10+ Best Premium WordPress Themes September 2015

Archi is one of the latest WordPress themes this month has been Archi, a beautifully designed template with both a One Page layout, as well as a “Coming Soon” function. Interior designers as well as architects and creative construction companies can use this theme with great benefit, and with the 6 different homepage layouts and 10 different color skins, showcasing your portfolio could not be much easier!

Do you want to build your own hosting company? Try ArkaHost. Plenty of hosting providers for WordPress and the Web in general offer you the chance of purchasing a set amount of slots, that you can then resell at a markup and thus profit directly from getting customers. This is affiliate marketing on steroids, as you not only get to put your own name on the invoices, but also get full access to control panels and everything your customers visits has your brands on it. Together with arkahost you can really make a beautiful hosting website.

Do you run a photography business yourself, or are you perhaps tasked with creating a beautiful and responsive website for a client offering wedding photography or similar services? With “Emilie” you can display your best work with smart gallery grids, which simply HAVE to be seen in the live demo to be fully appreciated. Wow your visitors with the effects from this photography WordPress theme, combined with the effect from your own images.

Hayes is made for personal blogs and simple businesses, as well as any company looking for a Startup WordPress theme can stop looking once they find Hayes. Designed for use as a personal blogging theme, we feel it easily doubles as a simplistic business or startup company website. Social Feeds, SEO Optimized theme code as well as unlimited colors via extensive options panel all makes for a great theme.

Andy is not really designed to be one specific type of theme. You could use this for your photography portfolio, as well as displaying your mobile app development agency with the same theme and settings for that matter. Unless you are of the creative sort, perhaps stick to the predefined layouts and simply write great content and upload just as great images and Andy will look great all the same!

NRGHost is an nteresting take on the WordPress Hosting Theme niche, this theme uses negative space or whitespace to a great extent on many of it’s pages and layouts. Unless you are willing to use the same images and icons as the demo version, you should be prepared in spending some money on top quality graphics, as the website is somewhat dependant on that aspect to look it’s very best.

Haswell could not be more hipster, and that is perfectly fine! Regardless of whether you yourself think highly of this type of design-trend, it has surely made a tremendous impact and especially female bloggers take to this sort of style in great numbers. If your business relates to the feminine audience more-so than the masculine, this WordPress theme is a great contender for your next website look!

Looking for an easy to set-up, an even easier to use WordPress theme? Try Flavio. If you just want to blog about the latest fashion trends, upload pictures of your shopping sprees, and let your visitors follow and comment on your content, this template can make life a whole lot easier for you. The theme will automatically resize all images you upload, and once you have set up the initial color scheme settings as well as general options, you just have to worry about producing awesome content!

If your ambitions go beyond that of a personal blogging website, perhaps consider envogue. This beautiful magazine style theme suits most female readers regardless of the topic. Fashion, Food, Shopping or Baby Talk, write about it all and showcase your content in the best way possible with this theme. Featuring all of the many features we nowadays take for granted, such as author descriptions, about me widgets and more, you can be sure to build a popular site with envogue.

Flat Design? Check. Unlimited Color Options? Check. Awesome Mobile design? Check. MultiUp has everything you need to get up and running in no time. Using the more old school shortcodes you can easily control exactly where your widgets and features pop up in this template, and with Visual Composer you have complete freedom! Coupled with Demo Import and Google Fonts, you are bound to find this theme to your liking.

Managed WordPress Hosting: A comprehensive guide

Welcome to this blog post. This article contains information relating to the specific type of web hosting called “managed hosting” – This is different from the conventional type of hosting, in that a support team will not only host your WordPress website, but also take care of the security updates, firewall settings and other technical stuff.

If you are not interested in paying for these extra services, we recommend you take a look at our regular Fastest WordPress Hosting article.

Managed Hosting: What is it?

Often times it is easiest to compare this type of hosting to the shared ones. With a managed hosting account you will often receive a dedicated server (computer) that only runs the WordPress stuff that concerns your own website. On a shared setup, you will not be the only one using the particular server, and can therefore experience poor performance if the other websites are running heavy loads. You won’t receive the same level of support either, neither in the form of automatic updates, and security help, but also in the speed of reply you get when contacting about specific subjects.

Managed hosting is typically an expansion of devoted hosting, whereby the obliged equipment is claimed by the hosting supplier and is rented to a solitary customer. It varies from different types of devoted hosting, in any case, in the way that the regular administration and upkeep of the servers is taken care of by the hosting supplier as opposed to by the customers themselves.

The equivocalness in the term managed hosting stems from the distinctive “levels” of administration accessible; albeit completely managed hosting as a rule incorporates, however is not restricted to, the accompanying:

  • Server Checking – This is the procedure of examining the servers looking for any anomalies or potential disappointments; when done in an auspicious manner, these issues can be redressed before they form into significant issues or administration interruption.
  • Security – This incorporates infection examining, spam sifting, firewall setup and working framework redesigns notwithstanding standard physical server farm efforts to establish safety. Security is vital on any PC framework/system, yet it is particularly essential when managing individual or business discriminating information and data.
  • Full Go down and Stockpiling – An organization losing information can be immoderate in each feeling of the word; it can bring about a loss of cash, time and client trust. Consequently, it is indispensable that all basic or individual data is went down and put away safely.

Managed Hosting Suppliers are much more inclined to have both the physical and specialized abilities set up to complete the go down/capacity handle effectively.

  • Server Design and Upkeep – Managed hosting suppliers can offer authority staff with the aptitude to guarantee that the hosting arrangement is at first arranged to meet the client’s prerequisites adequately and hence, to perform the essential server support to keep the stage running easily
  • Support – An alluring advantage of managed hosting is that – if there ever is an issue – there is constantly qualified backing close by. In perfect cases, organizations make human phone support accessible every minute of every day/365, however in some, backing is offered by means of email.

