Transforming your Marketing Experience: 5 Hacks to Make Video That Sells

Videos are the way to go in this day and age. The number one reason is because Google and other search engines love videos. They have structured their search results in such a way that videos are given the first priority. Therefore, if your videos are properly created and optimized, they stand a chance of ranking well. Secondly, people share videos more than they share boring long texts.

Thirdly, videos come in handy in captivating the lazy market. This is because it takes lower brain power to watch a video compared to reading articles. They are easy to understand and digest thus expanding your market. Additionally, videos convey much more information than text. Lastly, videos are the perfect tool to add a personal touch to whatever you are marketing. This comes in handy for those customers who prefer that ‘boutique’ experience.

With that said, anyone would reasonably need tips to make their videos more eye-catching. Here are five essential things you should give extra attention to;

  1. The title

This is important because it is the first thing a customer will see. It is what will attract the targeted customers. Therefore, a good video marketer should always consider creating a title that is made up of words that the targeted shoppers will be looking for so as to find the products you deal in.

  1. Use the best cameras

There are various camera you can use today to capture high-quality photos and videos but when it comes to record motion videos, GoPro cameras are the best. To make it even better you will need to find the best GoPro Gimbal that will stabilize the camera and help you capture the perfect moment. Otherwise your content will be destroyed. It is flexible giving the persons the flexibility he needs in case his hands are occupied.

The camera also has a three-axis system that helps sustain it in the best possible way. This pretty much makes it reliable and easy to use. Using such a camera secures your marketability since your content will be clear to the target shoppers.

  1. Keep your introductions brief and precise

Many newbie producers tend to produce long and boring introductions in their videos. This is an expensive mistake. You can always display your logo in the first few seconds of the video and that should be it. Get straight to the point. Your shoppers should be able to get your point in no longer than 3 seconds in to the video before their attention spans off.

  1. Be creative in creating your content

It is at this point that you can either lose or gain your audience. The content should be created in a creative manner. One should also dedicate their time and effort into the video, and of course, this ought to be a lot for the best results. Keep in mind the fact that you should go straight to the subject matter of the video.

  1. Use your social media

The social media can be said to be the most powerful tool in marketing. Without wasting so much time and funds you can easily communicate effectively with your shoppers. Through the social media you can easily engage with your shoppers and make sharing your video faster and more effectively. It enables you to grab and retain your audience’s attention, making it easier to sell your video.

Knowing how to make quality videos will enable you to connect with your viewers at a more personal level thus evoking their trust. The above highlighted tips will go a long way in making your videos sell faster and to a wider range of audience.

Moving to cloud-based recovery services

The traditional methods of data recovery that depended on hardware and tape-based solutions are now a thing of the past. More and more companies are moving to cloud-based data recovery solutions that offer smarter means of recovering critical data in the event of any disruption. The IT managers are confident that the cloud-based Philadelphia data recovery solution they choose provides more reliable data storage and retrieval coupled with efficient data recovery.

When selecting cloud-based data recovery solutions, you have the option of transiting selective and sensitive data that is critical for a business to the cloud while maintaining other data on site. Such hybrid solution is often a cost-effective method of integrating cloud services with the day-to-day operation of the company in backup and recovery.

Why you might need cloud backup and recovery

Quick data recovery holds the key to maintaining business continuity by minimizing operational downtime. If you have faced problems in this regard, that resulted in business disruption, then the cloud solutions could work well for you.  There might be reasons why you would require speedier data recovery, primarily to comply with some regulatory requirements to ensure minimal or no disruption for which the cloud recovery solution is just the answer. For raising the bar of IT performance, you might set the goal of making the data recovery and restoration system much more efficient by attaining recovery speeds that match the organization’s performance standard for which you have to depend on cloud data backup and recovery solutions.

Balancing budget and performance

When you move to the cloud, the expenses of operation automatically convert from capital expenditure to operational expenditure. Naturally, the budget becomes a prime consideration to justify the performance enhancement that you achieve by migrating to the cloud. There must be the perfect balance between the budget and performance. There are some more factors to consider before you take a final call.

Analyze the cost of cloud

The scope of cloud services should include backup and recovery of databases, files, server images for both virtual and physical servers without any restrictions on the number of endpoints and servers together with round the clock support of the engineers.  All these push up the cost of cloud services. To contain the costs within budget, you must be selective about using the cloud services for critical data only. Moreover, you have to keep in mind the additional cost that can arise from scaling up the services that might be required to accommodate additional data in future.

Judge the backup speed

The speed of data recovery and capacity handling abilities of the cloud solutions are essential determinants in selecting the optimal cloud service. Speed is necessary to recover data quickly and meet the backup window. To ensure that systems and applications backup happens with minimal disruption within a specified window, you have to rely on the high rate of data transfer that can even go up to 5 TB data within 12 hours.

Shifting the focus away from hardware-based recovery

Legacy data recovery systems that depend on tape and hardware are incapable of handling today’s complex data efficiently, and it is also not cost effective at all. Moreover, it takes quite long time for recovery to restore normalcy during unplanned downtime and especially when affected by natural disasters like hurricanes and storms. According to data available from surveys, organizations experience on an average 10 to 20 hours unplanned downtime annually, and this does not include outages occurring from natural disasters.  Considering that the average hourly downtime cost is $100,000, the financial impact on business is enormous. The cost increases further when organizations have to wait for the replacement of an appliance.

Switching over to cloud does away with the waiting for hardware and the speed of recovery is much faster. In the event of a disaster, organizations can get to work immediately in recovering data without having to wait for any external assistance of hardware or other resources.

Recovery time objective (RTO) setting

The time that the organization can afford to maintain business continuity without accessing data represents the recovery time. Once you know the recovery time, you can ascertain the parameters you need to provide backup and storage that helps to select the suitable cloud solution.  The recovery time varies according to organizations needs and can range from one hour to one day.

Provide better user experience

The flexibility in accessing the cloud solution from any location enables better managing of the IT systems, as the cloud is accessible via the web.  The continuous live support of the cloud service provider is another important consideration. Moreover, any solution has to be compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

Make a right beginning by using these tips to decide on moving to a cloud platform for data recovery.

About the author:

Sujain Thomas is a software engineer currently attached to a company providing cloud services. She has also worked with companies like the one you find at Sujain loves to be associated with social causes and ties up with organizations that help to fulfill her desire.

How SEO and SEM Work Together To Deliver Results

While SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are different, they both play very similar roles sharing one common goal, which is to bring website users to your site.

Often, people try to define whether one or the other is better for marketing online, and which one will get you the kind of results that you are looking for.

It is true that each has its strong points and its weaknesses. Michigan SEO Company widely recognized that these two methods can actually be used together to create an even more effective online marketing strategy.

Research shows that most consumers search online before making any kind of purchase. Therefore, it is obvious that your company’s presence in search engines from a Trustworthy SEO Company is essential to reaching your business goals.

What is SEO?

SEO focuses on the code of the website using ALT tags, page and link titles and much more.

The goal of SEO is to attract users organically – without paying for it.

SEO involves many different factors, including:



The more useful, informative content that you have, the better. In addition, including relevant keywords helps search engines to direct your site to the appropriate searchers.


If your site loads reasonably fast, this will improve its rank.

Ease of Use

Does it make your site easy to navigate?


Search engines judge authority based on links. Inbound links give you authority because search engines see that other sites reference your content. Outbound links serve as citations to the information that you provide, building authority for your statements.

 Benefits and weaknesses of SEO


  • Free to Implement

If you are willing to spend the time to learn it, SEO can be a completely free option to market your business.

  • Brings Targeted Traffic

Getting higher on search engine results doesn’t just mean you’re getting more traffic. It also means you are getting better quality traffic.

  • High Conversion Rates

Due to receiving more targeted traffic, your website visits will be more likely to convert into sales, subscriptions, etc.


  • Results Take Time

For SEO to really work, it could take weeks of effort. This is partially due to the time that it takes to fully optimize your site.

