Woocommerce Subscription: THE Plugin You Need for Your Business

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs, especially those who own small to mid-sized businesses, is attracting the right target audience and growing the customer base.But here’s one fact which will change the way you look at your business: it’s easier and more cost-effective to get sales from repeat customers than draw new ones.

If you’ve got a good product or service, chances are your customers trust you and will keep coming back for more. They will be willing to pay for whatever else it is you’re offering. All you need to do is have them subscribe to your site.

Thanks to the incredible minds working at WordPress, there is a way to automate that: Woocommerce Subscriptions.

So what exactly is this?

It’s basically a plugin that lets merchants make a subscription plan for their current and potential customers. As stated earlier, customers who like a particular product will keep buying that – and whatever else is offered by a certain business. By allowing them to sign up to be a member, they won’t have to keep going to the ‘shop’ to buy. They will just get billed cyclically and then they will receive the product or service they need.

And what exactly do you get from this?

Recurring income is one of the best things which could ever happen to entrepreneurs. You’ve done so much work when you were starting your business and now, you’re just sitting back and continuously learning from that. Recurring income is something which you can count on while you’re gradually growing your customer base.

But why choose Woocommerce for this plug-in?

The best thing about this subscription plan is that you can track your progress. This means you’ll know the number of members you have, your customer’s’ billing schedule and your recurring income, just to name a few. Aside from regular notifications, the plug-in is so user-friendly that even non-computer experts can easily work on it.

It’s also remarkable to know that it was made with the not just with the convenience of the merchant in mind but also of that of the client’s.

Now, how do you get started with Woocommerce subscription plan?

Follow these easy steps:

  1.    Purchase the extension.
  2.    Download, install then activate the plug-in.
  3.    Set-up the product and/or service you want people to subscribe to.
  4.    Go live.
  5.    Customize this any way you want.
  6.    Continuously earn from residual revenue.

Keeping your business afloat is hard. There are so many factors which you need to take note of and take care of so that your product and/or service will get sold. With Woocommerce Subscriptions, you’ve got one of those factors dealt with. And that will definitely keep your business and your spirits up.

How to download old versions and the current development version of WordPress from the source code repository

There is a time if every of the WordPress site owner will run to a problem with a plugins conflict or update. In this situation, one of the easy way to debug the issue and confirm it and which is the update is to download the older or previous version and test it on the site. The following are some of the simple ways about how to download the older version of WordPress plugins.

If it comes to things that which can break the WordPress site, plugins are one of the common. Seeing white screen of death(WSOD)? It is possibly due to plugins, why? There are more than 50000 plugins are available on the WordPress repository. Most of the developers will try as best as they can, however it is almost not possible for them to test each conflict and scenario. This is if having a few options to download the old version for testing. Most of the times this will allow you to fix the site, inform the developer and wait for the next one. Do not forget that to test always on staging first.

Download old versions WordPress from the Repository

The beginning method to download the old version of the WordPress plugins is to simply grab from the repository. We can use the free yoast SEO plugins as the example. The first thing that you have to do is search for the plugins in the repository of WordPress. Scroll down the page of the plugins and click on the advanced view icon.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the plugins page and you can see an option to download the old versions of the plugins. If needed you can go way back in time. As the warning alert remember that the old versions of the plugins amy not be stable or secure and which are available for testing uses only. While you click on Download option it will download as a zip file of the plugins.

Then in the WordPress dashboard, browse the plugins>Add New and then click on Choose file. This will unpack the zip file. Then activate the previous version of the plugins. It can be also done by using SFTP if needed.

Download current versions WordPress from the Repository

One of the ways to download the current version of the WordPress is using Github.  It is a project hosting service and is used by number of developers and source projects. As a WordPress use, sometimes you can come across themes or plugins hosted in Github. Since it is not particular to WordPress development, it will be hard for a new user to figure how to download and install the plugins from Github.  Before you are going to install the WordPress plugins from Github, ensure that you will be able to receive the updates for it. Installing the themes and plugins from Github will be super easy. It is lust like to install the WordPress plugins normally.

Initially you have to go the plugins/theme’s repository of Github. In the main page of the Github repository, click on the download or clone button and then click the download zip button. Then head over to the WordPress admin area and go the option plugin>>Add New page. You will want to normally upload the plugins from the computer. For that, click the upload button. This will give you the option of the zip file of upload button. You have to click on the choose file icon and then choose the Zip file from the computer.

After that, you have to click in to the install new button. WordPress will then upload the zip file archive from the computer to the website, then unzip it and install the plugins for you. When it done, you can see a success message. Then you can click on to the activate plugins button for activating the plugins on your website.


Author Bio

Jessie Smith is a freelance writer of one of the custom essay writing service for the last 10 years. She would like to help the students those are facing problems in completing the academic assignments. If she has the time, she is also using her writing thoughts for some of the marketing blogs too.

Optimize Your Organic Searches Using SEO

When it comes to finding your products and services online, through a Google search, the quicker and easier it is for your customers to locate you, the better results you’ll inevitably see. Most people searching online for something won’t look beyond the first few results – and they’re highly unlikely to search past the first page.

For this reason, you’ve got to work hard and smart to make your way to the top of those search results. Not only that, but organic searches are totally free, costing you zero advertising dollars, so you want to make the most of this free opportunity. Here are just a few of the ways you can help optimize your organic search results using SEO, and get yourself listed higher.

Optimizing your keywords

You should be using the right keywords in the right proportions to trigger better search engine results for yourself. Keyword research is your first step towards figuring out exactly what words are going to provide the best results. Customers may be searching for your product using words that you aren’t generally using to describe it. What you ideally want to find are those keywords and phrases that have high levels of searches, but less competition. Chances are, if you’re adding ‘t-shirts’ or ‘band t-shirts’ to your keywords, there will be plenty of competition out there and you won’t have a chance at ranking at the top of the results. But, if you identify the exact keywords your customers are likely to use, like ‘vintage Nirvana t-shirts,’ suddenly you’ve got a phrase that is specific enough to differentiate your product and make it easier for customers to find you. Integrating your keywords throughout your content is essential, and the expert writers found through Australian Reviewer are experienced in this type of content writing.

On-page SEO optimization

It’s important to strategically inject these keywords and phrases throughout your site, in a number of different locations. There may be some places you didn’t think had an impact on SEO, such as image file names, the page title, meta descriptions and URLs. Sometimes these components are overlooked because they don’t visibly appear on a page, like the content itself. But search engines see everything, and adding these to anywhere possible will definitely help boost your rankings and your organic search results. As an expert on the topic of SEO, Neil Patel has written at length about this topic, detailing the many nuances and intricacies involved.

Integrating social media

It’s been shown that a strong and active social media presence has a direct impact on search engine rankings. You’ll help build your brand awareness, while creating more inbound links to your site and connecting with prospective customers. Social media outlets also make it easier for your followers to share information you’re giving them, drawing in more customers and broadening your reach.

Optimizing yourself for mobile viewing

Mobile devices are becoming a more and more popular way to search the web and interact online. In fact, a recent study by StatCounter showed that mobile devices have surpassed desktop computers as the most popular way to access the internet. Because of this growing trend, Google now gives a higher ranking to those websites who are designed to be mobile-friendly. But there’s more to optimizing than just fitting everything onto a smaller screen.