There are likewise business advantages to managed hosting, which as a rule incorporate, however at the end of the day are not restricted to, the accompanying:

  • Adaptability – Managed Hosting is an adaptable arrangement – not an one size fits all administration – and suppliers can work with clients to accomplish an answer custom-made to suit the financial backing and individual prerequisites of their business. Likewise, when those necessities change, managed hosting suppliers can respond in great time to guarantee that the hosting stage keeps on taking care of those requests.
  • Decreased expense of operation – The equipment and ability needed to oversee hosting in-house can be excessive; with numerous organizations, the expense exceeds the advantages. Managed hosting can be a more financially savvy IT arrangement without needing to trade off on suitability or control.
  • More successful utilization of asset – If your organization utilizes IT staff then you know not anybody that talented IT workers can be excessive. On account of this, it verifies that you put this asset to the best conceivable utilization. At the point when utilizing a Managed Hosting administration, the supplier deals with the regular running and upkeep of the servers and framework, implying that in-house IT staff can concentrate on other, more


WordPress Managed Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting


This form of hosting permits clients to rent pre-configured, dedicated hardware and integration from the supplier. Dedicated hosting gives more noteworthy adaptability than shared hosting (and involves less obligation than colocation hosting), subsequent to the client by and large holds control over the hosting environment and decision of working framework. The supplier, notwithstanding, stays in charge of equipment and system organization.

Administration ordinarily incorporates: Dedicated gadgets, server checking, unmanaged systems administration and capacity gear and complete server farm support.

Clients utilizing a dedicated hosting arrangement ought to have competency in IT and server organization. Dedicated hosting likewise obliges a more critical speculation of accounts, time, and HR than shared hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a sort of hosting structural engineering that permits figuring assets to be expended as an administration through the Web. Regularly, cloud situations have the capacity to include or evacuate assets like CPU performance and memory-ram and system stockpiling as required. Indeed, even Base administrations like burden adjusting and movement forming, security, savvy reserving alongside dedicated figuring stages for execution investigation, observing and reporting scale with nature.

The primary concern is that cloud architectures can scale to suit client request and activity spikes rapidly. Designers don’t need to always re-build their surroundings and expense structures to handle top burdens. Organizations don’t need to grapple with the basic framework and center advancements or the everyday operational, execution and adaptability issues of their stage. Rather, they can really center their assets on adding to their applications and destinations.




WordPress Hosting: A Speed and Price Comparison List

wordpress hosting featured imageAh, WordPress. Back in 2005-2006, the infamous 5 minute installation made it’s mark on the world wide web. No more did we have to edit the wp-config.php in order for us just to type in our database and other hosting parameters. Now we could just upload the all the installation files along with any WordPress theme that we so wished to use, and the on-screen installer process would take care of the rest. How things have changed since then. These days, 5 minutes to install WordPress seems like overkill. Any decent hosting company runs with “One-click” application installers, that even type in your database and server configurations for you, basically all you have to do is log on to your hosting provider, click a button or two, and now you are running WordPress!

If you are reading this article, looking for our WordPress Themes for Business, or perhaps AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes, or even WordPress Dating Themes, click on the links to be taken to the appropriate page.

WordPress Hosting: What types are there?

This article will compare some of the market’s most famous and widely used shared wordpress hosting providers. If you are looking for other types of hosting, you might want to use the index below. For an explanation of each of these types, read below the list.


Hosting for WordPress: What to consider?

First of all, you might want to make sure your website is going to run on WordPress at all. Some web developers still develop ASP pages, which basically means a Windows Server, compared to the Linux servers that is most common for WP servers. Also, if you are just going to have a few pages, you might want to consider just using static HTML files, since these will load near instantaneously, and thus provide a much better experience for your users. However, they are tedious to update, and if you have more than just a handful of pages, you will soon find yourself looking for WordPress or another similar CMS for managing your content.

When considering how to proceed with the hosting, you want to make sure you are focusing on the right things. First and foremost, you get what you pay for in most scenarios. Meaning that if you buy $1/month hosting, you can’t reasonably expect the site to run smoothly at all levels of traffic load. Since the cheapest WordPress hosting is almost always Shared Hosting, then you can experience poor performance and slow load times even when your own pages are not receiving much traffic, because someone else on the same server as you is using all the juice. Just like sharing an internet connection with someone else, you can make that comparison with relative ease.

Shared WordPress Hosting: The Cheapest Option

Still, even though it is among the slowest of the web-hosting out there, it is one of the most popular choices. Why? Well because most sites in the upstart phase don’t need that much performance. If you are building up your site from scratch, chances are you won’t be receiving more than 10,000 pageviews a month, meaning you can deliver your site within 1.5-4 seconds on average, and while you won’t win any prices for having the fastest WordPress hosting, and you might lose a few visitors due to load times, most of your visitors will be using your site regardless, and you can therefore save on costs while starting up. Some web hosts include several levels of shared hosting, meaning that you can upgrade performance slightly, while still keeping costs minimal, but as long as your content is hosted in any shared environment, your clients or visitors will never get that blazing fast experience.

VPN Hosting for WP: A good choice for medium sized sites

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This means that you get access to their servers via remote control, and thus have far more options than standard shared hosting provides. This requires a bit more technical knowledge, since you can easily make mistakes that will send your visitors 403 or similar error messages. VPN’s are usually shared as well, but the number of websites competing over CPU and Memory power are much lower, where shared hosts sometimes have 100’s of sites on 1 computer, with a VPN you might be sharing it with 5-10 websites, and often have the possibility of completely renting one for just yourself.

