Why do you need to redesign your website

A professionally created website serves as an asset to any business. It performs essential roles on the aspect of promotions.

Investing in effort, time, and money is a good start of redesigning a website. You don’t need to change everything on the platform. The main task is centered on modifying some parts which need improvement. By simply giving a closer look to this concern, marketing goals will become easy to achieve.

Here are some of the reasons why people need to consider a redesigning:

  • For better results. Every company wants to expand and increase the recorded sales. However, there are times when the previous website doesn’t serve it purpose anymore. The target audience is not reached which result to a declining operation. Redesigning a website will help on finding out the specific group of people you must prioritize. There will be better results when the website is modified into something fresh. For instance, take a look at this Korean website titled “먹튀사이트“and consider how they’ve managed to create a quality first-impression.
  • For coming up with a responsive website. Nowadays, consumers are impressed with those sites which allow quick loading time. Delay is a primary enemy in business that must be taken into great consideration. If you let the customers wait for several hours, there is a great possibility for them to visit another site. You wouldn’t want such situation to happen. It is highly recommended to redesign your website and make it mobile-friendly. Being responsive also means that a website could adapt to the variations in the screen size of all types of gadgets. This will lead to a good SEO (Search engine optimization) rank.
  • For updating the web technology. In the modern world, the web rapidly changes. The existing platforms and software today might not be applicable on the succeeding years. Technology is quite advanced, making business more complicated. Entrepreneurs must always remember that a website needs frequent maintenance and updates. By simply communicating with a reliable and competent web designer, you can expect for an enhanced site.

Scope of redesigning the website

  • Eliminate the unnecessary and substandard features. Experiencing minor and major flaws is inevitable. Due to lengthy existence in the industry, there’s no wonder that a website fails to accomplish some of its intended activities. A problem arises in the number of links and software. It is essential that a web designer can detect any mistake before the problem get worse. Viewing the analytics will provide sufficient information about the specific items which are rarely used.
  • Install new updates for website security. With the desire to earn money instantly, there are emerging scam companies and hackers to gather information. Redesigning a website must involve the application of updates for utmost protection.

Importance of redesigning

As an innovative entrepreneur, you need to be attentive on the needs of your company. Instead of being contented on the current website you have, try to do several modifications. If you really want to meet the global standards, you need to make your brand known by the potential customers. Through redesigning, you will be able to convey the message among the target audience.

Streaming Service Providers: What you need to know

Are you getting the most out of your internet by streaming TV services such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and many other popular streaming services?

With more than 50% of US citizens having at least one subscription to either Amazon, Netflix or HBO’s streaming services, on-demand content have never been easier to access. There are however still some streaming service providers out there that try to limit bandwidth and other stuff, so take care when choosing your service providers.

One of the latest forms of streaming comes from Sony Six Live Streaming, a popular TV channel have recently become available to people from all over the world.


Streaming playback of digital content such as music and video over the Internet. The content will not be downloaded to your device, but is played on the spot via your
net connection. Streaming is typically done on computer, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

If you have Smart TV, you can for example use a hdmi plug, or a Chromecast to lead streaming from your computer on your TV screen.
Most streaming services are subscription with monthly payment. There are also free services.

Streaming services can be both TV channels and music services, but the most popular is the on-demand services, which mainly includes movies and series.

Streaming of services has been a great success in most parts of the world, driven by the Internet infrastructure is strong and stable in much of the country. Still, there is room for improvement in many of the services.

“The international consumers are accustomed to picture and sound quality, and the quality is not many services that meet at this time. So even if the content is in many ways exciting, lagging the overall technical, “said an editor at NextSchedules, who have tested 10 leading streaming services for the newspaper.

But he predicts significant improvements in the coming years. Such as the South Korean website mt199.net taking off. Check it out here: 먹튀사이트

“Five years ago it was unthinkable that one could look as good in quality over the Internet, but today we approach it can replace normal television. The development is simply put not there yet.” he says.


Streaming requires that you have the right equipment to play with. That is, a computer, a Smart TV, tablet, smartphone, game console with Internet access or otherwise. You must also have a playback application on the device – for example Flash Player or Quicktime.

You must ensure that you have a fast enough internet connection. For standard quality you can use 3 Mbit connection, but to be on the safe side it is a good idea to invest in a 10 Mbit connection. If you want to play the latest HD formats, up to 30 Mbps.

Put yourself into the streaming services available on the market. If you’ve never tried to stream before, you may want to start streaming programs from the website. Here is the content for free, since you have already paid content via your license.