Fast load times are essential, because nearly ¾ of searchers will abandon a site if it doesn’t load within just five seconds. Abandonment means less visitors, which not only means less sales but also means a lower ranking.

The design of your overall site can also impact its reception by mobile viewers. Intrusive popups affect the ease at which a user can move through your site, ultimately lowering the time they spend on there and your organic search results. Flash is not mobile friendly, so instead you should be using HTML5 for any special effects elements.

Adding your local business information

For those business that have a physical location that customers can contact and visit, you should be sure to make all of the necessary information readily available. Name, address and phone number should appear on your website, but should also be listed in Google My Business. When someone local searches for something related to what you offer, your location, contact information and available directions will appear for them.

Become a blogger

One thing that Google can’t get enough of is fresh, relevant content. Posting frequently to a blog shows that you are active and continually providing new content for your readers. And linking your blog to your page increases the external links moving into your website. It’s also much easier to add those long-tail keywords into your blog writing, rather than trying to fit them all into the content of your website.

But, you can just post any content and assume it’s good enough to boost your rankings. The content has to be relevant and engaging for your readers, so they will actually want to read it, click on the links to your site and return to read more at a later date. It’s also got to be completely original content, because Google does not like to see duplicated content. Online writing services found through Revieweal can help you create original and engaging content, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

And, just because you want to add in the keywords you’ve found to be highly effective, doesn’t mean you should be stuffing your content with those keywords. Not only will it sound unnatural, but Google will red flag you for it.

Maximize the potential of your organic search results through the effective use of SEO. You’ll find yourself ranking higher, getting more clicks and as a result, more customers.

Instagram paved the way for E-commerce Sites

E-commerce is one of the advantageous sides of the digitization which enables us to buy products online from various resources. The business success of the e-commerce highly depends on the branding and promotion.

The facility as mentioned above is quite popular these days as people across the world can search various items and purchase anything at any time without even moving from the chair. It is considered to be less long, and hassle free online purchase option ever. The e-commerce sets the path for the brands to expand their categories more for future.

Facing competition throughout the year is one of the factors of the brands which are involved in the e-commerce system. New brands are being launched every day, and the desire to leave a benchmark is growing rapidly. In the case of branding, the e-commerce companies never left seats for anyone. Thus, it becomes necessary for all of the brand owners to follow certain strategies in establishing good positions in the world of e-commerce.

Some branding strategies for the e-commerce

A good and realistic branding strategy will always lead your business towards success in the world of e-commerce. Before anything else, you need to point out that feature of your brand that makes it unique among others. Certain questions you need to ask yourself- do you sell high-quality products at an affordable rate? Do you announce discounts and offers to your customers often? Are you planning to add more categories to draw more traffic to your brand? What are the features your brand possess to draw the customer’s attention? If any businessman gets the answers to the questions as mentioned earlier clearly, then it becomes easier for him to set strategies for the brand he is promoting.

The e-commerce branding also calls for the bold presentations of the companies to get the attention of the large numbers of vendors as well as the customers. When you become successful in setting your brand’s position in the e-commerce field, the vendors will automatically become interested in using your marketplace. The amount of traffic on the brand’s website depends on the customer review and your consistent performance. The customer service, the clarity of your product, and professional branding process will draw consumer’s attention, and this will help you in achieving tremendous success in the area of e-commerce.

E-commerce branding is highly dependent on the consumer’s perception of your brand. First and foremost you need to know the demands of your customers, only then you can plan the strategy for the marketing of your brand. The following list will give you ideas about the method and importance of the e-commerce branding.

  1. Utilize the social media– Through the upheaval of the technology the e-commerce sites are not limited to the computer screen but also appear on the mobile screen as well to make the situation more convenient for the customers. Most of the customers are present on the social media websites these days. Thus it becomes easier for you to connect the company’s web page on your social media page through which the brand promotion can draw millions of followers. Instagram is one of the convenient ways that will enable you to expand your business further. One account in Instagram will help you in staying connected to the customers of Instagram and other social media sites. One upload on Instagram becomes visible to the real Instagram followers as well as the customers from other websites easily within a minute without even log in to each website at a time.


Instagram gives the brand 255 more engagement compared to other social media sites. You need to be very careful and creative while uploading any content on Instagram about your brand as the correct use of the hash tag will bring loads of traffic to your site. Apart from all the above, you must not ignore the social media giant Facebook, where you can sell your products to the prospective customers through the Shopify option of Facebook Store. This feature is also available in mobile applications as well.


  1. The brand image– A proper brand image will help the customers to identify your company and the product it offers them. To represent your brand more prominently in front of the world you may use banners, logos, marketing captions, uploaded content, etc. The constant up-gradation of your brand’s image will help you in getting loyal customers easily. A good brand image will last longer in the field of e-commerce easily through its eye-catching appearance.


  • Customer satisfaction– Whatever business you talk about, the client’s satisfaction and review act as the catalysts in the progression of your business. You have to put your best foot forward to be careful about the things you offer to the customers, the promises you make, the type of service you provide them with, etc., just to make sure that the customers feel satisfied every time they get connected to you. A loyal customer will always refer others of your brand which will help you in getting maximum numbers of traffic to your site. As an active online brand owner, you need to stay connected with your customers by letting them know about the new arrivals, the offers and discounts, and answer to their queries.


  1. Unique selling proposition– A good businessperson will always determine the USP of the brand which is beneficial for the promotion and drawing the traffic to the official website. The easier ways to catch the USP of your brand through certain questions are discussed below: what brings you the e-commerce glory? Is it the service you provide or the support? Do you offer innovative offers and seasonal discounts? Do the loyal customers promote your brand? Do you provide them with the widest variety of products? What extra value you could provide to the customers? Try to find out the answers to these questions, and you will surely get the USP of your brand. The primary function of USP is promoting the brand and drawing customer’s attention.

If you have recently started an e-commerce business or you are planning to expand your online business and service, then you can get much help with the above points.

Harris is a leading blog writer and online marketing specialist with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

On-Page Ranking Factor That Gives Great Impact on SEO in 2017

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of getting traffic on a website via search engines due to ranking in the top of the search results on keywords relevant to the site.

Whenever users enter a query on search engine then he/she will get a list of search results. Some of the sites come on first or second rank while others not; 93% of the users usually click on the top three websites. Because of these, others websites gain less traffic. When a proper method or technique is used, then it is not difficult to hit the target audience or to increase the rank of site.

Are you having trouble attracting audience to your site? Don’t worry I will introduce you to some proper techniques and tactics to increase the traffic on your site.

Short URL:

This is the first step users usually love the URL that is short and easy to understand. A well-designed URL provides both human and search engine a proper implication of what the target page will be about. It will give audience best user experience by making it clear that what they’ll see if they click on the link.

Don’t use ID or numbers in your URL instead of this use proper words that increase the number of users on your site. It is best idea to include keywords in your URL; it helps in improving your site visibility.

