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  • Version:


  • License:

    GNU GPL v2

  • Requires:

    WordPress 4.0

  • Framework:


  • Layout:

    Responsive, Fixed Width

  • Colors:

    White, Blue, Customizable

  • Released:

    1 July 2015

  • Updated:

    18 September 2015

  • Browser(s):

    All major browsers


PurelyShopping: A Free WooCommerce Theme in 2015

We’ve just released yet another 100% free WordPress theme, this time to use as ecommerce, although it is of course possible to just use the blogging features!

This theme features a minimalistic design style, with a responsive layout that works on all devices.

Built with WordPress and WooCommerce best practices, this theme is sure to be a great addition to your WordPress/WooCommerce installation.

Installing WooCommerce Theme: PurelyShopping

  1. First go to Appearance -> Themes & click “Add New” – Search for “purelyshopping” or alternatively,  obtain the .zip file from wordpress.org/themes/purelyshopping, then do the above step and also click “Add New” then “Upload New” and choose the zip file.
  2. Click Install (If you encounter an error message during install, please report it to our Support section)
  3. Once installed, click activate and the theme is now installed and running!

Setup: PurelyShopping

Go to the Apperance -> Widgets section, and configure your plugin widgets.
The below example is from the screenshot demo content, and features the free plugin “Meta Slider”, as well as the custom text modules native too WordPress, and then WooCommerce widgets for product display.




  • Added Color Controls for Navigation Links & Background
  • Added Excerpt and Featured image on category/archive pages
  • Added option to disable topmenubar
  • Updated CSS with a few minor changes


  • Fixed headers output issue
  • Added logo option in customizer settings (will replace title & tagline)
  • Small changes to structure (nothing visible)


  • Removed TinyNav and replaced with SlickNav
  • Updated CSS to reflect changes to the menu
  • Updated CSS to improve layout on responsive devices

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