The Beginners Guide to SSL Certificates

If you know nothing or next to nothing about SSL Certificates well then you have come to the right place!

This blog post will help guide you through the key areas of SSL Certificates and help you understand why they are now so important. First off, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and this protects information on the website from hackers etc.

Have a look at the URL of any type of website. Does it start with ‘https://’? Well it means that this website is secure because it is backed by an SSL Certificate. The extra ‘s’ is one of the main things that help consumers distinguish between a safe and unsafe website. The ‘s’ means that the website is encrypted and therefore hackers cannot access any of its information.

While the main function of an SSL Certificate is to protect your consumer’s data from hackers, it does also benefit your website in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO). Google and other search engines use security as one of their many ranking factors. This means that purchasing an SSL Certificate will help boost your website’s ranking.

If you are operating an online business, then you certainly would need to have an SSL Certificate. E-commerce consumers have to input their very private information such as their credit card details to make a purchase. This information is something you don’t want to put into the hands of hackers. Therefore an SSL Certificate is one of your best options to products yourself and your consumers.

SSL Certificates can also be beneficial to non-e-commerce businesses as sometimes consumers will input their email address or something similar to subscribe to a newsletter etc. Where ever consumers go online, they like to feel safe and feel as though you are putting in the necessary steps to keep their information safe. An as mentioned, they are good for SEO rankings.

When purchasing an SSL Certificate you must be very careful that it is coming from a reputable source. There are a lot of free SSL Certificates on the web. It is not recommended that you use any of those. Your consumer’s safety is not something you want to skimp on!

SSL Certificates are especially important these days due to the increase of hacking and leaking of personal information. An SSL Certificate is the quickest and easiest way to show your customers that you care about their privacy and you are protecting their personal information from any potential threats.

So, make sure you are doing everything you can to protect all the data from your website. There are a lot of quality SSL Certificate companies that provide a range of SSL Certificates. It is important that you do your research to find the best SSL Certificate that is most suited to your business.

That way your website will be accurately protected from any potential dangers. You should also try to keep up to date with the latest news on SSL Certificates because one day the certificate you have may no longer protect the necessary data.

Smashing Drones: a WordPress Theme Website Case Study

Today we’re going to look at a successful theme story. WordPress themes can be a efficient and effective way of creating virtually any type of website, and at Smashing Drones UK, they’ve done just that.

The founder of the site wished to produce a single source for all drone related information, including up-to-date prices and offers, while keeping the site simple to maintain and with a strong back-end. Well, WordPress has delivered it’s part of the solution, and Smashing Drones have had their theme heavily customized to match their exact needs.

Including several different main categories in a single website, also divided into neat subcategories can sometimes pose problems for various themes not designed to handle both drone spare part catalogs as well as legal information on where and how to fly the drones. There’s even an entire section on drone insurance, meaning it’s important that the theme can divide the sections into easily distinguishable ones.

Having a special section for latest drone offers, complete with reviews for each individual drone and a rating system is also handled by the theme, in combination with advanced custom fields, allowing for simple, fast and easy administrator workflows.

Built with WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields

The heart of the website is the extensive set of user guides with how to’s, from everything on how to install memory and camera’s on the drones and quad-copters, to fixing broken wings and replacing spare parts.

With Pilot Training Guides for new drone captains, even complete novices can get a quick read up on the necessary skills and knowledge needed to produce their first minutes of flight, and the website theme has been designed to accommodate both adobe acrobat as well as built in formats of user guides.

The sidebar is especially customized on this theme, having both beginner drone reviews showcasing with stars the top rated features are aligned vertically and automatically placed with widgets in the control panel.

For aerial photography drones have become extremely popular, as they can provide great results for low cost. This has led to this section becoming one of the most visited ones, and therefore it was convenient that the website owner could easily change the widget positions to better suit the visitor needs.

Themes are dynamically adaptable to just about fit any sort of need, and will therefore become Smashing Drones’ preferred choice for many years to come.


The Modern Day Gaming Mouse

A wonderful gaming mouse doesn’t necessarily need to be flashy. In other words, the more complex the dpi the better ready the PC gaming mouse has the capability to target accurately to the pixel. The conventional gaming mice just don’t have enough keys for the macros that you have to have in-game like special abilities and spells.

Whenever you have a lot bigger and much better gaming mouse. It has some features which you are certain to appreciate. You have to understand what specific features are important and what’s only the marketing `fluff’. There are a number of important characteristics to be on the lookout for when you go out and receive a gaming mouse, let’s search at them.

Playing properly in your on-line games aside from your gaming abilities, you might need to have the optimal gaming mouse to be the very best at this. You will try to find a gaming mouse when you’re crazy for a particular game that requires advanced features.