Use lowercase letters in your URL to avoid duplicity of content.  Use hyphens to separate the words in your URL, avoid spaces, underscore, and percentage. For instance, use URL like (http://www.domain.com/digital-marketing-jobs ) Domain/category/keyword and ignore URL like https://domain.com/cat/?cid=7078.

Use of LSI keyword:

It is best practice to use LSI (Latent semantic indexing keywords) in your content. As it is also very difficult for the search engines to determine what the page is all about, but LSI makes it easy for the search engines to understand the relevancy of an article/blog or web page.

You can easily find LSI keywords there are so many tools available for this but you can also see it in google search itself, whenever you enter a query google will show you some relevant keywords or you can also check at the end of the SERP.

For instance, if a website is used a keyword apple then it is difficult for the search engine to determine whether it is used for “brand” “fruit” or “name” but if it includes words like “camera” “memory” then it gives search engine the best hint that the page is about apple brand.


Use of Multimedia: (More Multimedia= More views)

An image can say thousands of words. It is better for you to use good quality multimedia in your content. Users love to read the content with images it gives them a better idea about your content; not only users but also search engines love to read the content that contains different multimedia.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant you write big sections of text on its own can be quite dull. So, it is better practice to add some multimedia in your content to grab the attention of the audience. You can use Audio, video, images to increase the value of your article or blog.

Meta Tags:

Meta tags describe the page content; the Meta tag doesn’t appear on the page itself but only in the page code. There are four major Meta tags “title” “Description” or “Keywords”  “robots”. It is very necessary to use Meta tags carefully and because it improves search engine ranking. Always keep in mind the limits of the character used in Meta tags.

Longer Content:

According to research user love to read longer/Average content. Long form content generates more backlinks and provides more information to users. Always try to generate content more than of 1000 words or around 1200 to 1500 words. Include everything in your content that is useful for the readers, think from the user point of view then start writing your blog/article. Long form content ranks very well and user stays on your site longer. But don’t compromises with the quality of content always generate unique and quality content.

Internal linking:

Whenever you publish a long piece of content then it is beneficial to add 2-5 internal links of your site that you want to rank higher on search results. Internal links are more useful for site architecture and give you more link juice. It is beneficial from SEO point of view whenever a spider comes to your site content and found any link then it has reached to those pages also through that link.

As SEO is a major ranking factor and every business needs to implement proper SEO techniques for high rank on different search engines. There are so many SEO jobs available right now because the market is not filled.

Opening a physical store: 6 types of displays

6 Types Of Displays You Should Know About

If you are looking to set up an advertisement signage of your business, you need to consider the type of display material that will be used for it. Many factors like cost, durability, color quality, etc. play a role when determining the ideal display material. But above all, you should have a clear idea of the options available in the market. Below, we look at the various display materials usually used by most businesses.


A foamcore signage can be mounted without a frame and is ideal for indoor displays. Foamcore prints generally tend to be excellent when it comes to displaying the vibrancy of colors. They are printed using UV ink which is highly resistant to abrasion and fading. The foamcore prints will have a matte finish which gives off a high quality vibe. It is also a very economical choice when compared to other displays. It is lightweight, but without sacrificing any rigidity, and is one of the best options when it comes to displaying large advertisements.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is known to be a highly durable material, which makes it suitable for advertising in conditions where the signage will come into contact with rash elements. It is also waterproof and is, therefore, an ideal material to use for outdoor advertising during the rainy seasons. You can choose from two types of PVC displays – white or black. While white PVC displays are well known for the striking images which can be printed on them, the black PVCs are known to be much more durable.


Styrene is known to be extremely lightweight. When compared to a PVC, they are thinner and also much cheaper. For businesses looking for a low cost advertising display that can be mounted to easily, styrene is a good choice.


They are good for displays that need to look glossy and shiny. They are more durable than ordinary glass. As such, you can easily use it as an outdoor signage. They are highly resistant to weather and therefore is an ideal choice for people looking for a long lasting display. Acrylic is also far easier to install than other options.


These are created by placing an extruded polystyrene foam board between two layers of wood veneer. Like foam boards, they are lightweight and make for an ideal material for indoor displays. Though Gatorboards are not naturally water resistant like PVC, a special water coating can be added to resolve the issue.


A Dibond consists of two aluminum facers placed on either side of a flexible core. The resulting Dibond display is extremely smooth and promises a longer life than other displays. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor displays, Dibonds require very low maintenance. Together with foamcore boards, Dibonds offer an economical option for display advertisement. Plus, both sides of the board can be printed.

Best WordPress Travel Sites September 2017

If you’re looking to develop a WordPress Travel Themed site, you can look through these for inspiration.

We have gathered some of the more unique and interesting themes for websites offering tours, trips, travel and much more!

Of course all the themes we list on here are responsive, and they all work with the latest version of WordPress v4.2.3 currently.

First up on our list is the website by Rio Promo Tours, a company offering guided city tours called Passeios no Rio de Janeiro. According to their website one of their tours will have you experience the main sights of the city, such as: Christ The Redeemer, the Maracanã, the Sambódromo and the São Sebastião Cathedral. Departures are scheduled daily, with an average duration of 8 hours.

The website has red and yellow colors to emphasise their Spanish connection, and it works well for the travel industry in general. In the top site there is a clear phone number and logo, and the pictures align well with the pricing and other info on the site. This is a great example to use when designing the layout of your own landing pages.


Love Travel
lovetravel wordpress theme

Love travel is a quite diverse theme, featuring more than 100+ components to ensure any type of customization desired can be achieved. Some of the main features that stand out are WooCommerce capabilities, Mulitilingual options with WPML, and the possibility to create new pages such as Booking Systems, Map Pages, Hotels, Destinations and so forth, everything requires to build the perfect travel website.

goexplore wordpress travel theme
GoExplore is the second theme on our list of themes related to the wonderful hobby of wayfaring. Perhaps a slightly more commercial, corporate look to this travel theme, than many of the others on this list, GoExplore would be an ideal choice for any travel related agency, club or perhaps resort, or the more conservative globe-trotting blogger. This theme includes a destination plugin, which adds a new post type to your WordPress installation, allowing for easy management of entries.

travelo wordpress theme
Featuring a custom-made paypal payment system, this travel theme can host a variety of websites – including hotels, airlines, restaurants and more. For any wandering explorer, there is a hungry stomach as they say. Travelo comes with 8 different homepage variations, most of which look quite decent, it’s got plenty of customization options and addons, plugins and improvements on the original WordPress, this is quite a handy package.

travel tour theme
Designed by ThemeGoods, one has to take notice of the impressing frontpage. If you or your client has the opportunity to feature such vibrant, colorful artworks on your homepage, this theme is definitely one to look out for. Plenty of choices exists for shorter backgrounds, but this reviewer thinks they do not share the same effect as the images in full height. I imagine Altair would be a great theme for any agency out there looking to modernize their website, and the theme does come with various options for booking systems and so on.