Managed WordPress Hosting: What is it, and why choose it?

One of the newer types of WP hosting is called managed hosting, and as the name suggests, the web host will take care of many of the technical aspects of running a WordPress website. Not everybody needs this level of care and compassion, but for the inexperienced, having a contact person whom you can ask any type of WP or Server question will greatly benefit your own learning experience, and keep frustrations at a minimum. Apart from that, you get their experts setting up Security Rules and Firewalls, Cache and Performance enhancements, some managers will also take care of any type of update coming your way. And most of them take scheduled backups as well. There are no hard rules as to what type of server your website will eventually be hosted on when choosing a managed WordPress hosting company, that all depends on the individual order you set up. So that means you could end up on a shared server, paying 2-4 times more for just basic plugin installations if you don’t do your due diligence and read up on the exact specifications. There are other companies out there that provide VPN hosting as well as Cloud hosting for virtually the same cost as those who sell shared hosting packages.

WordPress Cloud Hosting: A short introduction

We’ve all heard the term cloud, when dealing with tech terms, but what exactly is it, and why would you combine it with WordPress? Roughly speaking, “the cloud” is simply a bunch of computers connected, and sharing the load between them. So unlike traditional shared hosting, where you are allocated X percent of the total capacity of a single, specified computer – with Cloud hosting your WordPress installation will be fluctuating between servers around the world. That means improved speed, since often times they work like CDN’s (content delivery networks) and display the resources requested based off of location to the user. This is a great choice if you are planning on upgrading your existing installation due to performance issues.

Self Hosted WordPress: For the true techies

The holy grail of any true nerd must be the ultimate server configuration. We won’t discuss this in much detail, since anyone wanting to get into hosting their own servers, should already know plenty about the subject, or else be prepared to fail a lot.

Cheapest WordPress Hosts: Best for small/new websites

It is important that you choose your hosting account based on your needs. In the article above you will find the most relevant information about the most popular web hosting services for WordPress.

It is of course important to make your choice based on what your goal is with the website – and what your needs are regarding performance. The types of hosting provided in this article are all great packages, but still with room for improvement. If you have special requirements for your hosting however, you should examine whether those web spaces can accommodate your needs.

For all providers of cheap web hosting is possible to upgrade so that you can get more space on your web space. This could be that you have a special need for large quantities of high quality images or video, and therefore it is of course essential that the web can be upgraded – without – having to change providers.

Fastest WordPress hosting: When performance matters

The most important parameters for any experienced WordPress webmaster when choosing a provider of hosting, is stability and up-time as well as performance. Of course it is very important that the up-time is as close as possible to 100%. As a rule of thumb, it is unacceptable that your hosting account has an uptime of less than 99.9%.

However, it can be extremely difficult to control and measure the uptime of the provider – and especially before you invest in your new web space. Should you measure a hosting you about already have in advance so that the tool can Pingdom clearly highlighted. Is it with a new provider, the best thing you can do to read others’ experiences. Google for reviews about specific hosting companies – and if you know someone who uses the provider – ask them.

20+ Best WordPress eCommerce Themes September 2015

If you’ve worked with WordPress for more than a single project or two, chances are you’ve come across WooCommerce in one way or another. Tapping into the beautiful core of WordPress, WooCommerce is a plugin, developed to work using the post types native to WP, adding extra fields and data to the existing database tables, as well as new ones in form of taxonomies, attachments and so forth. This is a powerful combination, designed to work with all sorts of payment providers, such as PayPal, Stripe, and many, many more. As well as offering loads and loads of extra plugins to enhance anything from user experience to shipping courier automation. Perfect eCommerce plugin. For instance, we’ve also created Incredible Planet’s theme using these principles.

WooCommerce will technically work with just about any modern WordPress theme, however the styling and attention to detail is often lacking in free themes. In this list we’ve gathered some simple free themes, as well as a bunch of premium ones to complement each other, and hopefully create a useful list for all of you, our dear visitors. With that being said, we would like to point out our free WooCommerce themes, where you might find something to use for your next project, if you don’t mind getting into CSS. If you’re looking for free WooCommerce themes, you can follow the link. For all our WooCommerce themes developed in-house, you can follow the link.



Visually stunning theme from all aspects. Potential buyers beware though; it can be difficult to consistently find images of such a high quality that this website requires in order not to detract from it’s look. With that out of the way, there’s a great deal speaking for buying this WooCommerce theme. ShopKeeper can help you create an entire brand identity by it’s website alone. If you are looking for WordPress Startup Themes, you might want to include this in your thoughts, especially if you haven’t yet narrowed down on any specific style, or logo or other graphical brand identity.



This theme is currently the most purchased WooCommerce theme on the famous market place, ThemeForest. When looking at the demo, one has to admire the craftsmanship, and the ability to blend all elements into a very flat and truly great-looking theme is no small feat. Mobile optimized with retina images and beautiful css queries that resemble that of poetry, you can be assured your products will look great with this theme.



Using the free Page Builder plugin found on the WP repository, Kallyas provides a broad package to be used for many different projects. This is one of those WordPress themes you as a webdeveloper would do good in learning how to work with, and then never look at another theme again! This is a general practice I recommend, but with this theme you can really create any type of layout you so desire.



This WooCommerce and or Jigoshop compatible WordPress Theme has infinite customization options in the form of layouts, colors, sections, widgets and skins. Mayashop provides shortcodes and custom widgets, as well as widescreen and narrow-screen views. More than 40 default backgrounds come with this theme and eight default sliders as well as google fonts and more. Packed with goodies, if you like how it looks, you’ll love how it works!