Additionally, Google starts to trust websites only after some time of being online. That means that even if you work extremely hard to improve your site’s SEO, it will still take time for you to rank well in search query results and get more traffic.

  • No Guaranteed Results

In addition to the time it takes, there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO. Landing on the first page is essential to the success of your SEO methods, and getting to the top of that page is even better.

What is SEM?

Also known as paid search advertising or paid search marketing, this method involves the paid ads that you see displayed on a search results page. These ads are targeted to certain keywords, and appear when those keywords are searched.

When you search Google keywords, you will notice that the first few results might have the word ‘Ad’ or ‘Sponsored’ next to them. In addition, Google will place these types of ads on the right sidebar of your search results page. These ads or sponsored results are paid links to related content.

 Good and Bad SEM:


  • Fast Results

If you are looking for immediate results for your business, then SEM is the fastest way to get you to the top of search results. If your ads are well targeted, you could be bringing in new traffic within hours!

  • Brand Recognition

Seeing your brand at the top of the search results gives you more visibility across different platforms in your related niche. Even if the searchers don’t click on your website, they’re becoming familiar with your brand within that niche.

  • Brings Targeted Traffic

When setting up your campaign, there are plenty of ways to make it targeted to your potential customers. This means that more clicks to your website will be from the people you want.

  • Easy to See ROI

Within the panel of your ad campaign, it’s easy to see how well your ads are doing, whether the traffic they bring is converting, etc. You’ll have a great view of the return on investment, as well as being able to adapt your campaigns to the results you’re seeing.


  • Requires Specialized Knowledge

Each different management platform (e.g. Google AdSense) is unique, and usually quite complex. There is a definite learning curve involved. Also, knowing how to set up and manage an ad campaign that is successful takes a fair amount of knowledge.

You could always decide to hire a professional to set up your ad campaign for you, but this will be an extra expense.

  • Takes Time to Implement

Keyword research, learning a new management platform, and setting up your campaign will all take time. However, the time involved doesn’t end there. After setting up your campaign, it will require constant monitoring and optimization to achieve the best results.

So How Do SEO and SEM Actually Work Together?

When done correctly the two complement one another extremely well.

Your SEO efforts are for gaining organic listings. SEM helps you create a more effective and targeted advertising campaign that helps your website get found for the words you don’t rank for organically.

Search Engine Land hits the nail on the head:

  • SEO: earning traffic through unpaid or free listings
  • SEM: buying traffic through paid search listings

When working together, SEO and SEM are stronger than either would be working individually.

The important factor to remember is that both are only as good as the website is that is being marketed.

If the website does not provide the quality that Google thinks users are looking for then all of your SEO and SEM efforts will go unnoticed and cause you a severe amount of frustration.

Start with a website your users will love and then market and optimize from there.

How do SEO and SEM Relate?


This is the focus of both SEO and SEM methodology. People search for keywords that help them get the information they need, and the results that they find are those that are optimized for those keywords.

If your pages are optimized for SEO, it means that they will come up as organic search results when people query the right keywords. Along the same lines, if your sponsored links and ads are well targeted to the correct keywords, your pages will show up in the sponsored area of the search results, above the organic results.


The goal of SEO and SEM tends to be the same: to drive more traffic to your website. However, that is not the only goal. Both of these methods have the goal of increasing, not just the volume, but the quality of the traffic on your website. Ultimately, the end goal of increasing high-quality traffic is to get a higher conversion rate.

Both of these methods are effective in reaching their goals due to their natural responses to keywords. The difference between them is the time involved and the effort it takes to see results.

The differences between these methods can actually lead to huge benefits in using them together as a team.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands

Instagram has become known as the place to share photos and videos of everything from cute kids and puppies, to your morning latte, and everything in between. But from a brand marketer’s perspective, Instagram can be a valuable resource for increasing followers, promoting brand awareness, and giving a voice to the brand itself. And while there is no magic formula for success, here are 8 marketing tips for brands to be successful on Instagram.


  1. Define Your Voice.

Social media is, at the most basic level, a means of communicating with the world at large. How you present your brand is defined by the voice behind your content. Are you funny? Knowledgeable? Trustworthy? Sentimental? Determining your voice can depend greatly on the type of business you’re in. Most of the time, brands have a built-in voice that resonates with the type of business or industry. For example: Taco Bell has a fun and playful voice, and being a fast food brand makes that a natural fit. Figure out what works best for your brand and make sure your voice is in the same scope.

  1. Give “Insider” Access.

Behind every brand is a team of people that make things happen. Showing that team in action and giving behind-the-scenes access can make followers feel like they are a part of the action, and possibly increase brand loyalty and conversions. Take ThirdLove as an example. ThirdLove is a bra and underwear company designed to make undergarments as comfortable as possible for women. They also frequently feature the members of the team behind the product, and also feature inspiring messages from powerful women all throughout history, including founder Heidi Zak. 

  1. Spend Some Money.

While participation on Instagram is free, utilizing Instagram advertising can boost your brand to new levels by exposing content to a more widespread audience. Instagram offers photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and stories ads. In addition to utilizing Instagram’s advertising platform, brands often use influencers to promote their message and gain traction in the social space. Influencers are other Instagram users who have loyal followers who trust their opinion and often will purchase a product or service on the recommendation of the influencer. When partnering with an influencer, be sure their primary audience also aligns with your brand’s target audience. This will ensure a mutually beneficial and successful relationship.

  1. Use Eye-Catching Graphics.

Instagram utilizes visual storytelling to share information through videos, photos, and stories. Unlike other forms of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram doesn’t rely on text to relay messages, emotions, and content. That makes it even more important to have appealing graphics that stand out. Many brands invest in professional photography and utilize photo editing processes to create visually striking images that capture the attention of their target audience.  

  1. Be Cohesive, But Not Boring.

The most successful brands on Instagram have found the perfect balance between creating cohesive campaigns and becoming stagnate and predictable. From a branding perspective, it’s important that each element follows a campaign theme on some level, and can be associated with all other elements of the campaign. This can be done through a number of methods, including colors, imagery, characters, and even through a series of images in an Instagram story. Just be sure you content isn’t becoming repetitive, boring, or predictable. A good way to stay aware of this is to take a step back and look at the Instagram page as a whole. Take a look at the last 30 or so posts side by side, and see if you feel like the content meets those standards. If not, it may be time to rethink the strategy.

  1. Plan Ahead

Instagram moves at lightning speed, so in order to remain relevant it is essential to post content regularly. If you start an Instagram account in the first place, you should be prepared to commit to posting unique and relevant content frequently. While this may seem like a full-time job in itself, a little planning ahead can go a long way toward saving time posting on Instagram. Some ways to achieve this include planning an editorial calendar months in advance and the use of social media scheduling platforms such as Hootsuite and Buffer. One thing to note when planning ahead: Keep tabs on current events and relevant news topics, as they may affect your scheduled social media posts and you might need to change directions. 

  1. #Hashtags Are Still Important.

While sometimes overused, hashtags are still a relevant tool in Instagram. Using unique hashtags to identify a campaign, or even trending hashtags to join a social movement can help your brand become more visible to new followers. In general, hashtags should be easy to remember and fit your brand. Because hashtags are just statements with no punctuation, it’s helpful for readability to capitalize the beginning letter of each word. Hashtags can be especially helpful to promote certain promotions, where there is a limited time use and you can monitor the success of the social campaign through the use of the specific hashtag.

  1. Engagement is Essential

Social media is meant to be a 2-way form of communication. When followers like and comment on your posts, it’s important to show some reciprocation from time to time. While no brand can respond to every comment and activity on a page, just making an effort to show some back and forth can go a long way in the eyes of your followers. Also, be sure your brand page also follows other pages. Instagram users notice when a page only has followers, but doesn’t follow anyone else. Plus, this could be a great way to keep eye on what other successful brands are doing.

By following these tips and applying them appropriately to your brand, you can become an expert at marketing your brand on Instagram. Finding what works for your brand and industry may involve some trial and error, but once you’re up and running you can see the benefits of learning the tricks of Instagram marketing.