Book Awesome
book-awesome template

Stylish theme, using images as the main wow factor, but with the additional help of pretty fonts and neat icons. Book Awesome has incorporated lots of types of listings for both tour packages, hotel overview, flight cruise and car listing pages as well. The responsive theme comes with Bootstrap and overall looks like a solid, stylish and modern theme.


midway travel theme
A great all-around theme, and probably one of the best that this author has experienced himself. For starters, it is no sweat to get going, the customization feels natural, and there are plenty of options for even the more advanced users, allowing for CSS styling and more. Then there’s the booking of tours, and search function to include all the post types. Every new post type has had invidiual custom fields added, so it becomes even easier and more intuitive to place the relevant information in the corresponding areas.

Hotel Master
hotelmaster travel template

According to the developers of Hotel Master, this is a great theme for websites showcasing hotel rooms, vacation destinations, anything relating to booking or reservation systems. Custom-made plugins for handling user data, and availability of rooms and a streamlined checkout process makes this a complete package for any travel site wanting a great looking website. Furthermore, the theme also installs a unique coupon post type that allows you to, create coupons and discounts. Hotel Master also ships with 2 different demos, white and dark style.

Many themes on this list sure do look awesome, but the question that you should ask yourself, as a potential customer, is whether or not you have the pictures to use for this sort of theme, and if you even want to use massive jpg’s at all? If you are concerned with SEO some of these themes are not the best choice for optimal load times, packing heavy jQuery scripts and more.

Of course many of you will already know this and take it into consideration when picking a new theme, but some of you might not truly appreciate the difference on SEO and UX that load times can have. And then there’s a problem of sourcing great pictures with a minimum size of 1920×1080 if not larger yet! Anyway, enough rambling, lets look at some WordPress Travel Themes

This post contains affiliate links to themeforest which are in turn hosting and handling all the themes, which are uploaded by different theme authors.

Looking for a Reliable SEO Agency? Here Are Some Things to Consider

Running a business today is not for the fainthearted. The contemporary business landscape in France calls for innovation and creativity in order to remain competitive. When competing on a globalized platform, you have to contend with increased competition,especially when doing business online. However, this competitive internet marketplace also offers a silver lining for smaller businesses that now have a level playing ground with larger companies. Whatever your niche industry, you can harness the resources of an established marketing agency to beat the competition.

If you are struggling to make a mark in your online marketing campaigns, it is important to appreciate the place of search engine optimization (SEO) in the larger scheme of things. Building a business website should no longer be considered in isolation with marketing efforts. However good your website looks, you have to optimize it for search engines to rank highly on search engine result pages (SERPs) for a ranking keyword. This is the only way for your target customers to find you.

SEO plays an integral role in online marketing. A recent report shows that search still remains the #1 driver of traffic to content websites. But there is more; 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine. This means your marketing efforts should be concentrated on getting noticed on search. If you are concentrating on getting your website visible on search, it is most likely your efforts are failing.

With this in mind, hiring an SEO agency is a no-brainer. While some aspects of SEO can be done in-house, an SEO expert brings onboard a fresh and objective perspective. More importantly, an SEO company boasts a wide range of skills including content management, social media marketing, keyword research and many others.

There are thousands of SEO agencies in Paris and finding the best can be a daunting affair. Many website owners have fallen for SEO scams which cost them dearly but luckily, you can avoid this pitfall by considering the following factors:

  1. Experience and Track Record

Always go for a company that has years of experience in the SEO industry. To do this, you have to ask hard questions during the interview sessions with the prospective SEO agency you want to hire. Ask for references to gauge the quality of services they offer. If possible, talk to the other website owners who have used their services and assess their satisfaction levels. A good SEO service should be ready to share a list of its past clients if they have nothing to fear.

  1. Mode of Operation

Before hiring an SEO company, confirm about the techniques they use.A reliable SEO service is always ready to share their methodology with the client. The reason you need to confirm about this is the fact that many services use black hat techniques which can lead to penalties.

By getting an outline of the techniques to be used in the project, you are assured all are ethical and there will be no danger of costly penalties or loss of reputation. If an SEO partner is not ready to reveal the techniques they are using, it is highly likely that you are about to sign up with a scam service.

  1. Confirm about Their Dedication to Your Account

When comparing different SEO services, ask about the time your website will get throughout the SEO project. A good company will have a dedicated team for your account to guaranteeeverything works seamlessly. AlaQueue offers a unique way of serving clients by opening new communication channels which a client can use to find out everything about the project. By having a dedicated project team working for you, the outcomes are more positive and you will not experience downtime or any other technical glitches.

  1. Custom SEO

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in SEO and for this reason, a reliable service should be ready to offer custom solutions that perfectly suit your needs. When looking for an SEO service to work with, check whether they are taking time to understand your business goals and objectives. This is the only way an SEO service can provide tailored SEO solutions to suit your unique needs.

For instance, Instagram marketing might be very popular today but it might not be suitable for your type of business. If an SEO company keeps on insisting that you need this service and you feel it is not the best for you, keep looking.

  1. Wide Range of Solutions

During initial consultations, ask about the type of SEO techniques the company will offer. If they keep harping about link building alone, it is obvious they are not uptodate with the trends in the industry. A reliable SEO company should be up to speed with the latest SEO trends including voice search, AMP, and social media marketing among others.

It is also good to compare prices but don’t allow low pricing to be the only consideration lest you fall for a scam.


Author Bio:-

Barrack Diego is an SEO expert working with AlaQueue. He boasts experience in the internet industry and shares his experience through writing in his blog. Barrack lives with his family in Paris.


Future Technologies That Will Change the World

Humanity has never experienced such a rate of technological development as we are facing now. Virtually every possible sphere of human life is becoming in some way technology-dependent.

Indeed, in the past few decades alone, technology has brought more improvements to medicine, industry, agriculture and education than any other epoch in human history. And this is only the beginning of drastic change.

The Dramatic Future Technologies That Will Change Our World

Here are the most prominent discoveries that are bound to shape a better future world:

  1. Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is self-reliant software which has a potential to be used in all of the spheres of human life. The nearest future will see self-driving vehicles in the streets, which will significantly reduce vehicle-related deaths and eliminate human error. Delivery drones will also be widely popular in a few years’ time. In a farther future, we will see intelligent operating systems and human-like robots that will be able to perform human functions like working in hotels and restaurants, cleaning streets and helping around the house.
  2. 3D printing. 3D printing is predicted to have a huge impact in many spheres of life, the most important of which is medicine. Organ and tissue printing will eliminate donor lists, and terminally ill people will not be doomed to die because they cannot get up the recipients list.
  3. Gene editing. The recent discovery of CRISPR technology allows us to eliminate some genes within a chromosome and replace them with other genes. This technology is really powerful in terms of eliminating disease and genetic predisposition to illness and deviant behavior. It can also allow parents to choose their child’s skin tone, eye color and ear shape. Along with artificial intelligence, CRISPR is also one of the most controversial and potentially dangerous technologies nowadays.
  4. Cryptocurrencies. Simply speaking, cryptocurrencies provide a safe, secure, anonymous way of paying money. They exist only online, and cannot be forfeited or stolen. This is a new word in global economy and finance which has a potential of changing the global financial market forever.

All in all, even though there is no progress without sacrifice, and some technologies may hold potential dangers and drawbacks, the rapid technological development is ultimately bound to change people’s lives for the better. Thus, it must be financed and sustained in every possible way.