Comes with Visual Composer, a premium plugin that creates virtually any type of layout directly in your page/post WordPress editor, as well as seperately in it’s own custom plugin area. Utilizing this you can create a vast range of different websites using the same theme.



Many themes are integrating WooCommerce, but BazarShop truly built with WooCommerce rather than around it. Uniquely this theme utilizes specialized checkout pages, zoom effect as standard on products, catalog mode that disables prices on the frontend, as well as your choice of slider (including 2 premium ones) and a popup plugin for opt ins.



We imagine this design to work best with businesses that take their own product photos. Dependent on images for this WooCommerce theme to work, you might be hard pressed to actually use this practically. But if you can, Neighborhood comes with amazing features and a very minimalistic theme in the very best meaning of the word.


This is one of those themes that just get it right. Huge featured images, or small thumbnails on the homepage? Whatever type of style you are leaning to, make it the best it can be with Legenda. Any WooCommerce store will look ultimate with this theme from EightTheme, one of the more established WP developers out there.


There’s plenty of Photographer portfolio themes out there for the hobbyists and intermediates, but what to do when you have photographs that people want to buy also? This theme also works great for Art Galleries as well as Showcases for app and website developers. Integrated with WooCommerce, you can take full advantage of your own images, and WordPress’ core functionality.




No wonder this theme is selling like hot cakes. Every major plugin is compatible or even built-into Blaszok. bbPress makes awesome forum sites, BuddyPress Themes makes great community sites, and WooCommerce makes awesome ecommerce pages. Together with Visual Composer and or Page Builder, you have the choice on what plugins to use with Blaszok, one of the hottest themes of 2014.


With a quirky name, but beautiful code, this theme has deserved it’s spot as the #10 best selling theme on themeforest in the eCommerce section. Create any type of store and reap the benefits of having a mobile ready, responsive, seo optimized website with full customization options as well as unlimited colors and more than 50 custom backgrounds!












8+ Best of WordPress Business Themes

Creating a business website with WordPress has never been easier. Just find a suitable theme for what sort of message your business wants to emit, and add your unique content. Sounds simple when it’s written down like this, but in reality, there’s many questions you need to answer before you end up with a well designed website for corporate use.
Please note that our WordPress themes somewhat differ from the similar but more niche oriented “StartUp Themes for WordPress


This theme has a lot going for it. For starters it uses the free plugin “Page Builder” which in an by itself is a great tool for any WordPress administrator. But coupled with powerful skins and predefined layouts, 3clicks provides an all-in-one user interface for creating virtually any sort of layout within the given framework. Plenty of color customization options as well as WooCommerce integration, this makes for a great all-round business theme.


Needs no introduction, the single best selling theme ever to come out on ThemeForest, with more than 160,000 copies sold and almost as many happy customers, you can never go wrong with Avada. Drawing upon the inspiration from others, you can create whichever layout, style or design you so dream up. If you only ever want to learn one commercial theme’s framework to use for your clients, this theme is it my friends.

X The Theme

One the other hand, if you dislike how Avada functions, you could try out X. Just like Avada, this theme is one of the top bestsellers on themeforest.net and also enables anyone to build anything within the WordPress universe. The difference in these two themes is not necessarily in the look and feel of the website itself, but more-so in how the administrator and webmaster interacts within the administrative panel, when customizing options and so on.


One of the customers favorites, this theme has one of the best ratings out of any WordPress business theme out there, or any WordPress theme in general for that matter! And if you look at what Enfold offers, it is no wonder. Superb customer support for any sort of question, linked with a state-of-the-art documentation and FAQ, anyone who purchases this theme will find it within their range of creating unique and beautiful WordPress websites.

The Seven

This theme is perfect for anything with a commercial interest. With it’s clean lines, and sombre, almost dignified feel to it, you can be sure to impress your visitors with this design. Choose one of the many premade layouts for both the frontpage, and any other page in WordPress, using Visual Composer, an easy to use drag & drop interface for building content like never before.


More than 20.000 users have purchased a copy of Jupiter, a perfect theme for anything WordPress. With it’s advanced and unique custom-made template system, you have dozens of templates ready to be put into good use with your webcopy. All you need to do is choose how it should look, and then enter the text into the ready-made fields and your layout will be fully responsive and work perfectly. Every time.


Sahifa is one of the best selling themes at the envato marketplace, and for good reason. A very solid and extensive foundation lays the stepping stones for virtually any blogging or news site imaginable. Updated regularly and well documented, this theme has earned it’s 1st spot on this list as being the best all around adsense ready theme, usable for any situation. While the theme might be slightly over-bloated in my humble opinion, this is common for many themes, and appears to be the norm of TF submissions these days.


Just look at it, a great theme to showcase any sort of portfolio, image-rich product list, or other type of content relying on beautiful, high-quality, retina-ready photographs. This WordPress theme is a stunner!


Social Network Theme that works perfectly well for creating a similar type of website to some of the famous sites out there such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more. The name implies a heavy connection with the movie industry, although I’ve found many purposes for this theme spanning further to a BuzzFeed Clone for WordPress, and much more.


10+ BuddyPress & Dating Themes For WordPress 2015

BuddyPress is a powerful, free plugin for WordPress that enables more advanced user handling, including the option to build just about any online community out there. It has been used for dating, forums, facebook clones and much more.

For the past 8 years I have diligently taken advantage of WordPress as a platform for a variety of sites of different characteristics. The fact is that these days there are plugins and themes for just about anything you could ever want from a web application, and if it is not built yet, it will be built if someone thinks of it. Because of that, there are not really any limitations on the variety of websites that can be built with WordPress as the core. That fact has only made it even easier to choose WordPress, even when setting up complex websites. Therefore, I have not hesitated to use bbPress and BuddyPress in addition to WordPress related to more community-based websites.