What tips have you tried for marketing on Instagram?

Email Campaign Strategies

Have you already developed your email campaign strategy?

Email campaign strategy determines the direction of your business. Despite the fact, that email marketing is considered to be one of the cheapest and easiest types of marketing to implement, it requires much preparation.

Before sending an email campaign, you should give it some serious thought. Consider not this or that particular email, its goal and expected results, but the whole strategy.

Strategy is a set of methods and tactics to achieve a goal. Only performed together, you will see the result.

Luckily, email marketing doesn’t stand still. It is developing very quickly and significantly. In such a crazy tempo we witness an occurrence of a great number of different methods, tactics and ways to improve it.

In this article we will dwell on several successful email campaign strategies, tested experimentally.

Email campaign strategies

  • Multichannel communication

Email marketing doesn’t mean that only email can be used. A lot of services allow to combine several channels of communication for better engagement. For example, if a subscriber didn’t open your email, you can send SMS or web push notification, it depends on the service.

UniSender and SendPulse are the examples of such services. UniSender allows to send emails and SMS. SendPulse is a platform for sending email, SMS and web push notifications. All these 3 channels can be used together automatically.

Thus, you can be sure that a recipient will receive your message, or you can choose the most appropriate channel for every subscriber.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a unique technology. Its aim is to analyze subscribers’ activities on the website, time when they tend to open emails and devices used. On basis of this information, technology determines when and what emails it’s better to send in campaigns. In SendPulse you can send campaign using AI via web push or email. It’s a great chance to increase customer loyalty.

  • Subject line

Your subject line means much more than you think. It is a “face” of your email, if not even of your company. If you manage to make it eye-grabbing and intriguing, subscribers will read your email expecting useful and relevant content.

To make users open your email, create short but informative subject-line – the first words are to arouse curiosity and a desire to discover more.

Make sure that it reflects the main idea of the email.

If you have several ideas of a great subject-line and can’t choose, use an A/B test.

With an A/B test, you’ll be able to test 2 subject-lines, set the winning element and find out which one performs better, according to the email open rate.

A/B test is available in SendPulse, GetResponse, MailChimp, etc.

  • Personalization

Every your subscriber knows that they receive not an individual email, but the same one as the other hundreds and thousands of recipients and they become angry because of bulk email campaigns.

A good method of dealing with this problem is personalization.

Using personalization, you can insert some personal data about your clients such as name, gender, company, etc. It will make you closer to your subscriber, and help to establish trustful relationships.

Personalization is easy to apply, you can ask your subscribers for personal information or insert the necessary fields into your subscription form.

Every email marketing service today allows to send personalized email campaigns.

Don’t be aside, add this method to your campaign strategy!

  • Segmentation

Segmentation is another powerful method in email marketing. Your target audience consists of people with different interests, needs and preferences and, of course, you can’t treat them one and the same way.

Create segments of your clients according to various criteria. Thus, your work will be client-oriented, personal and individual.

For example, you own a sports store. Segment your clients according to kind of sports preferred: football, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. Thus, you can send them relevant goods.

Another important criteria for segmentation – is the role of your client in your business: former client, perspective, evangelist, inactive. Plan your work accordingly! For example, never send emails to former clients.

This is an example how Amazon uses segmentation. They offer their clients to choose categories of goods they are interested in. This way, every subscriber will receive relevant email only.

Use segmentation and clients will appreciate your care!

  • Automations

Automate your email marketing to save time, not to forget about important events and avoid mistakes. Email marketing automation allows to set gradual campaign sending automatically on the predefined schedule.

You can use automations after a user subscribes, on special date – user’s birthday, triggered emails, for example, after a user clicks the link.

All these options are available in SendPulse.

Choosing sequential automation, you will manage to send all the above-mentioned campaigns.

Choosing email automation, you will be able to create event-based automation flow with filters and conditions. This is a much more advanced feature that will surely help your business improve and grow.

  • Responsiveness and mobility

Responsive design is a must today, as people check their inbox on different screens with different resolution. Make your campaigns look well on the smallest screens.

Mobility will make it possible for your clients to work with your service using a mobile phone, not only a PC, from anywhere.

  • Reengagement

This is the problem faced possibly by all businesses. Generating new leads seems to be the most difficult task, but a real challenge is keeping them active and engaged. They day you notice inactive subscribers, don’t get disappointed but start the reengagement campaign!

Answer the following questions:

  • Why have they become inactive?
  • Do we send them relevant content they signed to?
  • How can we make them interested again?

Having answered these questions, you’ll discover the problem.

To win clients back, offer them a special discount, free shipping, free trial, giveaway, etc. It depends on your business.

Below is an example of a re-engagement campaign.

Sometimes it happens that users forget when and why they subscribed or they are no longer interested, or their preferences changed. Look at the example of email below. A sender tries all the possible variants to understand why a subscriber became inactive.

Of course, it’s easier to maintain your current clients’ engagement, but what’s the point in it if they are not interested?

Make sure that you include a visible unsubscribe link in every your email. If you want to work better and to improve, add the unsubscribe reasons to your form. In SendPulse, for example, you can choose or create your own reasons.

So, there are many successful email campaign strategies. Their effectiveness depends on how you will apply them to your business. Try different strategies to discover the most appropriate and beneficial for you!

10 Tips for SEO: The 2018 Edition

The yearly SEO roundup – 2018

It’s almost December already, and that means we are going to look at the world of SEO over the past year, what’s changed and what’s improved?

  1. The first one has to be the focus on Rank Brain, this is one of Google’s latest additions to improving their search and has to do with evaluating the quality of the content displayed in searches. When you are searching for something on Google you will open one page, read the article then if you aren’t satisfied with that answer you will go to the next article and so on. If you stay on the first page you choose for few minutes that mean that you like the article. If you stay on the page but you start bouncing from article to article that means you are still looking for the right information. Google will give a boost to the first option because he has a proof that that particular article gave useful information for the readers.

  1. Keywords aren’t in the first place anymore. They are still important and they should be through the entire article, but Google has made a step up in this department. You can’t just have a good quality SEO article, now you have to have a good quality and relevant website to get an additional boost.

  1. Making an exact filled article is not enough. Fill the article with LSI keywords as well. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing and it is actually connected to your main keyword. If you are focusing on for example main keyword baby cradle; the LSI keywords are everything connected to it; like a baby swing, best baby swing, best baby cradle…With those keywords, you are spreading your article in more categories which is a great thing.

  1. Smartphones are so popular that most of the searches done in the Google are made on mobile phones. Due to that, the mobile version of your site will have an impact on Google. If you have a website which is adjusted to mobile screens you will get more points in Google’s eyes that the website with similar content but with only a desktop version.

  1. Include a Youtube Channel in your website. There are 60% more people on Youtube now than in 2017 and that number will continue to grow. Youtube is the perfect place for people to gain information and people are starting to use it every day more and more. If you make a good quality video about your topic you will open the doors to the completely new audience.

  1. Don’t forget about the voice search. Every smartphone offers the voice search option and people are using it in numerous situations. Due to that, voice search is growing and you can infiltrate your website on that field as well. It is a great thing because most sites haven’t done it yet.

  1. Before you start optimizing your website for the Voice Search and making a YouTube Channel, keep in mind that you need to think about the content of your page. Your main focus still needs to be original and quality content because that is how you build the site. Other parts are finishing touches which will drive people to you and not your opponent. The original content is important because people will stumble upon the similar article and they won’t read it because they know it all. That is a factor which can cost you many readers.

  1. Don’t make boring articles. People are visual creatures and the moment they open your site which is made entirely from the text, they will feel bored and they will press the back button. Fill your article with relevant pictures, videos, and even infographics because that is how you get someone’s attention.

  1. If you write about a topic which doesn’t have much to offer visually don’t hesitate. You can always catch someone’s attention with H2 and H3 tags. Make compelling titles and separate the article in small paragraphs. Emphasise important sentences by underlining them or bolding them and make graphs. Graphs are an excellent mode for demonstrating data you used in the article.