How to Select an Effective Web Host?

Are you planning to shop for a web hosting company which will be effective in both cost and features? With a myriad of options available across, it turns out to be a tedious decision to make. But if you’re aware of the features of hosting services, you can bag a good choice!

A particular web hosting services make the websites reachable via the World Wide Web. In short, the host owns a server and leases out some space to run a website. There are thousands of web hosts present out there and it can be a daunting task to settle on the best one.

Some important factors and suggestions to select a perfect web hosting service:

  • The kind of your website makes an important consideration ahead the web hosting purchase. You need to make sure that your web host provides you a bunch of services that suits your website’s requirement.


  • The cost always makes a huge difference. The two types of costs are involved in a web hosting service viz. installation (initial) cost and the renewal expenses which are incurred at steady intervals to carry on the service.  


  • Another essential point that decides of a web host for your site is the shared or dedicated web hosting service. The shared website hosting is quite pocket friendly and allows different websites to run on the same server space. Whereas the dedicated service offers you the entire and exclusive serve space with complete control.


  • Before tapping the lucrative offers, pick out the time to study the server’s reputation and reviews in the market. It provides you with a ready platform of all the required information and quality standards. It is recommended to pick the best web hosting company GpdHost with decent market values.


  • When you expand your business, you might need to have Add-On domains. You can create multiple domains while sticking to one host. It cuts down the cost as you don’t need to pay for the multiple hosts. Also, you can fetch SEO benefits.


  • A speedy website is everyone’s need. A slow pace website is always a big NO. The speed depends entirely on the web hosting services. A simple suggestion to find a web host which delivers excellent speed is to track the past surveys which are conducted to test the speed of the web host.


  • A web host has to be ardently user-friendly and easy-to-use for its customers. Every individual or company must pay an extra attention to the user friendliness of its control panel. It is suggested to take a trial session before you make the final decision.

The GPD Host Company is known to offer reliable and WordPress hosting services.

4 Online Marketing Tips for Small Business

Most of the small business owners these days understand the importance of online marketing. People are spending a greater amount of time online these days. Owing to this very reason, it has become pretty important for the small business owners to focus on digital marketing so that they are able to get new customers for their business.

Most of the business owners, however, are not familiar with the technical side of online marketing. That is why, even though they want to capture the visitors through online marketing but they do not know where to start.

We would today solve this problem. We would share with you four such steps which you can take action on in order to begin your online marketing strategy for your business.

  1. Choosing the method of marketing:

There are multiple ways to bring traffic to your website. Most of the small business owners are not familiar with these methods. You can either opt for search engine optimization or you can opt for social media marketing or you can even opt for paid advertising.

Most of the business owners are not able to clearly choose the method which is best for them. One of the best options for you currently is to opt for social media marketing because once you are able to build a community, not only you can get the visitors but also you would be able to build the brand itself as well.

That is why it is always important for the small business owners to start with social media marketing as that would increase the visibility as well.

  1. Getting the website ready:

You need to understand that the normal official website is not good enough for marketing. Many times, you need to create a separate landing page in order to convert the visitors. Moreover, if you’re selling something, you have to provide the online transaction option as well so that you are able to get instant sales. Once you are able to get these instant sales, it will become easier for you to convert the visitors online as well.

  1. Creating a proper brand name:

Instead of just having a website, you have to create a logo and you have to create a brand name as well. Once you are able to do that, it becomes easier for you to spread the word out about your website. When you spread the word out about your website, it becomes easier for you to get direct visitors as well without any type of seo or marketing practice.

Owing to this very reason, it is important for you to always create a proper brand name as well as a logo.

  1. Setting a proper budget:

Each and every marketing technique requires a certain amount of budget. That is why in order to begin with online marketing,first look at the budget which you are willing to invest. You also outsource your all marketing work to Submitcore.com.

Only after that, you would be able to act on the budget and get visitors to your website. That is why you have to always set up a budget 1st and thereafter start the marketing.

So, whenever you are looking at the online marketing tips which you can follow for your business, these are the 4 things which you should look into.

Is Poland Becoming Europe’s Tech Startup Capital?

With a well-developed startup infrastructure, a range of digital success stories, and a brand-new Google campus in its capital city, Warsaw, Poland is a Central European tech tiger in the making.

While still trailing behind European startup hubs such as Berlin, Lisbon, or London, the Compass Startup Ecosystem Ranking suggests that Poland is bound to become a serious player on the startup scene.

According to Dealroom.co, last year Central and Eastern European startups raised a total of €177 million. And that’s up from just €15 million a mere four years before. Poland is today among the countries that attract the biggest funding rounds.

So what does the tech scene look like in Poland?

StartUp Poland recently published a report that unveiled everything you need to know about the country’s digital economy through the survey of over 2400 startups.

The report revealed that 39% of startups were software development enterprises that mainly sold as SaaS products. Out of the startups that reported more than 50% of annual growth, most were achieving these results thanks to the sale of data and mobile services to large corporations. More than half of Polish startups are exporting, mainly to the US and UK markets.

And the leaders of international businesses are already picking up on that potential. This year, Microsoft and Ernst & Young joined Senfino (a Polish IT company), to announce the launch of Startberry, a brand-new startup incubator located just a couple of streets from Google’s startup hub in Warsaw.

Local success stories

Krakow – Poland’s historic center, a city with ancient architecture.

It might come as a surprise, but Poland has its fair share of success stories on the global tech scene. The social learning network Brainly is one, as it reports more than 14 million unique users every month across over 35 countries.

DocPlanner, an online healthcare appointment booking platform, closed a $10 million series B round last year, bringing on board $20 million in its largest Series C, and another 15 million EUR in Series D funding. The platform now operates in 25 different markets across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Estimote and Kontakt.io – two based in Krakow trailblazing companies of beacon technology – have also made their mark on the global retail industry with their indoor navigation technology that build integrated offline and online shopping experiences. Recently, Estimote raised $10.7 million in funding.

Another interesting example is the travel tech startup AudioTrip which developed an app that transforms smartphones into local personal guides as users explore a new destination. It was founded just four years ago and it already has a London office, attracting funding as well.

What’s in store for Polish startups?

Needless to say, there are plenty of interesting tech startups that are bound to get big in the near future.

Fintech is a prominent area of growth. Some of the most interesting startups emerging in this area are VoicePin, as system for voice recognition-based identity verification. VoicePin is a piece of software that can differentiate between different voices and since the technology works with the microphone built into smartphones, it’s very cost-effective to implement. Some major banks in Poland are now using VoicePin in various applications including online banking.

Another interesting example is Atsora, which offers software designed to assist financial service organizations in communicating with small business customers more effectively (especially in terms of business planning or cash flow management)

Krakow is a city we should all be watching closely. KoalaMetrics is one of the powerful newbies that provides psychographic profiling services to an online retailers to help them understand their clients better and boost customer experience.

Another interesting venture is CallPage. They developed a widget that uses free callbacks to increase the number of calls businesses receive from website visitors by a smashing 75%. Thanks to the quickly developing infrastructure and flights to Krakow the city is becoming a fast growing Poland’s business center.