Sweet Date

Are you looking for a WordPress Dating Theme? If so, this is probably the theme you are looking for. Featuring Facebook Login Integration as well as Membership Subscriptions, you can use BuddyPress as the core and this theme as the perfect extension to WordPress. Everything you would want from a normal WordPress theme in terms of layout, responsivity, and clean, flat modern design. It is WooCommerce ready, and has smart notifications, so you as an administrator won’t get bogged down. Combine this with the unique features of paid dating subscriptions all built by the same developers, ensures a seamless integration between WordPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress and your Dating Theme for WordPress.


Social Buddy

This theme is created for Niche Communities, or Social Network sites. It is primarily more professional and sober looking, than themes you’d use for dating or recreational hubs, but for more serious topics this theme can make any website work perfectly in harmony with bbPress or BuddyPress. Fresh colors and have plenty of custom functionalities. Unlike some themes I believe that this issue could also be used for personal blogging.

wOffice Intranet

Are you looking to develop a fully functional, well-founded intranet or extranet? If you base it on WordPress and use W Office with it, you can get quite a powerful package for a relatively low cost. The documentation is great and quite extensive, just as the customization options and possibilities for this theme. Any sort of business needing to take care of data internally for shared use can use this theme to great effect. Set up your client with this theme and you will save a lot of development time compared to the cost of the theme.


Everything from the original BuddyPress stylesheet has been given a serious haul, and is now up to a modern, clean and crisp looking design style. As with all BuddyPress Themes for WordPress, you can use it to build almost virtually any type of online community, and couple it with bbPress to use forums, you got yourself a Facebook clone,


This is a colorful theme which makes use of many eye-catching colors. At the same time it is very simple and clean design, which is perfect for a more personal community, or a more simple and minimalistic type of website, where you still have plenty of opportunities to put your personal touch to this theme, and of course always rely on the powerful combination of WordPress and BuddyPress.



Wild Community is a bold and stylish theme where their design is using flat colors, it is responsive and you can easily translate the theme using its .mo and .po files. Nothing less than perfect for an easy start into the universe of online communities.


ReviewIt is a rather genious stroke of development, with a great integration of BuddyPress. Truly everything standard from WordPress and bPress have been updated and improved. If you want to create any type of review site using WordPress, this great blog theme fits well with especially personal blogs. There is great focus on your posts and sidebar allows you to come up with different information about you (eg a picture, your social profiles, etc.). The theme is obviously responsive, so it can be used on mobile devices.

Kleo Next Level


A beautifully designed and truly modern community theme, Kleo is true to it’s slogan of being next level. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything ordinary about this theme, from the way it handles user integration and display, to the way you set up your theme options with minimal amount of effort and error.


Score Review


One more excellent theme to use for reviews is the so called “Score Review” theme. Optimized for AdSense this WordPress theme is a great choice for especially game and tech reviews and blog posts, and can be used for much more than simply posting your own reviews, as it includes powerful shortcodes and an advanced review system that is SEO optimized and easy to learn.


Community Junction

Looking somewhat ambitious this theme strives to take the best parts of the famous social media platforms out there, and roll those features into the famous and most powerful blogging platform out there; WordPress. Looking at the theme demo it is clear that many things have been updated from the original files, and a large amount of work has gone into making a beautiful, responsive BuddyPress theme.





12+ Best WordPress Themes For Startups & Medium Companies

WordPress Themes for StartUp’s. Okay – we’ve all been there, had a great idea for a service, product or other professional venture, where we just want to get the ball rolling as fast as possible. Since we are now writing the year of our lord, 2015, we should not get slowed down by any trivial obstacles such as WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce themes, or indeed as today’s topic, WordPress Themes for businesses and startup companies.

In choosing a well-crafted WordPress theme, with a solid framework as foundation, you ensure that any content you create online is easily manageable and looks it’s very best! Since WordPress can scale tremendously well, and by the time of writing, have had more than 12 years of development, you can focus all your energy on building your startup business, compared to being on the phone every other hour with your web developer.

The list we’ve gathered here consists of 2 free WordPress themes, and the rest are premium themes, not just in their price, but in their content as well. We have not tried out or purchased all themes listed here. This post contains affiliate links, which means we can get credited for any sales occurring from these clicks.

Zerif Lite

The most downloaded non-official WordPress theme ever! Zerif Lite can do more than you might think, and all for the price of absolutely nothing but time! While it is possible to use Zerif Lite for many types of projects, it might not really be time-saving until you’ve made quite a few different layouts and familiarized yourself intimately with the framework, but since it’s using the official WordPress Customizer API, then chances are you’d have to learn the framework eventually anyway.



Our own free WordPress theme, Shelley has a ton of usability packed in a lightweight shell. Use it as a portfolio, personal blog, company website, or onepage layout, it’s up to you. Just like Zerif Lite, Shelley uses the WordPress customizer for it’s extensive options, and through our years of experience as webmasters as well as webdevelopers, we believe we’ve come up with a great compromise in flexibility and easy of use.

Divi Theme

This is the flagship theme of ElegantThemes.com – A well known an excellently established theme developer business. Featuring unique complex addons, such as the divi page builder, a one-of-a-kind tool to build any sort of page layout with drag and drop ease, more than 16+ predefined layouts to suit 99% of all needs, and a natively responsive and mobile friendly stylesheet that automatically takes care of all devices and browsers, this theme is a sure winner!