  1. The last and in my opinion, the most important part is: have patience. Building a website is a process that can last for months and if you really want your project to work, prepare to work for a long period of time, without giving up. Building website and links will take months, but jumping up in Google’s eyes will happen only if you show consistency.
Mark is a blogger, SEO enthusiast, and a foosball player. He has a blog where he writes about foosball because he wants to share his knowledge about this awesome game with the rest of the internet. Visit his blog if you are interested in learning more about foosball, from foosball history to foosball championship and tips on how to pick the right foosball table for you and your family.  Enter the foosball world through his blog called Foosball Table | Foosball Zone.

As Bitcoin Keeps Climbing Developers Are Keen Once More

We’ve written a bit about the cryptocurrency in the past, but that was when the price of 1BTC was at around USD $250. Today the landscape has changed completely, gone from a market cap of around $5-6 billion, just 18 months ago, to now holding an impressive $120 billion capital. Because of this increase in price, many activities related to the currency that was not viable back then, has suddenly become viable.

For the developer who’s looking for a side project, this might be a great time to begin looking at combining WordPress and Bitcoin, or using the latest framework for JavaScript or Python to fully unlock the potential. Because while the price of the coin itself has risen, the applications are lacking behind. With an average block time of around ~15 minutes, and multiple confirmations required – there’s a potential for such applications to close this gap somehow – and with the growth of Bitcoin itself, other projects like Ethereum suddenly looks much more interesting as well.

One media, FX Daily Report, recently posted an article detailing the main issues with the technology. The author proposed 3 key obstacles for, in particular, controversy from buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency. Let’s take a quick look at these three areas of pain that a skilled developer might be able to resolve, and cash in on.

  1. Fraud

Personally, I was confused at the amount of fraud going on in the world of BTC, people would never do the same thing with their physical money as they seemed to do with this electronic currency. Nor would they willingly store their Social Security Numbers on 3rd party databases, or count on these companies making money off of them to act in their customers best interest. With fraud still being one of the major reasons for many people to dismiss Bitcoin altogether, any developer who could provide a sense of safety – preferably open source – would stand to benefit in terms of attention and success.

  1. Wildly fluctuating

The prices of not just Bitcoin but all associated so-called Altcoins are all rapidly changing with moves of several hundred dollars in mere minutes not being unheard of in 2017. This means that for some people who just want to invest or build a nest-egg, the uncertainty is too much for them to invest in this potentially lucrative currency. Unlike normal stocks, the market is just too unstable for anyone not willing to take major risks with their investments. And even though there are great apps to keep track of just not Bitcoin prices but Forex as well, it would still be a chore and stress-inducing situation for an investor to keep up with the constant change in price of Bitcoin and it’s co-dependents. A skilled programmer could easily make a very simple hedging site, fully automated and open-source to pool together investments.

  1. Dilemma valutations

Concerning the dilemma of valuating a “correct” price for Bitcoin is possibly where we could see the use of AI or ML programs to help determine a price for the electronic coinage. Since most other currencies are tied together with tangible objects such as gold bouillons or backed by governments and for the most part are transparent in their ways of valuation, Bitcoin stands out. There is no precedence for this type of currency that truly encapsulates the digital age – and is applicable. While this might be too advanced for most out there, it could in theory be possible to evaluate a worth based on complex parameters – but it would require massive sets of data and a lot of creativity.

Case Study: Developing Quality Niche Blogs

At PurelyThemes we’re always interested in seeing how our clients use WordPress, and what they use it for. The blog we’re looking at today is a French blog about something as niche as Kidney Stones, and as such we will be looking in detail at how the site is structured to optimize for the user experience, search engines and performance issues.

The goal of this study is to find out what this blogger is doing correctly, and what other blog owners can do to improve their site. It does not have to be about medical topics, or in French to be effective, this is just a site that I know is working really great.

So let’s take a look at the website from a developer’s point of view first, ignoring any visual or design aspects as such:

The site uses a number of plugins to enrich the UX of the visitors, but it doesn’t feel like too much and there is no annoying popups. So the first impression is positive, and the layout is easy to understand and feels very intuitive.

So let’s analyze what happens to a theoretical visitor. Most of the time, a user will enter a specific page, and not the front page, due to them searching for a topic to get help or information about their kidney stones. Some visitors will be referred by social media, e-mail or something else. However, for those visitors who find the site via the homepage, there is a quick introduction in the left sidebar, some important an static text in the right side, and the main content has the navigation to the various topics the site is about.

So find the link called colique néphrétique, and let’s see what that site is all about. Looking at this article, it is clear that the blogger knows about heading tags (<h1> <h2> and so on), and uses them correctly. The page title is correctly linked with the keyword, and the links from other sites are also pointing to this site. The article itself is very easy to read and understand, and as an extra touch the author ends each post with a personal sign off that adds credibility and a personal touch to the site:

Let’s try another site – I chose calculs rénaux, you can do the same. Once more, if you look at the HTML structure of this page, it is clear that the heading tags are used correctly, and that the text on the site is encapsulated in paragraphs.

And the third page for good measure, once again you don’t have to choose the one I did, but mine was calcul rénal. This time we’ll look at another common thing. Since the blog owner is optimizing for kidney stone related topics, it is important to have some sort of image related to that on the site, and of course he has. What is just as important is the fact that the image has not just an “alt” description, but also a “title”. Look at the image below to see what I mean.

So to sum everything up so far, the blog has dedicated topics for very specific subjects, and as you can see on the screenshot above, they go in very minute detail about the composition of atoms even, so to have a quality site you need quality content. But you also need to know how to structure the content like I showed you this site have.


4 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Once you’ve launched your official website using WordPress platform, you should start the search for various plugins which will ease up the process of site’s maintenance. Among many plugins which can help you with customer service, sales, and appearance of the website, there are a lot of SEO dedicated ones which will help you to optimize the site so it could rank better in search results, and therefore, ensure higher traffic. Before installing and utilizing one of them, make sure to get well informed about their good and bad sides.

Yoast SEO

Undoubtedly one of the best SEO plugins on the market today. Yoast SEO had been downloaded more than 4.5 million times and its overall rating is 4.7 out of 5. This plugin comes with wide variety of features which can improve your SEO in no time. Yoast SEO will help with social integration. It comes with Facebook OpenGraph implementation which will connect social media with SEO.

Breadcrumbs can be very useful if you’re trying to develop website’s navigation. Another great feature is an automatic creation of XML sitemaps. It is good to know that this plugin will inform Bing and Google about sitemaps once they’re done. In the end, Yoast SEO is capable of analyzing the content by checking the length of posts, sentences, and general style/grammar display. It also checks for the presence of meta description, keywords, slug/URL composition and other technical things within posts.


Plenty of SEO plugins became obsolete during the last couple of years since Google released plenty of significant algorithm updates such as Google Penguin and Google Panda. These updates changed the way you should be approaching SEO, and SEOPressor may be the right choice since it’s developed in accordance with mentioned updates.

Before purchasing it, you’ll have a chance to try it out for 60 days, and get a full refund if it doesn’t meet all your needs. This plugin will help you with links and keywords management and show you how to improve their scores. Keep in mind that their customer support is not that good, and because of that, you should avoid this plugin if you’re a beginner.

SEO Ultimate

If you’re dealing with a lot of data which is scattered all over the online space, you should go with this plugin. SEO Ultimate is great with exporting and importing data from various sources and will provide you with both versatility and data flexibility. One of the most valuable features is most certainly the automatic creation of internal links once your keywords are set up. In addition, with SEO Ultimate, you’ll be able to monitor 404 errors, optimize social media, or add headers and footers for your content.

Of course, you shouldn’t rely on plugins when it comes to website design and appearance. Unless you truly know what you’re doing, then it is always better to hire a web development company such as Nirmal. WordPress website design is a piece of cake for most of them, and some assistance can be very valuable if you’re tight on time. A great design will additionally improve your website’s SEO.