It’s all about funding

It leaves no room for doubt that Poland is a country rich in tech talent and potential for innovation.

As its economy grows, the focus may shift from startup to scalable startup. That’s the only way for Polish startups to start attracting growth funding.

And that’s especially important since funding is the single most significant factor that inhibits growth in this area. While EU funding is helpful, it only works in the short term. Unfortunately, Poland still suffers from a lack of substantial private funding opportunities. Growing these companies will at some point require access to more funding from overseas investors, especially in later stage investments rounds.

Still, the Polish economy is making strides and there are some VC funds operating in Poland that are starting to support the promising local startup ecosystem.

10 Great Tips To Earn More In The Digital Marketing Industry

As an expert in digital marketing you have read hundreds of thousands of tips on digital marketing. You even learnt many different things that become obsolete and not longer working, and some are working efficiently.

When you apply some of your previously learnt tips, sometimes you know they will work and sometimes you do not know whether they will work or not.

In spite of it all, you apply those techniques to help your clients’ websites getting rank in search engines. Here, in this blog we are about to discuss ten great tips that help you earn more in this digital marketing industry.

Why Earn More in Digital Marketing

Let us discuss something important about digital marketing. As we see, digital marketing is booming. It is a great career for students, fresher as well as experienced individuals. Sometimes industry people also learn the fundamental of digital marketing to accelerate and polish their digital marketing skills. Though, whatsoever the reason of learning digital marketing the implantation tips of digital marketing and to earn more in the digital marketing industry is growing day by day. Many people are concerned about it.

How to Earn Through Digital Marketing

Wey have all come to know the statistics as well as reports on how SEO is one of the most critical focus points for the purpose of business on Internet. Therefore, setting up a perfect stage for customers to come in as well as patronize your business with great web design. Though, it is not just one or enough thing that helps you earn more in the industry. At the same time, your search engine optimization and social media optimization including marketing will play a great role for sure. To do this efficiently, you do not need to cater the business in such a way that you need to hire a team, but to make it successful you need to be updated all the time.

  1. Grow Your Audience – Grow your audience as much as possible with the help of search engine and social media optimization. You can grow your audience through paid advertising as well.
  2. Boost Your Search Rank – Boost your search rank with organic search engine optimization. Organic search is related to organic search engine optimization which is one of the most influential ways to understand the digital domain.
  3. Social media Marketing – Social media marketing is a channel like Facebook, Twitter etc. help you manage your marketing campaign. Social media generally helps your marketing effort easy and quick, sometimes through paid and often through organic ways.
  4. Social media optimization – Social media optimization also helps the channel like Facebook, Twitter etc. not only help you handle your entire marketing effort but also help your marketing effort easy to manage and quick to solve often through paid and sometimes or organic ways.
  5. Paid Marketing – Paid marketing are not many, one of the most popular is PPC that is Pay Per Click which is a marketing service given by Google. Bing and Yahoo also provide this type of marketing.
  6. Content Marketing – Content writing and marketing is not same thing, but writing the content that boost one’s marketing effort easily.
  7. Content Optimization – Optimizing content is important, which helps content marketing easy and manageable.
  8. Facebook Marketing – Marketing through facebook is a common thing and that could be in two ways, one is free and one is paid marketing.
  9. Twitter Marketing – Twitter marketing by way of Twitter is also a common way but that could be possible free and paid marketing.
  10. Sharing Website’s new updates – It is important to sharing new content or updated information to the visitors, which will help earn more in the digital marketing.

To earn more in digital marketing either you need to learn the tips and tricks of digital marketing or hire a team of experts it is up to you. If you heard a statistics as well as reports on how search engine works but the thing is you need many customers to point your products or services out that can provide them great user experience.

Though, social media can take a leading role in website visitor referral for the purpose of business online, but what is unforgettable as well as undeniable is that search is still one of the most trusted sources of the targeted customers online.

Author Bio:Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Alliance International IT – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on Digital Marketing Services, Web Designing and mobile app development.

Weight Watchers App: How Technology Makes Losing Weight Easy

If you’ve tried losing weight and getting in better shape, then you probably know how difficult things can get. In these situations, most people turn to technology to try and find a solution that will aid their weight loss journey.

One great option would be to use your smartphone to help you get and stay in shape. The trick with phones is that they are always available – either in your hand or on the table right next to you.

With the right app, therefore, you should be able to improve your chances of losing weight, keeping track of your progress, managing your diet, and more. This is where the Weight Watchers app comes in.

More particularly, this handy mobile application is designed to provide you with the useful resources you need to hold yourself accountable. Therefore, once you get it, you will have a handy technology-based dietician and personal trainer but without the extra bills that come with hiring such expert help.

In fact, the Weight Watchers app will deliver the calorie counters, workouts, and other weight loss programs to you. All of these tools will come in handy when you need to track your progress and understand how you are doing based on your fitness and health data.

Read on to learn more about it:


At its most basic, the Weight Watchers app is an innovative smartphone-based program designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. The company that developed it has been aiding clients in their quest to stay in shape for more than 50 years now, which speaks volumes about its experience.

Once you download the app and subscribe to the different programs, you will get everything you need to help you track your activity, weight, and food intake. The app also comes with an easy-to-use interface that most people can understand.


So, what does the Weight Watchers app do? What do you stand to gain once you get it? Consider the following:

  1. Track Points

For starters, this app comes with its own tailored diet. You can track your points to ensure that you continue eating the right diet. Essentially, the app will assign points to every meal or food and give you a daily points quota. The goal is to ensure that you do not exceed this quote.

However, to ensure that you benefit from the Weight Watchers app, you need to subscribe to Weight Watchers Online for a monthly fee of $17.95 and a startup fee of $29.95. Although this might seem like a lot, it’s a steal considering how expensive it can be to hire your own personal trainer and dietician.

  1. Handy Features

After subscribing to the Weight Watchers program, you will access all the different features that the app provides. These include:

  • Databases

First, you will be able to get advice on eating right from a database of 30,000+ foods. This way, you can easily track and calculate your dietary points on a daily basis.

  • Customization

You can also add your own meals and recipes and get the app to calculate the points value for each.

  • Weight Log

The app also comes with a weight loss and an interactive chart that shows how your weight is changing through time.

  1. Weight Watchers Coupons

The app notifies you of all Weight Watchers deals and promotions so that you save up to 30% if you decide to join the granddaddy of all weight loss programs. Weight Watchers coupons are also posted on Lodlois.



  • The Weight Watchers app comes with featured recipes
  • The interface is easy to use and highly interactive
  • You should gain enough motivation to stay healthy from the success stories featured on the app


  • Some the features require subscription, which might prove expensive for some


As long as you have a smartphone or an iPhone/iPod Touch, then you should be able to download and start using the Weight Watchers app. Overall, we’d give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

This article is a courtesy of www.Fitij.com, a site that reviews meal delivery weight loss programs.

Numi App by Nutrisystem: A Digital Support for Weight Loss

Are you looking to lose weight this year? Thanks to fast advancing technology you can now lose weight from the comfort of your smartphone. Mobile users are starting to embrace the benefits of apps which help them lose weight. One app that helps users track their weight is Numi app by Nutrisystem. 