This is truly one sleek theme, built on the one and only Bootstrap framework by Twitter, featuring Visual Composer, the most famous and widely used page building plugin for WordPress, this theme is off to a great start. What makes this ideal for startups is the fact that it already comes ready with WhoaThemes VC extensions, as well as the Mailchimp integration. Apart from that, the design is of course responsive, and translatable, and there’s plenty of customization options for those who like that.


xLander is simple and stylish, and can actually be used for both a personal blog, as well as your startup company’s official home on the internet. It is made to be used with Visual Composer for easy page building, and features the latest bootstrap as well as a powerful theme option framework. You get here a theme of very high quality. There are lots functionalities and also responsive, easily translatable and there are lots of functionalities. Where xLander really shines apart from the theme itself, is their support and updates.


SmartMVP is a clean and minimalist theme. It is perfect for people who just want to have a single theme, without too many “disturbing” elements. Also of course it is responsive, so you can use it on mobile devices. It is a really beautiful premium WordPress theme for your startup, with lovely fresh colors. It caters mostly medium or larger sized startups. The theme is responsive, and there are lots of functionality, so you can change the design of the theme for the flavor that you like.


Not just a website in an by itself, but also a coming soon theme for those who are still producing their content, or marketing their product/campaign launch. With 10 different layouts predefined by the author, you can be sure to get started with ease, and using minimal effort on your own part in getting everything to work correctly on the website, you have much more time to build and launch your own startup company.

Startup Idea

This is another theme building on the legacy that is called crowdfunding. Now you can effortlessly build your own WordPress Crowdfund site. Featuring A responsive design, whose view of the contributions is slightly inspired by kickstarters design, which is nothing less than perfect some might say. There is an excellent range of functionalities in the theme, so you can personalize the theme’s design to your liking.

Lane Startup

This is is a great minimalist and modern theme for any start up business wanting to get started in style. Its very bright color in contrast with the individual orange colors give the theme a very fresh design. You also get a good range of options, and even a custom mailchimp plugin for integration smoothly with your mailing list.


Beautiful all-round theme for any startup company looking to build a minimalistic website with ease. One of the few themes on this list that incorporates EasyDigitalDownloads in the WordPress theme!


A complete landing page solution for WordPress. So far so good, on the cover it looks great, but where it truly shines is in the customization options. Create a complete package with logo, mobile apps and everything.







Best of WordPress Wedding Themes

Today we will go through some of the various themes out there on the market designed for Wedding based websites. All the themes displayed here are developed by third parties, and we do not provide support officially for any of these products.

There are several reasons why you’d want to look into Wedding designs, but the cause is clear enough, someone, either you, a friend, family member or a client are getting married soon, and that’s wonderful news, or else you are offering services for wedding planning, or other wedding services.

The first five themes here are meant to be used for personal couples getting married, and are therefore not necessarily suited for the portfolio of wedding photography artists, or other sorts of commercial ventures.

Yes Wedding Themes


This is a stylish, rather timeless take on the personal wedding theme. With a clean, flat feminine design, the options and customization leaves every type of user with a great end-result in a matter of hours, not days.


With drag & drop builder, and the famous revolution slider, this honeymoon slash wedding theme is a great theme for WordPress. With countdown timers, pretty event calendars and guestbooks as well as RSVP forms, it doesn’t get easier than this. If you want to sell swag from your wedding, this theme also supports WooCommerce!

First Married

If you want to create your own personal wedding website, then this theme is a great choice! Basically no experience is required in getting a great result, and literally 30 minutes is all it takes, if you already have your content typed up and ready to go!


For the creative couple, here comes a dashing theme for weddings, handcrafted by ThemeChills, a well-known developer on themeforest. This theme is perfectly mobile ready and optimized, also known as responsive, and features many subtleties throughout the design.


Apart from the name of this wedding theme, everything else is familiar and normal. What sets this theme on this list, it is the basic functionality that seems to stand out when first customizing this theme. With the basic formalities such as RSVP and Countdown until the happy day, then this is a great all-rounder.

The rest of the WordPress themes on this page are meant for wedding organizers, or marriage counselors, all those other aspects of wedding templates you might think of.

Wedding Suite

Excellent choice if you like a clean, corporate look to your business about weddings. Whether you plan or organize weddings, take pictures or shoot videos of them, bake the delicious wedding cakes or something else concerning the commercial aspect of matrimony, then this website design might be something you’d enjoy!


Featuring Visual Composer as one of it’s main draws, Union is a clever highly stylish theme with some great benefits and addons. Apart from the main design which certainly is destinctive to say the least, the customization options really do this theme great honor.


Show off your wedding photography skills, with this picture-centric WordPress theme. Designed for creative artists portfolio, this will showcase your attributes and best work effortlessly.


Last up we have a heavyweight wedding theme in the form of Kinetika. Tons of features in this one, with language support, WooCommerce additions, Page Builder templates and Revolution slider the one and only.

Latest WordPress Hotel Themes – August 2015

Today we’ll be looking at the hottest in terms of WordPress themes for august 2015. Keep in mind some of the themes will be themes released earlier in the year as well since they simply are the best, considering all the angles, ie: for covering both designs for novice users as well as intermediate and advanced customizers.

If you’re looking for Restaurant Themes for WordPress, you can follow this link.

Hotel Booking is highly adaptable to personal needs, and can be used for bookings, reservations and appointments. It not only provides a lot of different home pages and blog layouts, but also a responsive design, unlimited sidebars, some sliders and several widgets. Add to this its own logo, theme options and so on.


Hotel Master is a good adaptable to personal needs Magazine Theme. It has a responsive design, unlimited sidebars and several widgets. Add to this its own logo, theme options and so on. Google Web Fonts, custom colors in the header, some sliders, shortcodes and widgets.