Gaming mice by the top brands that can be found on the market gives you the absolute most beneficial facilities and cause you to enhance beyond your imagination.

Clearly, you must consider many things when choosing a mouse. The one thing which is definite is no person wants a mouse with over 1,600 DPI. Nowadays you may receive an amazing long range wireless mouse that just does not work excellent with your computer setup, you may even have to utilize an adapter to make it work.

You are able to continue to relish high definition three dimensional graphics and digital reality images should you constantly update your driver. After going through the reviews you are able to arrive at the conclusion what kind of mouse you’re in need of.

In case you have a certain brand of mice which you feel ought to be included within this list, then don’t hesitate to share it in the comment section below.

For a much better overall experience you should pick a gaming mouse which will have a couple of key essential features and thus enable you to advance and keep your individual computer updated at least from an ergonomic viewpoint. So that you may adjust the form of the mouse to fit your grip and your hand’s size.

The Razer naga’s nice good feel would offer you deeper connection to your game. Ultimately your entire gaming experience is contingent on its output. Moreover, in regards to Computer games you are able to truly feel the distinction.

It is among the very best puzzle games where the idea is plain and simple but the puzzles keep getting increasingly more complicated without a solid gaming mouse that you can use.


How To Take Screenshots on Computers for Bloggers and Authors

There are number of reasons why you want to take screenshot on your PC. Taking screenshot is a very common activity we do in our daily routine. We may want to save different activities on screen for later use. Usually we want to save some designs and graphs to show them to your clients. Web designers who work on different projects need to discuss about the project on different levels with their clients.

We frequently hear the same question from different people about the method to take screenshot on different devices. Here I have collected some methods to take screenshots on different operating systems.

Windows OS

One of the most common ways to take screen shot is by use PrtScr button on Windows OS. Everyone must be familiar with this method. This PrtScr button is available on the top right side of every keyboard. Once you hit the PrtScr button the image of the screen is automatically saved on the clipboard.

Mac Os

Different operating systems deal with different functions. The method of taking screen shot is different on different devices. To take screen shot on MacOS simply tap Command+Shift+3. Tap all three keys at once. Taking screenshot on Mac is much easier than taking on other operating systems.

Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS

Other than the PrtScr method which I have already discussed above, you take screen shots on Pc using the spinning Tool. Click on the start button at the bottom left corner of the image following by programs, select accessories and then spinning tool. This tool will take the screenshot of the selected portion of image. The image will be saved automatically in the picture library folder.

Let us discuss some screenshot tools:

You can take screenshot on computer by using built-in-tools and third party programs. There are also some paid tools available that helps you to take the screen shot of PC.

Awesome screenshot

Awesome screenshot comes up with amazing features to capture image. It not only allows you to capture the image from the screen but also helps you to edit and save the desired portion of the image. After sharing the image to your local disk or Google drive it is easily shareable.

User snap

User snap also has some unique features. It helps you to take the screenshots on your pc. It helps you to take screenshot directly from your browser page. After you install you can use all the features for free for about 20 days.


It is a well known screenshot tool used by web designers to carry out their tasks. It helps you to create browser screenshot by providing variety of options. After you install this application on your computer, it should be used as follows.

  • Open PicPick.
  • Choose the selection. In this case, you will select Screen Capture.
  • Select the parts or the entire screen.
  • Save the screenshot.

Final Conclusion

whether you’re taking a screenshot on PC or Mac, you’ll need the process to be simple and quick. Above few methods will help you take a screenshot easily without a fuss so you can quickly send design mock-up or work related screenshot to client.

4 of the Top Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

It may come as a surprise but many people are still tracking their followers, likes, tweets and comments using obsolete techniques. I hope you don’t fall into this category of people.

In this article, I want to take you through the big four of the top social media marketing tools that often get overlooked. When people think social media management, they often think of some of the more popular tools like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Yet, while these big names are quite good, there are other tools that don’t get their fair share of the limelight.

The following are five excellent tools.

1.     Cyfe


Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard tool. Have you ever wanted to have on reporting dashboard where you can plug in any data you want? For example, Google Analytics data, email marketing and yes, social media metrics and data. Well, if you have, Cyfe is just what you have been looking for.

It is possible to white label the dashboards for any audience. With its API access, you can connect anything and everything. You can create multiple sub-accounts and unlimited dashboards.