Nutrisystem is a cheap weight loss meal delivery program that delivers food to your house helping you lose weight without cooking or counting calories. The company has over four decades experience and has helped millions of people lose weight through their products and services.

They have a portion controlled meal plan which is nutritious and delicious. What’s remarkable about it is that instead of taking three meals a day, with this program you can take four to six meals in portions helping you fight hunger and lose weight. All you have to do is pick your plan, choose your food menu and place an order.

Following the extraordinary success of their weight loss program, Nutrisystem program came up with an app called Numi which help people lose weight at home.

Technology and the Prevalence of Obesity

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of people in the United States are obese. People suffering from obesity are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

There is an estimated death of 30000 people annually caused by obesity, and millions of others are at risk of contracting cardiovascular disease.

However, obesity remains a preventable disease. With a simple exercise and eating the right food, you can be on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Thankfully, technological advances have revolutionize our approach to living a healthier life. Dieting has become much easier with applications that not only motivate us but help us stay on track with our weight loss goals.

Discipline for weight loss

Most people trying to lose weight on their own are finding it hard to stick to a weight loss program. You might not have a clear program which helps you stay on track on what you are eating or how long you have exercised every day.

Essential features of the app

With a weight loss app like Numi, you are able to check what you are eating and how many calories you burn while working out. A calorie tracker helps you log your meals, weight, water intake and more. In addition, it has a feature called “daily progress tracker” which helps you see how you are progressing.

Numi is the perfect partner to your Nutrisystem plan. The app features a menu which helps users browse a gallery of nutritious foods from the Nutrisystem program. You can also place an order directly from the app and have food come to your home.

You have access to nutritional information for all kinds of fruits, vegetables and meals. If you are wondering where you can buy healthy nutritious food other than from Nutrisystem diet plan, this app comes with a real-time update feature which gives you meal recommendations from over 12,000 recipes.

Through GPS you can access over 300 restaurants which sell nutritious foods. With its barcode scanner, the app helps you scan bar codes of food you buy to ensure they are nutritious for your weight loss program.

Losing weight requires you to be motivated so that you can exercise every day and eat the right food. Numi app took this into consideration and helps users track their weight and stay motivated through a personal journal. Through the Numi app you can also get Nutrisystem coupons and save up to $220.

When you download the app, you can be able to log their meals, keep track of calories, set personalized diet plans and much more. If you are looking to achieve your health goals this year using a weight loss app like Numi can make you lose weight easily.

Reviewing 3 of the Best Inkjet Printers

Are you looking for a solution to help you print color photos and documents? Then you might want to consider investing in an inkjet printer. Most of these printers are affordable. Similarly, with one you should be able to produce high-quality prints that blend colors. 

For the business and the home user that needs to print more than just simple documents, inkjet printers are the way to go. In fact, you can even get an all-in-one model that will enable you to scan, copy, and fax documents.

Consider the following top 3 inkjet printers on the market today:

  1. Canon Pixma MG7150

Affordable and all-in-one, the Canon Pixma MG7150 inkjet printer comes with photo printing capabilities, a touch screen, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • The printer boasts a print speed of ISO 15 ppm (black) and 10 ppm (color)
  • The print resolution is set at 9,600 by 2,400
  • It accepts 13 by 18 cm, 10 by 15 cm, 20 by 25 cm, DL size and commercial envelopes, legal, letter, B5, A5, and A4 paper sizes
  • The Canon Pixma MG7150 has a paper capacity of 145 sheets



  • The Canon Pixma MG7150 works wirelessly
  • It produces excellent print quality


  • However, replacing inks for this inkjet printer is quite expensive. Make sure you pay less on printer ink by buying remanufactured ink from 4inkjets, which costs up to 75% less than the original cartridge from Canon without compromising on the quality and number of pages you can print.
  • If you wish from an Android device, you’ll need to download the right app for the Canon Pixma MG7150
  • The printer is a bit expensive, although this is offset by the high-quality prints it produces 
  1. Epson PictureMate PM-400

If you are looking for an inkjet printer that is easy to use, then you might want to consider investing in the Epson PictureMate PM-400.


  • The print speeds are set at 36 seconds for a 4 by 6 inches borderless photo
  • The print resolution is at 5,760 by 1,440
  • The Epson PictureMate PM-400 accepts 12.70 by 17.78cm (5 by 7 inches), 10.16 by 15.24cm (4 by 6 inches), and 8.89 by 12.70cm (3.5 by 5 inches) paper sizes
  • It has a paper capacity of 50 sheets



  • The build quality is quite impressive; the lovely bone white frame makes it good to look at
  • This printer is relatively lightweight meaning that you can easily use it anywhere you choose to go


  • However, the print speeds are fairly low
  • Further, the price of the Epson PictureMate PM-400 inkjet printer is high


  1. HP Envy 5540 All-in-One Printer

Affordable and cheerful, the HP Envy 5540 All-in-One printer is one of the best color inkjets you can get on the market today. It primarily works well for low-volume print jobs.


  • The print speed is at ISO 12 ppm (black) and 8 ppm (color)
  • It comes with a print resolution of 4800 by 1200
  • It accepts A6, C6, DL, B5, A5, and A4 paper sizes
  • The HP Envy 5540 All-in-One printer has a paper capacity of 125 sheets



  • The HP Envy 5540 All-in-One printer supports smartphone printing
  • You can connect it wirelessly even without using a router
  • It is also easy to install
  • The printer comes with a quite working mechanism
  • It delivers exceptional print quality, particularly for photo paper


  • However, this printer is quite slow
  • It is also relatively expensive if you need to use it for mono printing


So, there you have it – the list of the top 3 inkjet printers on the market today. Get any of these printers, and you’ll never have to worry about replacing it in a long while. The fine prints, exceptional designs, and excellent features combine to make these 3 of the best inkjets you can buy at present.

3 Amazon Digital Marketing Tricks: You Save More, They Earn More

There is no doubt that Amazon’s growth to become one of the top retailers globally has been phenomenal and astounding.

Millions of shoppers around the globe find it extremely convenient to buy from Amazon. Their prices are usually very competitive compared to their competition and their efficient shipping arrangements almost always leave a lasting impression in the mind of their customers.

To improve the customer experience further, Amazon has deployed numerous schemes through which their customers can make huge savings in their purchases, while the company earns more loyal customers and increasingly higher annual revenues. Below, I will show you three of these marketing tactics, which most people are familiar with as we all apply to make savings at Amazon.

  1. The “Subscribe and Save” program

The “Subscribe and Save” program provides you with a creative way to make huge saving on regular deliveries of subscribed products. The program works by allowing you to create regularly scheduled deliveries which are automatically shipped to you at the designated frequency. The delivery cycle is flexible and you can choose a schedule that works for you from monthly to every six months.

Once subscribed, you are able to skip or cancel your deliveries and before each delivery is made, the company sends you a reminder email showing you’re the item prices and the applicable discounts.