One of the bestselling hotel designed themes on themeforest, and for good reason. This theme can create a slew of different looks, moods and invoke any type of feeling, from homely country style, to modern urban 2015 design.

Yoona is a pretty special theme with a very interesting slider on the home page. This promises a good utilization of the WordPress options. Rating system which works quite uniquely in tune with the website, as well as an ajax booking system makes this theme quite a good choice for many things.


Working reservation form, huge theme options panel, visual composer, mapped shortcodes and much more! It comes with special templates, more than 1400 icons and are fully translatable.

The Luxury Hotel Theme is a fresh, responsive theme with a flat layout. It offers its own background and text colors, as well as social icons. Custom logo, Infinite Scroll, your own fonts, your own headers and sidebar items, breadcrumb navigation, shortcodes, 10 custom widgets and more holds in addition.


Anchor is designed as a theme, but to also be used for other applications. It supports the Page Builder plugin and Jetpack. 30 website elements, 1 minute easy setup fully responsive

Best of WordPress Restaurant Themes 2015

WordPress is still growing increasingly popular. A fact that has not escaped many mainstream media sites, as more and more pour into the WordPress sphere of influence.This is a brand new list of website themes for WordPress users. They all provide a simple interface that works with point and click, customizer, or drag and drop editors. These themes are not only interesting for WordPress beginners, but also for the senior developers in the WP industry. Moreover, they are all from reputable developers and marketplaces, and can be used for a number of websites, including WordPress restaurant themes, best wordpress travel themes, and much more.


Tavern Restaurant WordPress Theme
Tavern Restaurant WordPress Theme

This theme is a clear recommendation for all fans of minimalism. It focuses the viewer on the content and allows for unnecessary things as a sidebar completely gone. Included in the price you have reservation/booking features that match everything else and thus completes the package for the cost of USD $58

“Grand Restaurant” is also minimalistic, but offers many more possibilities than the first theme. Two Blog Templates, a selectable Sidebar position an extensive background image on the home page and a logo are just some of the possibilities. The cost of this theme is 58 USD on ThemeForest.


Resca has been thought by the developers as a restaurant theme, but can be found with certainty a lot more uses for this theme. In its free version, it already has the use of Google fonts, a logo and background image uploader, Social Icons and Custom widget areas. The paid version is available for 39 dollars.


“The Restaurant” is the perfect theme for photo-heavy content and can not only represent recipes, like the presentation suggests. Custom backgrounds, slide shows on the home page, custom colors and a private header are just a few highlights of the theme.


ROSA is a very versatile Theme. Whether used as a business theme or for your own blog, with this theme you can hardly do anything wrong. The theme has so many features that you do not to list them all. There is no Pro version to buy, but the free Theme leaves so many expensive Theme look old. I recommend here the theme of Access page Press to visit to make detailed information.


Elixir was developed for use as news, forums or Magazine- Theme. It offers a custom background and custom colors. Quidus is a typical, three-column blog theme with two sidebars, both of which can be assigned to widgets. It also features a custom background and custom colors.


Pronto is a simple, simple blogging theme with little adjustment. There offers a focus on your content and is quickly installed and configured.


COLORMAG is a Magazine or News Theme, which can also be used for a sophisticated, personal blog, of course. It offers a variety of options, such as a slider on the homepage, eight additional widgets, a logo, custom colors, social icons and a completely personalized to formative Home. Attention should be drawn to the free support for this theme in the Forum of developers.

The Fast News Magazine Theme is a highly adaptable to personal needs Magazine Theme. It not only provides a lot of different home pages and blog layouts, but also a responsive design, unlimited sidebars, some sliders and several widgets. Add to this its own logo, theme options and so on.

LemonChili is a funny, but good, adaptable to personal needs Magazine Theme. It has a responsive design, unlimited sidebars and several widgets. Add to this its own logo, theme options and so on.

What you can do with these themes? Many, many things! You can completely focus on your design without having to worry about code and error. themes are fully integrated in WordPress and not designed as an attachment. This allows you to do a lot of settings directly in the Theme Customizer as an example. Your design is universally applicable. The main advantage of themes is its expandability with predefined themes and style kits that allow you to add new features. This theme gives your WordPress site an extra lift for sure.

More and more designers are working with WordPress. And the result is thousands of WordPress themes in the official WordPress directory and some good, high quality sites have been subimtted that will help facilitate the reputation of WordPress designers broadly speaking.


8 Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes

Having worked with WordPress over the years in many different capacities, I’ve thought quite a bit on what a good AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme should incorporate and what it should try to keep away from.

Over the years Google have updated with mobile search priorities, as well as responsive adsense, and so I felt it was a great time in history to make a list over what WordPress AdSense Optimized Themes are out there on the market today. Of course, having a theme that is not AdSense optimized does not mean the end of the world, by any stretch of the imagination, however, if the theme developer has but experience and thought into the placements and functionality of the Ad Areas, then why not use that and save yourself the process of trial and error?



Sahifa is one of the best selling themes at the envato marketplace, and for good reason. A very solid and extensive foundation lays the stepping stones for virtually any blogging or news site imaginable. Updated regularly and well documented, this theme has earned it’s 1st spot on this list as being the best all around adsense ready theme, usable for any situation. While the theme might be slightly over-bloated in my humble opinion, this is common for many themes, and appears to be the norm of TF submissions these days.



Subjectively, this theme appears to have a slightly more commercial/educational aesthetic to it, than some other, more personal themes. Perhaps the authors thought so as well, since this one is both AdSense and WooCommerce ready. Something you don’t see combined that often. Featuring BuddyPress and bbPress implementation however, makes perfect sense with the AdSense additions, making this one an ideal template to build a community of some sorts.