Premium Seo Pack

This SEO plugin is equipped with some very cool features such as image optimization, SERP tracking, and social sharing. In addition, Premium SEO Pack will allow you to monitor pagespeed across all desktop and mobile devices. You’ll be able to find and replace 404 pages, build high-quality backlinks, and update images with latest ALT and Title Attributes. This plugin will also assist with posting on Facebook via its Planner feature. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t have RSS settings, and link builder may be a little bit outdated.


If you decided to go with WordPress, make sure to install one of the latest WP SEO plugins, so your website can become more visible in search engine results. Avoid a rookie mistake and don’t use built-in theme SEO functionality. Yes, it is as good as plugins, but all settings will be lost once you change the theme. Keep in mind that just one high-quality SEO plugin will get the job done. If you decide to install more than one, keep in mind that the synergy they create can be harmful to your website’s SEO.


Boost Your WordPress Website with Effective SEO Strategies

– Here’s How You Can Do It!

When it comes to making your site visible on the search engines, then it is impossible without SEO. You need to ensure that proper SEO strategies are used to bring your site on the first page of the popular search engines. Now, SEO is not a small term that we can discuss on a single page. It is so vast and elaborate that one cannot even think about. If you have studied for years on this topic, still there are many things which are not covered up in the syllabus. The term SEO is not limited to anything in specific and in this post, we will try to cover up some aspects regarding SEO and WordPress, which is known for being a popular CMS platform.


The best way of getting more links to the website, which actually, in turn, increases the rankings of the search engines is to link with other people simply. If you are supporting a website, then certainly you can expect to get back the favor, especially if both belong to the same niche. I suggest that you turn on this option in WordPress, which can notify you of other blogs that you have linked up with.

Key-phrase is essential

If you are not very much involved in branding, it is the best option to optimize your website surrounding a Keyphrase. This will help you to send search traffic. Most of the times, it so happens that the blogs end up getting maximum links to the homepage. Thus, it is always an ideal choice to try out as well as leverage those web links by getting rankings for related phrases. Once you come up with a Keyphrase, you can use the same in the heading of your website, company logo, title tag of the homepage as well as in the form of anchor text for links from other sites.


Many people get confused when they hear the term permalinks. Well, these are nothing, but simply the URL’s for the posts. The link which comes by default for any post appears different from the URL. The URL link format is better and even gives an idea to the web visitors about the products of the site. In fact, the words present in the URL will be highlighted in the results of the search engine if the content or post is directly relevant to the query given for search. E.g., your site appears like, then people will get an idea that your site deals in selling cosmetic products. On the other hand, the default link will come at Now you think which one is better?

Meta Tags

When you look for a website in Google, then you will come across a snippet of the content below the link to the page. To control that, you can simply customize the Meta description tag available for the particular page. At the same time, if you want you can also add keywords to the tag to tell the search engine that products or services offered by your website. If you prefer Google search engine, then I should mention that just a few months ago the announced that they do not tend to offer the service of keyword crawling any longer.

Some years ago, the keywords were known for being an essential part of the search engines, and it is the only way to determine what a specific website deals in. But, with technological advancement, now search engines have much better facilities for determining the relevance and rankings.

As per the descriptions go, automating the entire process is not possible through any specific ideal way. Best descriptions are hand written. With the plugin Headspace, you can configure them for every post. With plugin Headspace, you can even auto-fill the meta-description of a post by the category description. So, even if you post frequently, it may prove to be helpful for you. You can get in touch with Big3media for SEO services at its best.

Title Tags

This is known for being an essential on-site factor, and it helps the search engine to know the whereabouts of your website. In the older WordPress version, the post titles are displayed as “Blog Name >> Post Title.” Your homepage is already ranking for the website name, so there is no question of helping yourself by simply putting up your website name at the front of the title. There is no need to rank the site for more than once.

In this post, we have just covered a bit of SEO and WordPress related matters. To know more in details, you can follow the upcoming blogs!

Getting More Traffic to Your Site Without Ranking High on Search Engines

The challenge for any website owner is to ensure that when people search for a product or service in your niche, they notice you and not others. To do this, site owners usually follow an illusively simple technique. They recognize how people are hunting for their service, build links, and optimize pages so that Google can locate, acknowledge and trust them. The purpose of making all this effort is to attract more organic traffic to their site.

I know the process sounds straightforward and effortless. But sadly, it isn’t. Imagine you’ve invested your time and energy to fulfill all the search engine requirements, but somehow failed to rank higher on it.

The purpose of this post is to create awareness amongst online entrepreneurs and blog owners that there’s plenty you can do increase organic traffic to your site and that too without spending an extra penny to build links, adding more content or making any changes to your current site framework.

Subjugate Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on the current competition is one of the best ways to outperform in your field. It’s not only a successful business tactic but can do wonders if applied appropriately in the SEO structure. Especially look out for fairly noncompetitive opponents trying to make progress in your field of specialization.

To begin this, you’ve to conduct an in-depth market survey to list out all the neighboring territories offering somewhat similar product or services as yours. Once you’ve assembled your list, you can now conduct a basic keyword research, and assess the pages ranking well on search engines.

Make sure to inspect their DAs, search volumes, the caliber of their content and the limit to which they’ve perfected basic optimization. Now make a strategy that how could you outperform their progress.

Conduct a SWOT analysis for your business and make use of it by highlighting your strengths, fixing your weaknesses, catching hold of opportunities and conquering threats.

There is no denying the fact that risk-taking leads to greater opportunities; however, it’s still important to reduce the risk factor by starting with a basic feasible version. For instance, maybe a single landing page or white-labeled product to start-off. If it shows improvement, you can proceed further.

The objective is to outplay contenders trying to take a lead in your space. Have faith that you can do this by spreading your services, and offering reliable user experiences in the relevant areas. After all, you’ve already created a credible brand, a strong portfolio and a robust website, which audiences are already focusing on.

Play Trump Card

Subject to your vertical, there could be an untried opportunity among potential buyers who don’t recognize or feel complacent with the product or service. For instance, if you sell mobiles, a lot of buyers may be hesitant of purchasing a mobile online or let’s say they always buy such things after consulting professionals. Well, in that case, they might prefer investing in a cheaper product to minimize risk or would rather avoid making an online purchase on the whole.

To cope with this situation, you need to introduce attractive and dependable deals that immediately grab your visitors’ attention and persuade them to invest into your product. Adding a page that includes ‘Best phones under $300’ or ‘Best Smartphones under $400’ deals could convince site visitors to spend more. Just make sure that these pages give the impression of basic feature contrast and don’t look too salty.

Besides adding such pages, you can also include useful buying guides and tutorials that will encourage potential customers to trust your products and spend their hard-earned money online. Keep in Mind, if you can make your potential buyers feel safe and protected, you might be able to switch their buying behavior.

Use Social Media

If you’re really serious about getting organic traffic to your site, social media is your safest bid. Just make sure to share your content in a proper way to drive the highest boost in traffic.

Build your online presence on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to enhance your visibility and engage more audience.

How to Share your Content to Get More Traffic?

  • Customized Optimization for Each Site

Here you have to make use of your researching skills to find out the personalized criterion for each social media platform. Facebook, for instance, requires you to include an HQ image, a proper description having at least 80+ words and an engaging description beneath the image. Similarly, you’ve to figure out prerequisites for each podium. Make sure to optimize your posts accordingly to enjoy a higher number of shares, increased engagement and of course more traffic.

  • Prepare a Sharing Plan

Outlining a content sharing schedule is a great idea as it will help you become more organized. The motive is to avoid under-sharing or over-sharing on social media as it may do more harm than good.

  • Avoid Spamming

Never ever repost your content again and again on your social media pages as it will reduce your reader’s interest. If you ask me, a good blend of blog posts and videos, informative content from external influencers and sharing other thought-provoking statuses can make all the difference.