“It is worth noting that Amazon’s subscription for the “Subscribe and Save” program differs markedly from other types of subscription you may be used to such as the ones for newspapers and magazines”, says Matt of Lodlois—a site that has a list of all ways you can save on Amazon. This is because the product prices in Amazon subscription are not static over time but they vary from one order to another, depending on prevailing product prices at the time the order is shipped. Consequently, your monthly bill may vary from month to month.

The “Subscribe and Save” program offers a discount of at least 5% off each order. You may unlock extra savings through subscribing for five or more products to be delivered to one address on the same monthly delivery date. The more the number of items you subscribe for, the more you save. Therefore, in case you do not have the five items to unlock the extra savings, you may consider including “filler” items to your list. These are inexpensive items which you may not necessarily need but will help to meet the requirements.

Still seeking for more savings using the “subscribe and save” program? Amazon offers a solution by providing a number of coupons for select Subscribe and Save items. It is worth noting that these coupons are applicable only once and will not be used in subsequent deliveries.

The subscription prices are not locked at the time of subscription but are subject to price variation as dictated by market prices at the time of each delivery. Though this may have undesirable effects in the event of general price hikes, the program is still worth it. The trick to guard against the sudden change in price changes is to read and act the reminder email sent by Amazon before the order is shipped.

The product “subscribe and save” store contains items from a wide range of categories including groceries, personal care, household supplies, baby care and food, pet supplies among others. For example, do you have a desire for your pet have clean teeth, fresh breath with no plaque? Then subscribe for PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Large Dog Chew Treats, Original and make huge savings.

In conclusion, the benefits of “subscribe and save’’ are;

  • Huge discounts on subscribed items
  • Free shipping
  • Flexible delivery schedules which are easily adjustable to suit changing needs.
  • Ability to combine the program with coupons further pushing down the cost of the items.
  1. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s online grocery shopping service which provides their Prime members with grocery delivery and pickup service in select states in the US, London, Tokyo, and Berlin. Shopper can use the service for the online purchase of groceries such as fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat products, pet supplies, health and beauty products and so on. The shopper has the option between unattended or attended two-hour delivery windows.

Amazon Fresh Deals refers to limited time offers which are exclusive to products which are sold and shipped by Amazon Fresh. Example of Amazon Fresh deals are:

  • 25% off meat substitutes
  • 30% off select OrganicGirl packaged salads
  • 30% off select Zuke’s dog treats
  • 25% off back-to-school snack favorites

For Amazon fresh shoppers, they can make further savings by using the coupons FRESH25, which saves them $25.

Sounds unreal? You don’t have to spend a penny to test this. Amazon is running a promotion which allows you to test Amazon Fresh for free for one month. In this promotion, they have a flexible payment option whereby the first 30 days are free and there are no shipping charges for orders greater than $40. After the first 30 days, there is a $14.99 service charge per month if you are a Prime member. Orders less than $40 attract shipping charges. The groceries are delivered in well-structured green boxes, with ice packs to keep them fresh.

  1. Amazon Prime Day

One strategy that Amazon employs to increase sales is changing prices. Prices go up and down throughout the year for almost all products. Amazon Prime Day is the yearly promotion where Amazon slashes prices for thousands of products more than any other day. July 2017’s Amazon Prime Day revenue “surpassed traditional retailing blowouts like Black Friday and Cyber Monday”, says Bloomberg magazine.

By the way, one interesting way to save money during Amazon shopping is by using deal tracker sites. Since Amazon prices keep fluctuating, you can make huge savings if you time your shopping when the prices are at the bottom.  TheTracktor.com and CamelCamelCamel.com have the ability to retrieve the historical data of Amazon prices for the products of your interest.

Additionally, they enable you to set your preferred prices for the items and they will send you alerts when the price reaches your preset threshold.

Hostgator vs Bluehost: Which One Would You Choose?

Web hosting is primarily the place where a blog or a website stays on the internet. Before tackling the question “between HostGator and BlueHost, which one is the best?” it is important we first understand why professional web hosting is necessary yet there are so many free web hosting programs. 

There is one simple explanation. All the free web hosting programs have the right to remove your website from their servers without giving you notice. Also, in case a free web hosting program shuts down their services, your website or blog goes down with them.

Choosing the right professional web hosting service provider from a bunch of them could be a big challenge. DreamHost, BlueHost and HostGator are the top three most recommended companies.

Below is BlueHost Vs HostGator comparison. 

  1. Performance and Reliability. 

These two are the best and also the most recommended companies for web hosting due to their performances. Both BlueHost and HostGator give uptime guarantee up to 99.9%.

HostGator websites are hosted on high-quality Dual Xeon servers at their centers located in Dallas. These Data Centers are properly equipped and linked to ten backbone providers.

BlueHost utilizes CPU separation technology which can efficiently control CPU and keep your site safe from bad users. Additionally, HostGator spends a lot of money yearly in technology to improve on their performances.

  1. Uptime Comparison between HostGator and BlueHost. 

Website downtime is a bad experience for web visitors. As mentioned earlier, BlueHost and HostGator provide 99.9% uptime guarantee. However, monitoring results from two websites one hosted by HostGator and the other one hosted by BlueHost show that in one minute, HostGator had only one outage in seven days, while in a total of 51 minutes, BlueHost had experienced 11 outages.

  1. Response time – BlueHost Vs HostGator 

Test results on the time both web hosters took to respond shows that, it took 1.2 seconds to load for a website hosted on HostGator and 5.4 seconds for a BlueHost hosted site.

  1. Speed comparison between HostGator and BlueHost. 

Speed is an essential factor to think about when picking a web hosting company. Using two sites hosted on BlueHost and Hostgator respectively to test speed, results showed that site hosted on BlueHost loads roughly 50% slower than the one hosted on HostGator.

  1. Customer Support 

Having a great team of support staff is essential for web hosting companies. When your servers are faced with problems, the support staff should be able to deal with it immediately to counter site downtime.

In both HostGator and BIueHost, provide customer support around the clock. You can reach them by either creating a ticket, make a phone call or by simply using their live chat feature. Both companies also have Email support.

  1. User Interface 

Both HostGator and BIueHost have a great user interface. Having a control panel which is easy to use is very crucial, especially for new users and people who have no idea how to install web scripts like Joomla and WordPress.

BlueHost and HostGator have first-rate security to their control panel to ensure your files are secure from hackers and viruses.

HostGator provides a customized control panel which is quite easy to understand. This shows that HostGator is more focused on satisfying their customers.

  1. Features and Pricing 

BIueHost has three plans known as starters, plus and business plan. HostGator on the other hand also provides three plans. Known as Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business pan. These hosting companies change their plan prices regularly. It is advisable you check on their respective sites for updated prices.

HostGator or BlueHost? My Recommendation 

Based on the above comparisons, HostGator is better than BlueHost in performance.

Why HostGator?

  • HostGator has hosting plans for one month at $0.01
  • At HostGator, there is no risk of your money getting lost. They offer a money back guarantee of 45 days.
  • HostGator’s highly efficient support team is available around the clock.
  • They have an easy to use control panel for beginners
  • HostGator’s websites load faster than BlueHost
  • Their uptime guarantee of 99.9% will ensure that your readers will not have a bad experience.
  • You can SAVE BIG with the various discount coupon codes at HostGator.