list as being the best all around adsense ready theme, usable for any situation. While the theme might be slightly over-bloated in my humble opinion, this is common for many themes, and appears to be the norm of TF submissions these days.


Just look at it, a great theme to showcase any sort of portfolio, image-rich product list, or other type of content relying on beautiful, high-quality, retina-ready photographs. This WordPress theme is a stunner!


Social Network Theme that works perfectly well for creating a similar type of website to some of the famous sites out there such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more. The name implies a heavy connection with the movie industry, although I’ve found many purposes for this theme spanning further to a BuzzFeed Clone for WordPress, and much more.


12+ Best WordPress Themes For Startups & Medium Companies

WordPress Themes for StartUp’s. Okay – we’ve all been there, had a great idea for a service, product or other professional venture, where we just want to get the ball rolling as fast as possible. Since we are now writing the year of our lord, 2015, we should not get slowed down by any trivial obstacles such as WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce themes, or indeed as today’s topic, WordPress Themes for businesses and startup companies.

In choosing a well-crafted WordPress theme, with a solid framework as foundation, you ensure that any content you create online is easily manageable and looks it’s very best! Since WordPress can scale tremendously well, and by the time of writing, have had more than 12 years of development, you can focus all your energy on building your startup business, compared to being on the phone every other hour with your web developer.

The list we’ve gathered here consists of 2 free WordPress themes, and the rest are premium themes, not just in their price, but in their content as well. We have not tried out or purchased all themes listed here. This post contains affiliate links, which means we can get credited for any sales occurring from these clicks.

Zerif Lite

The most downloaded non-official WordPress theme ever! Zerif Lite can do more than you might think, and all for the price of absolutely nothing but time! While it is possible to use Zerif Lite for many types of projects, it might not really be time-saving until you’ve made quite a few different layouts and familiarized yourself intimately with the framework, but since it’s using the official WordPress Customizer API, then chances are you’d have to learn the framework eventually anyway.



Our own free WordPress theme, Shelley has a ton of usability packed in a lightweight shell. Use it as a portfolio, personal blog, company website, or onepage layout, it’s up to you. Just like Zerif Lite, Shelley uses the WordPress customizer for it’s extensive options, and through our years of experience as webmasters as well as webdevelopers, we believe we’ve come up with a great compromise in flexibility and easy of use.

Divi Theme

This is the flagship theme of ElegantThemes.com – A well known an excellently established theme developer business. Featuring unique complex addons, such as the divi page builder, a one-of-a-kind tool to build any sort of page layout with drag and drop ease, more than 16+ predefined layouts to suit 99% of all needs, and a natively responsive and mobile friendly stylesheet that automatically takes care of all devices and browsers, this theme is a sure winner!


This is truly one sleek theme, built on the one and only Bootstrap framework by Twitter, featuring Visual Composer, the most famous and widely used page building plugin for WordPress, this theme is off to a great start. What makes this ideal for startups is the fact that it already comes ready with WhoaThemes VC extensions, as well as the Mailchimp integration. Apart from that, the design is of course responsive, and translatable, and there’s plenty of customization options for those who like that.


xLander is simple and stylish, and can actually be used for both a personal blog, as well as your startup company’s official home on the internet. It is made to be used with Visual Composer for easy page building, and features the latest bootstrap as well as a powerful theme option framework. You get here a theme of very high quality. There are lots functionalities and also responsive, easily translatable and there are lots of functionalities. Where xLander really shines apart from the theme itself, is their support and updates.


SmartMVP is a clean and minimalist theme. It is perfect for people who just want to have a single theme, without too many “disturbing” elements. Also of course it is responsive, so you can use it on mobile devices. It is a really beautiful premium WordPress theme for your startup, with lovely fresh colors. It caters mostly medium or larger sized startups. The theme is responsive, and there are lots of functionality, so you can change the design of the theme for the flavor that you like.


Not just a website in an by itself, but also a coming soon theme for those who are still producing their content, or marketing their product/campaign launch. With 10 different layouts predefined by the author, you can be sure to get started with ease, and using minimal effort on your own part in getting everything to work correctly on the website, you have much more time to build and launch your own startup company.

Startup Idea

This is another theme building on the legacy that is called crowdfunding. Now you can effortlessly build your own WordPress Crowdfund site. Featuring A responsive design, whose view of the contributions is slightly inspired by kickstarters design, which is nothing less than perfect some might say. There is an excellent range of functionalities in the theme, so you can personalize the theme’s design to your liking.

Lane Startup

This is is a great minimalist and modern theme for any start up business wanting to get started in style. Its very bright color in contrast with the individual orange colors give the theme a very fresh design. You also get a good range of options, and even a custom mailchimp plugin for integration smoothly with your mailing list.


Beautiful all-round theme for any startup company looking to build a minimalistic website with ease. One of the few themes on this list that incorporates EasyDigitalDownloads in the WordPress theme!


A complete landing page solution for WordPress. So far so good, on the cover it looks great, but where it truly shines is in the customization options. Create a complete package with logo, mobile apps and everything.