  • Add ‘Share’ Tab to Your Site

Don’t forget to include a ‘Share’ button on your site as it will enable readers to share out their favorite content right away from your site.

Make Your Account on Quora

Okay, so this one’s the simplest yet most effective step that can help you enjoy increased organic traffic without actually making much effort. The process is quite simple: people post their questions, and you’ve to reply them back with appropriate and useful answers along with suitable links back to your website. If you’re a pro in your field and know your work, believe me, you can receive an immense breakthrough in traffic.

Getting Started with Quora

  • Type and create an account
  • Develop and optimize your bio (include a few sentences about you, your work, experience, and passions)
  • Choose suitable categories
  • Hunt for great questions (pay close attention to correct grammar, industry relevance, etc.)
  • Post compelling answers (make use of correct grammar and appropriate formatting, add relevant details and stories, include suitable links back to your page)

Conduct a Content Audit to Track Your Progress

It’s not always about the amount of content you’ve placed on your site or the keywords you’ve stuffed into your write-ups to make them more visible to the search engines. It’s more about adding relevant content to your site that attracts your readers and compels them to come back for more.

One of the ways to analyze the performance of your site and to get rid of redundant and useless content is to conduct a content audit of your website. For this, you can either opt for a good-quality SEO Audit Tool or can also hire services of professional SEO to do this for you.

Keep in Mind, ‘Quality is the new SEO’. Content audit not only improves rankings but also help you identify the problem areas that need your attention.

Optimize for Your Buyer Personas

One thing that you should pay attention to is to understand that your objective isn’t to persuade search engines alone. Knowing your target market can help you curate the most relevant content that will naturally improve the SEO of your site.

To achieve this, you first need to write down your buyer personas. By doing so will help you know exactly to whom you’re conveying your content. Once you know your target audience, it’s time now to conduct a keyword research based on your consumer’s interest and the words/phrases they use in search inquiries. Remember, optimizing for search engines only is worthless and impractical and will result in nothing but keyword-perforated nonsense only.

Trigger Excitement

Engage your potential consumers emotionally or socially with your brand. There is always a group of enthusiasts who’re more interested in your content than anything else. I personally would like to visit those sites frequently that display something of my interest on their social media pages. Try to add something of value for your buyers and you’ll witness them coming over and over again.

Republish Your Content on High-Authority Websites

Getting your valuable content in front of new readers can help you get more traffic to your site. You can do this by republishing your useful content on large publications and websites. This is perfect because you won’t need to spend heaps of time and energy writing plenty of guest posts each month.

We all have heard the myth that republishing your content is harmful to SEO. But, the fact is it isn’t. Even Matthew Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team knocked out this delusion. According to him, there is no harm in republishing your content if it’s free from spam or not crammed with keywords.

How to Get your Content Republished on High-Authority Sites?

  • Step -1: Look out for all the large publications in your niche that offers republishing option

Big publications usually have massive content requirements. So, if they offer republishing option, and you hold valuable and appropriate content, then you may definitely have a good chance. To begin with, find 7-8 large publications in your area and let’s get started.

  • Step – 2: Select Appropriate Content

What kind of content is the site looking for? Flip through your files to see which one of your content pieces correlate with the prerequisites. In case you don’t have any material that matches up the requirements, you can adjust it to make a perfect fit.

  • Step – 3: Submit Your Proposal

Once you have all the relevant details in hand, it’s time now to pitch the publication. The best way to do this is to submit your authentic content pieces first, so you can have an opportunity before pitching material from your page.

  • Step – 4: Make Your Content Ready

Once your proposal gets approval, start working on the content you’re planning to get republished. Assess and follow all the republishing rules mentioned on the site. Make sure to incorporate at least 2-3 backlinks to your posts and don’t forget to change the title, so that search engine doesn’t get puzzled while ranking your post.

By following this approach, you can get 3-5 posts republished every month and that too without investing any additional money or spending extra hours. And, you’ll be surprised to see the traffic inflow.

Final Words

In conclusion, to boost organic traffic all you need to do is to give your buyers what they want. Follow the above-mentioned steps and you will soon notice a substantial hike in your traffic without thinking much about search engine rankings.

How do you go about attracting demand in your industry? What mechanism works for you? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Author Bio: Emma Alex is a freelance writer, experienced blogger, and a professional social media coach. Currently, She’s working with Furthermore, Emma assists in the business creation and control social media content planning.

Causes of Slowing Down Your Site And How To Fix Them

Today’s tech-savvy people browse different websites on a daily basis to perform a number of works, such as online shopping, reading the web-content, downloading E-Products, sending and receiving Emails, etc. To perform all these activities easily and smoothly, websites should load quickly.

If a website is slow, visitors get frustrated sooner. They abandon the website and look for its alternative which loads fast. Always keep in mind that slow websites are not preferred by Google when it has to display results against the entered keywords. So, it’s clear that a slow website gives a slow death to a brand and repel even the most loyal customers away.

Are you frustrated with the slow loading speed of your website? Don’t you have a clue what’s making your website slow? Don’t know how to make your website faster? If yes, then go through the points mentioned below. All these points will let you know the potential factors that make your website slow and their best possible solutions. So, start the voyage.

1. Complicated Website Structure

These days, all entrepreneurs create websites with a business perspective. Their ultimate intention is to reach out the targeted audience, sell their products/services or provide the information searched by the visitors, and generate sufficient revenues every month. So, in order to meet the growing needs of their web-based business, they add too many elements to the websites (such as Good Visual Design, Too many contents, Navigation, Call to Action buttons, responsive design or a separate mobile site, too many advertisements, Staples, Background Video, Large Images, Unique Fonts, several Plugins/extensions, etc.) All these can make your website slow up to a great extent.


Try to keep your website design and structure as simple as you can. Add only those elements to your website that are helpful to take your web-based business to a new level.

2. Unoptimized Images

These days, SEO professionals use high-resolution images in bulk while optimizing websites/blogs. It helps visitors understand the text content easily and take the required action if satisfied. Always keep in mind that too many unoptimized images can put pressure on your site’s server and make it slow.


If possible, don’t use images which are already available on the web. Take a camera and click awesome pictures yourself. Connect that camera to your computer/laptop and save those images in a separate folder. Now, choose the right image format as per your specific needs, trim the saved images, and upload them to your website with relevant ALT attributes. This will lift your site’s SEO ranking in the SERP of different search engines. On the other hand, optimized images will put less pressure on your site’s server, making it faster than before.

3. Cheap Quality Hosting Server

Maintaining and operating a fully-fledged website is a costly affair. It can make you insolvent if you don’t take steps to diminish the website operational cost. So, most of the website owners choose the shared hosting services to run their sites.

Shared hosting services do come at a low price, but there are many disadvantages associated with them. When you run your website on a shared hosting, resources (bandwidth) is inadequately distributed among all websites hosted on that server. This makes your website very slow. Your website will even go offline if the bandwidth limit is exhausted all of a sudden. Apart from this, your website is exposed to various online security problems. Once your website is hacked by cyber criminals and hackers, your game on the web-based business is almost over. It’s very difficult for a website owner to win back the customer’s trust once his/her reputation is tarnished.


Just relinquish the temptation of low-priced hosting services. Don’t worry about the money alone. Just think about your brand’s reputation too. Invest in a good quality hosting service. Analyze the different hosting companies from all possible angles and pick the best one to run your website. It will make your website faster and keep it safe from different types of online security problems.

4. Not Using A CDN

When you create a website and make it live, it can be accessed from all parts of the world. It helps you to get visitors from different geographical locations and create ample business opportunities every day/week/month/year. When your brand becomes very popular, sufficient traffic pours on your website every day. So, there is always an abundance of HTTPS requests to your site’s server. It makes it difficult for visitors to access your website easily and find the required stuff quickly.

Let’s understand it with an example. If your website is hosted in the UK, and somebody is trying to access the site from the USA, the HTTPs request will have to travel a long distance to fetch the matching results and display it to him/her. It takes a significant amount of time, which frustrates the user sitting in the USA and he/she leaves your site immediately.