Simple Life


As it’s name implies, this is a rather simple theme, but don’t let that fool you! With this theme comes quite a personalized theme, where the user will experience an uncluttered layout, and where LESS is MORE. Very flat design, but optimal adsense locations, and while ads always appear distracting (and to some extent that is great), this theme accomplishes a great balance, harmony if you will, between being in your face, and out of your mind completely.



Stylish, simple theme featuring various post formats, and a simple layout style. Strict Themes implies in their description they are marketing this theme for SEO experts and editors. Featuring responsive adsense, this WordPress theme will not make your visitors close down your page when faced with an ugly google ad. 3 different ad sidebars, along with 4 different ad areas, makes this theme extremely friendly towards the advertising niche.

Directory Portal


Directory Portal is not just a directory theme, in the right hands it can be used for anything, and it comes with perfect Responsive Google AdSense Integration. One of the longest selling directory WordPress themes, with nearly 10,000 customers this theme has surely got some weight to toss around with. Probably not too obvious to style out of the box as some of the other themes, but this is just so flexible, as most WP themes are, that you could create any type of website with this theme.



As the name implies, Goliath strives to be a heavyweight in the WordPress Magazine Theme business. My honest opinion is that they are doing quite a good job of it too! Packed with premium plugins that are worth using, various predefined layouts to get you started in the somewhat large and, for some, overwhelming admin interface, the documentation is great and support on spot to help with any customization regarding this  theme. And I didn’t even mention that it’s adsense perfect! If you’re looking for apps for women, click here.



Planer is a quite simple Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme, but certainly not one to overlook. If you are not requiring over-the-top jQuery bloated themes, perhaps try this modest design. WooCommerce ready with Amazing Slider plugin, this theme has an excellent buyer rating and support history on themeforest.



Making money with WordPress is somewhat of a hard thing to do if you are just starting out in the business, but with this theme, at least the success will not be hindered by the website design and functionality.

Best WordPress Travel Themes July 2015

If you’re looking to develop a WordPress Travel Themed site, you can look through these for inspiration.

We have gathered some of the more unique and interesting themes for websites offering tours, trips, travel and much more!

Of course all the themes we list on here are responsive, and they all work with the latest version of WordPress v4.2.3 currently.

Many themes on this list sure do look awesome, but the question that you should ask yourself, as a potential customer, is whether or not you have the pictures to use for this sort of theme, and if you even want to use massive jpg’s at all? If you are concerned with SEO some of these themes are not the best choice for optimal load times, packing heavy jQuery scripts and more.

Of course many of you will already know this and take it into consideration when picking a new theme, but some of you might not truly appreciate the difference on SEO and UX that load times can have. And then there’s a problem of sourcing great pictures with a minimum size of 1920×1080 if not larger yet! Anyway, enough rambling, lets look at some WordPress Travel Themes

Love Travel
lovetravel wordpress theme

Love travel is a quite diverse theme, featuring more than 100+ components to ensure any type of customization desired can be achieved. Some of the main features that stand out are WooCommerce capabilities, Mulitilingual options with WPML, and the possibility to create new pages such as Booking Systems, Map Pages, Hotels, Destinations and so forth, everything requires to build the perfect travel website.

goexplore wordpress travel theme
GoExplore is the second theme on our list of themes related to the wonderful hobby of wayfaring. Perhaps a slightly more commercial, corporate look to this travel theme, than many of the others on this list, GoExplore would be an ideal choice for any travel related agency, club or perhaps resort, or the more conservative globe-trotting blogger. This theme includes a destination plugin, which adds a new post type to your WordPress installation, allowing for easy management of entries.

travelo wordpress theme
Featuring a custom-made paypal payment system, this travel theme can host a variety of websites – including hotels, airlines, restaurants and more. For any wandering explorer, there is a hungry stomach as they say. Travelo comes with 8 different homepage variations, most of which look quite decent, it’s got plenty of customization options and addons, plugins and improvements on the original WordPress, this is quite a handy package.

travel tour theme
Designed by ThemeGoods, one has to take notice of the impressing frontpage. If you or your client has the opportunity to feature such vibrant, colorful artworks on your homepage, this theme is definitely one to look out for. Plenty of choices exists for shorter backgrounds, but this reviewer thinks they do not share the same effect as the images in full height. I imagine Altair would be a great theme for any agency out there looking to modernize their website, and the theme does come with various options for booking systems and so on.

Book Awesome
book-awesome template

Stylish theme, using images as the main wow factor, but with the additional help of pretty fonts and neat icons. Book Awesome has incorporated lots of types of listings for both tour packages, hotel overview, flight cruise and car listing pages as well. The responsive theme comes with Bootstrap and overall looks like a solid, stylish and modern theme.


midway travel theme
A great all-around theme, and probably one of the best that this author has experienced himself. For starters, it is no sweat to get going, the customization feels natural, and there are plenty of options for even the more advanced users, allowing for CSS styling and more. Then there’s the booking of tours, and search function to include all the post types. Every new post type has had invidiual custom fields added, so it becomes even easier and more intuitive to place the relevant information in the corresponding areas.

Hotel Master
hotelmaster travel template

According to the developers of Hotel Master, this is a great theme for websites showcasing hotel rooms, vacation destinations, anything relating to booking or reservation systems. Custom-made plugins for handling user data, and availability of rooms and a streamlined checkout process makes this a complete package for any travel site wanting a great looking website. Furthermore, the theme also installs a unique coupon post type that allows you to, create coupons and discounts. Hotel Master also ships with 2 different demos, white and dark style.

This post contains affiliate links to themeforest which are in turn hosting and handling all the themes, which are uploaded by different theme authors.

Web Hosting

themeforest wordpress themes