This problem can easily be eliminated by using a CDN. It’s a short form of the Content Distribution Network. It is actually a network of alternative servers distributed in different geographical locations of the world. When a user tries to access your website from a particular location, his/her requested is transferred to the nearest server and the matching results are displayed quickly. It reduces the pressure on the main server of your website and makes it super fast.

5. Avoiding website caching

Every website has its database (stored on the server) to show the requested pages to visitors. If your website is popular among the targeted audience, it gets lots of traffic every day. If you are not using the website caching technique, the abundance of HTTPs requests (generated by visitors) puts more pressure on your site’s server and makes it slow.


Implement the website caching without any delay. When users visit your website for the first time, their activities and search habits are stored as static pages. When their request for same pages again, the results are displayed from the saved pages. It reduces pressure from your site’s server and makes it super fast.

6. You Neglect Website Debugging

Every live website, which receives a substantial amount of traffic every day, runs into the need of debugging sooner or later. As a matter of fact, websites store data for all activities that take place on the site. So, after some days/weeks/months, a great pile of unnecessary data is stored on your site’s server. If you don’t clean this, this can put extra pressure on your site’s server and makes it slow.


Don’t ignore the huge importance of website debugging. Just erase all unimportant data (stored on your site’s server) from time-to-time to make your site light and fast.

7. Complex Coding

As the demand for fully-fledged, eye-catching, and professional websites are increasing with each passing day, web developers make unnecessary experiments in coding to make sites extraordinary. Always keep in mind the excessive use of complex code make it difficult for websites to parse the HTTPS requests and display the desired results. Difficulty in handling HTTPs requests can make websites slow up to a great extent.


Ask web designers and developers to use clean code while creating websites or its pages. It makes your website faster and helps you a lot in its maintenance and hassle-free operation.

Final Words:

Faster websites are the backbone of the web-based business. By using the above-mentioned tips, you can easily make your website faster.

Author Bio:

Brandon Graves is a web design and development expert with specialization in html to wordpress conversion. He loves to educate the tech-savvy people with useful posts on a wide range of topics and help them to achieve the ultimate goals of their web-based business. Follow him on Google Plus to get instant updates.

How to Create an Image of a Pie Chart in Excel to use for your blog

Using visuals such as charts and graphs to help illustrate the trends or meanings behind data is a common practice among blog writers. Pie charts are often used to depict the proportions of categories in relation to the whole by dividing a circle (or pie) into sectors. For example, a pie chart of social media followers could be divided into each social media platform to see the impact that each platform has overall and where a marketing strategy would be most successful.

Creating the Chart:

  1. Create the worksheet in Excel by opening a new workbook or adding a new Worksheet to an existing workbook by clicking a new Tab at the bottom.
  2. Highlight the data you would like included in the Pie Chart.
  3. Click the Insert Tab in the Ribbon. In the charts box, Select the Pie Chart and choose the style you prefer.
  4. Once the Chart is created within Excel be sure to make any adjustments necessary.
    • Change the Title of the chart by double-clicking Chart Title and entering in the Title of your choice.
    • Clicking on the chart itself will open a new Tab in the Ribbon for Chart Tools. Under Design you can choose the style, add elements, or change the color scheme. The Format Tab allows you to change the lines, text, numbers, add shapes or change sizes.
    • To change the characteristics of the chart, double-click anywhere on the chart to open the Formatting dialog box. Here you can make changes to the legend or any of the changes you could complete within the Chart Tools Tab.
  5. Once all Formatting is complete and the Pie Chart looks exactly how you want it you can turn the Chart into an Image.

Creating an Image:

Copy and Paste method:

  1. Select the chart and hit Ctrl + C or right click and select Copy.
  2. Open a different Microsoft Office file, Word or Power Point for example, right-click and select Paste as Picture.
  3. Right-Click on the Chart one more time and select Save Picture As.
  4. Select the file type you would like, be it Jpeg or PNG, name the file and hit OK.

Note: This method also works by Pasting the Chart into any photo editing software or into Paint. Also, when pasting the Chart into Power Point there is no need to paste the chart as a Picture.

Saving multiple charts as images:

If your workbook or worksheet has multiple charts that you wish to save as images you could go through and use the Copy and Paste method for each individual chart or you can save the entire workbook as a webpage to quickly save all charts.

  1. Go to the File Tab in the Ribbon and select Save As.
  2. Choose Webpage as the File Type
  3. Choose the folder you wish to save the file to and click Save.
  4. Open the newly save Webpage File.
  5. Right-click each Chart and choose Save Picture As to separate each Chart as a picture that can easily be inserted into your blog.

Congratulations; you’ve now made a beautiful pie chart you can use for your own purposes.



The Business Benefits of Trade Shows and Exhibitions

A great show to call attention to your business and people within your industry is to attend a trade show and/or exhibition expo. This is a great way to meet potential clients and new customers in person when so much business is conducted over the internet. It adds a nice personal touch. Also, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your business.

Establish a personal connection

There are many benefits and great opportunities when you represent your business at a trade show or expo. An important advantage is having the opportunity to strike up a personal connection with your potential clients. This is a great chance for you to give someone a clearer definition of your business and what you represent than someone might see online. They get to see the great people behind the company. In most cases, people will respond better to a one on one consultation with an actual person over email communication with a multitude of different team members. By setting up an expo stand, you will have the opportunity to speak to your potential clients. You can find out exactly what they enjoy about your product first hand and also provide them with information that they may not have access to. You’re allowing them to get a better understanding of the product or service and the passion behind the people of the company.

Observe the competition

The second benefit of doing a trade show and exhibition expo is to get a sense of what your competition is doing. In most cases, you will offer a very similar product or service, but have several key differences in the way you do business. When you get to examine the competition, you have the potential to come up with quick ideas about how you can better service potential clients and customers.

Conduct market research

Lastly, you will be able to conduct your own market research. When people visit your stand, you can find out exactly what they think of your product and your business. If you have not launched your product yet, this will give you the opportunity to make changes if necessary before releasing it onto the market. If you want to give your business the upper hand, it is necessary to go to trade show and exhibition expos that are centered on your industry.

Of course, never hesitate to contact a trade show design company to get the most out of a trade show event.

4 Trends to Help PPC in 2018

PPC advertising is constantly evolving, and as 2018 carries on greater changes will only continue to take place. New emergences of data and technology will always spark the next innovative idea that will make others follow suit. Here are some trends we expect to take off in 2018.

  1. Personal targeting

This year, companies will spend less time on the keywords they target and spend more time on the people searching for them. Segmented data information will enable companies to know more about their potential buyers and what motivates them, allowing them to create more nuanced campaigns with greater focus.

  1. More predictive campaigns

“The more data provided to companies, the more they know. Deeper research into people allows digital marketers to give the people what they want before launching a campaign. Also, with the many forms of media, companies are able to know the best ways (desktop, mobile, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.) to reach their desired audience, creating more conversions,” said a spokesperson for DigitalParc, a Minneapolis search engine optimization company.

  1. Optimizing Mobile

It’s no secret that companies have honing on mobile advertising for years now. Mobile advertising should be implemented into any decent marketing strategy, but it’s about how you do it that dictates conversion rates. Companies must structure their mobile marketing effort in a way that’s conducive to generating leads. The content made must work on multiple mobile platforms and not be too bloated that it confuses the consumer.

  1. Voice search

Long-tail keywords are more conducive to a natural voice. With voice search devices like the Google Home rising to prominence, and with built in assistants on phones, it may just be worth throwing some money into those keywords. This will also prompt companies to optimize their sites for voice search. Voice data will also be available for marketers to analyze, allowing for a more focused campaign yet again.

Automation Testing for Android Mobile App with Java

Automation testing is a method of practicing an application to implement the entire life cycle of the software in a minimum amount of time and provides effectiveness and efficiency of testing the software. It is a technique where the tester itself writes the scripts and uses a suitable software that it apt for testing.

In other words, automation testing uses automation tools to write and execute the test cases. Generally, the testers write test scripts and test cases using the automation tool and the group them into the test suites.

Mobile Application Automation Testing

Testing of mobile applications can be relatively cumbersome because of sheer extent of testing is required on a variety of devices. Besides, the mobile apps require faster changes than other type of applications like Desktop or Web. Because of this, more and more organizations have started realizing the needs of using automation testing. Mobile App Automation Testing is a massive undertaking and one can end up complicating the process by selecting a bad tool. With a major trending shift to open source mobile application tools, there have been a wide variety of tools that are now available in open-source software markets.

There is no disputing fact that Mobile Automation Testing framework is a vital part of the software development cycle. So, you need automation testing to deliver the quality applications in a timely manner and particularly for the rapidly changing mobile apps.

To reap maximum benefits from your software delivery, automated tests should be planned carefully and scheduled in such a way that they are cost-effective.

Automation Tools for Testing Android Applications

Below are some of the following automation tools for testing android applications:

  1. Appium

Appium is an open source test automation tool that permits you to easily write functional tests that automate Android mobile apps.


Appium has the following features:

  • It is a cross-platform open source mobile testing automation framework
  • It is best suited for QA teams to test the functionality of the mobile app across Android.
  • It can be written in any language including Python, Ruby and the most interesting JAVA and Objective – C.
  • It doesn’t require access to your source code
  • Its reports are limited from debugging and fast feedback loop.


  1. Selendroid

It is an open source automation framework that drives off the UI of Android applications. Also, it can be described as a powerful testing tool that can be used on emulators and real devices and still reuses the existing infrastructure of web, you can write tests using the Selenium 2 client APIs.


The features of Selendroid are as follows:

  • Can interact with various Android simulators and devices simultaneously
  • It supports development tools using any Web Driver language including JAVA, Ruby, C#, etc.
  • Can simulate human actions like swipe, drag, touch, etc. on devices

  1. Robotium

It is widely adopted open source Android test automation framework. It can only be used if you have the source code for the app or either you can run it on either emulators or real devices. For Robotium, you need  apk file for the app or the source code, Android Development Tools, Java Development Kit and the Robotium.


The features of Robotium are:

  • Handles multiple Android routines automatically
  • Easy to write powerful test scenarios
  • It supports native and hybrid Android apps


  1. UI Automator

It is an Android UI framework for mobile testing and its key features includes cross-app functional testing, switch between installed and system apps and has the ability to test the multiple apps. It is also known as black-box testing tool and is written in JAVA, the Google’s ultimate language of choice.


Following are the features of UI Automator:

  • It is a framework that is developed and maintained by Google.
  • It comes with a very useful GUI tool to analyze and scan the UI components that are currently displayed on the device.


Automation testing is the best method to fulfill most of the testing goals with effective resources. Be careful before choosing the appropriate automation tool as it can fulfill 100% requirement of the application.

Author: Claire Mackerras, is a Senior QA Engineer & Editor associated with Bugraptors.  A CMMi5 certified company with extensive experience as a third party testing vendor in US. She is passionate toward writing on technological trends for manual & automation software testing.  She likes to share her knowledge, for the readers who are interested in exploring testing tact’s and trends.

Malware Attack. How To Rectify The Issue – Semalt Tips

Nik Chaykovskiy, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, says that viruses and malware are very sophisticated programs, it takes a lot of time and energy to remove them. Sometimes we cannot get rid of these things, and they keep spreading from one file to another.

Antivirus software

It would not be wrong to say that antivirus tools and software are not legitimate and reliable. According to the report by Comparatives, an organization that rates and tests different security tools, the best antivirus software caught not more than 98% of malware and viruses. Hundreds to thousands of viruses and their variants are active on the internet, so knowing and getting rid of all of them is very tough. Most estimates reveal that a considerable number of antivirus software are good for nothing.

The extent of damage

Once your system has been infected, it becomes difficult for you to know the extent of damages done to the operating systems. Even the computer experts cannot provide you with accurate data and information. In such circumstances, it becomes impossible for us to know how to fix and restore the damaged files. Some of the viruses enter your computer system and create a lot of problems, including rootkits. If you are lucky because your computer system is safe from viruses and malware, you must take measures as early as possible.

How to Avoid Viruses and Other Malware

It is important to know everything about malware and viruses before we take action against them. Malware is short-term used for different negative computer programs and tools. You must have heard about rootkits, spyware, viruses, and Trojans. All of them are various forms of malware and considered harmful for your computer system. Malware is created both by pranks and college students. Even the computer experts create them with the help of different programs. There are organized groups of computer technicians and specialists who aim to hack a large number of computer devices and ask for ransom. They keep on looking for your social security numbers, credit card details, and other personal data. You should avoid using pornography and gambling websites. It is also important that you don’t click on unknown email attachments, prevent file-sharing tools, illegal software, video and music websites. Some most famous examples are BitTorrent, Frostwire, and Limewire. Don’t open emails that have come from unknown IDs. You should also avoid clicking their links unless you are confident that they are safe. You should not download files from unfamiliar sources. CNET, Tucows, SourceForge, and FileHippo are secure websites and can be used anytime. You should not click on the banner ads as they might contain viruses and malware.


It is important that you use only genuine and legitimate antivirus programs. Combine different programs and run a variety of scanners on your computer system. Avast is a perfect example of that; it is being used by a lot of people worldwide. While using social media profiles such as Facebook, you should not accept friend requests from unknown people. Set Windows updates to install and download latest versions on a regular basis. Many of these versions come with full-proof security so that you can trust those sources. MySpace and Twitter might contain some unsafe code systems, so you should be careful while using those social networking websites.

How To Browse Safely And Avoid Malware – Tips From Semalt

Android user needs to be vigilant at all times when using the internet. The internet is laden with Trojan and viruses that can cause serious harm to the phone and personal data of the user. Sensitive data is exposed to internet users through downloadable Apps and become prone to hackers and malware that can conduct identity theft and con. The internet, therefore, needs to be navigated with care while observing security procedures on the smart devices used.

Max Bell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, provides simple tips on how to remain safe from viruses and malware when using the internet on your smart device.

Beware on what to click

Pop-up ads on websites are avenues used by hackers to link malware and Trojans to internet users. Clicking on fishy advertisements popping up on the visited web pages downloads malicious software that contains viruses or monitor and shares the activities of the Android phone with hackers. Trojan and viruses attached to pop-up ads come in attractive forms such as an unsolicited antivirus software. Always be on the lookout.

Don’t do anything illegal

It is evident that illegal things on the internet can be hazardous. Websites offering sharing files such as video games, torrent movies, music, and software can facilitate the exchange of malware and viruses to downloaders. It is important to download or upload files from trusted sites to avoid Trojan and malicious ware. Viruses crawling in the shared files available in illegal file sharing websites can steal and share personal information using the attached malware in downloads besides corrupting the user’s filing system.

Always keep the browser up-to-date

The use of an outdated browser on the phone exposes the user attacks from viruses and malware. A browser ability to fight Trojan and malware lowers with its age. An Android device can avoid attacks from viruses when using advanced such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera compared to Safari, Internet Explorer and Netscape. Choose wisely the default browser on the device to ensure security from malware and viruses.

Check the required permissions

Before the installation of downloaded applications, the apps ask for permission depending on what they need to do on the Android device. While some apps will request access to contacts, the internet or the camera, it is important to understand the necessity of the permission required by a particular application. The ability of an application can expose the device various threats online including viruses and malware depending on the requested permissions displayed during installation.

Use applications from reputed App stores

One step to safety from viruses and malware on the smart gadgets running Android platforms is the downloading and use of requests from recommendable App stores. App stores such as the Android Google Play and the reputed Amazon Appstore provide in-depth security checks for all applications uploaded in their stores. Downloading applications from the random websites that sometimes offer sold applications for free exposes the Android device to numerous harms.

Security applications such as antivirus software can facilitate scanning of downloaded apps for viruses and malware on android gadgets when the applications come from untrusted sources.