2.     Curalate


Curalate unlocks the power of images. We have all experienced that thrilling moment of discovery and then watched it turn into one of frustration. Brands can miss out completely on opportunities because their most aspirational content is disconnected from the point of purchase.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. What if your customers could easily go from inspiration to action? What if your brand’s locations, influencers and affiliates could easily drive their digital audiences to you? What if you could optimize your brand’s images and video to increase discovery and make your brand better?

Curalate makes all this possible. With Curalate, you can connect visual social media content directly to your products and services making it easier for customers to discover your brand and make a purchase. This reduces customer frustration and drives serious engagement, traffic and revenue for your brand.

Curalate collects all the visual assets that surround your brand, connects the specific products in them, and makes them actionable. And, the best part is you can tag once and Curalate’s discovery cloud allows you to use everywhere which means you can track its full impact on your business.

3.     Social Rank


You probably already know that the social media analytics tools market is saturated. There are literally hundreds of tools on the market. Most of these tools focus on content and the performance of content, for example; what time of day you should post, what hashtag to use, what content to push out, and so forth.

Social Rank is different in the sense that it allows you to better understand your audience on Twitter and Instagram. Followers are ranked based on:

  • Most Valuable
  • Most Engaged
  • Most Followed
  • Best Followers

4.     Quuu and Buffer


These two are listed together with good reason. Do you ever wish you had a way to have curated content posted to your social media accounts that is relevant? Or, do you ever struggle finding content that’s relevant for your audience to help establish you as an influencer or a leader/authority of your specific niche? Quuu helps bridge this gap. Fact is, for many small business people, some days you simply don’t have the time to find great content to share with your audiences.

If you fear automated tools, then Quuu is the way to go. Quuu has some built-in automation but is actually hand curated. Quuu staff go out and based on topic categories that you are interested in, they hand curate the content and push it to your Buffer account which then gets pushed out to your social media followers throughout the day. This therefore means that to use Quuu efficiently, you need Buffer.

Buffer is an auto-scheduling tool for social media accounts. Hand curated content makes a big difference because it tends to be more relevant than content picked via a fully automated process. Quuu has a free option that allow you five Interest Categories and up to two content suggestions per day. Paid accounts start at $10 per month for ten interest categories and six content suggestions per day.


As mentioned before, the social media tools market is saturated. Some tools are great while others are simply annoying dashboards that don’t help you accomplish much. Also, some of the tools that are hyped up a lot are not necessarily the best.

How To Build a Community Website with WordPress

Community websites can help users interact with each other, this method will help each user to build trust and karma when they involved in community discussions.

Before long, the only way to build a community website is by using forums software engine such as phpBB, vBulletin and Simple Machine Forum. Some of this forums software need a paid license for you to use it on your community website, unless you’re willing to chunk up a few hundreds for start then this is not the ideal way to build a community website.

Alternately you can use a free GPL software such as WordPress to help you quickly build a community website, better yet, it is much easier, cost effective and tons of tutorials to get you started. Here are few tips to help you build community website with WordPress.

1. Install BuddyPress WordPress Plugin

BuddyPress is the leading addon plugin for creating a community based WordPress website. Installation is easy, you just need to download BuddyPress plugin via your WordPress dashboard->plugins->add new->search for BuddyPress, its that simple. The plugin was built to have one click install and auto config features. However you could tweak or disable features you don’t need via BuddyPress settings after you activated the plugin.

2. Install BBPress Forum WordPress Plugin

If you need additional section for discussion for your community website, then BBPress plugin would be the absolute choice. This plugin will build a separate page for forums so users can easily create topic and discussion outside their own BuddyPress community circle.

3. Find a compatible WordPress BuddyPress BBPress Theme

Not all WordPress theme built out of the box that support BuddyPress and BBPress, some themes might need further tweak and customization before you can use both plugin properly. This will cost you time and money to hire WordPress developer to help customize it. Fortunately there are a few place you can quickly download, install and use the WordPress theme that fully support BuddyPress and BBPress plugin.

You can visit MagPress.com for their free collection of free WordPress themes, not only they support BuddyPress and BBPress, they also support eCommerce WordPress plugin, Woocommerce. All their recent themes comes with unlock full features with built in premium features such as 700+ Google web fonts, slider or article featured posts, advertisement options, built in schema markup and highly SEO optimize and fast loading themes. Unlike other free theme provider which locked their theme’s features with paid wall, MagPress team offer all their themes’s features for free and if you like their themes, you can choose to purchase their developer version which allow you to access their support forums and email support, even though this is not a mandatory.

You could also download free BuddyPress themes from Dezzain.com, especially their highly customizable theme, Mesocolumn. This free WordPress had been actively download and installed more than 10,000 times in WordPress.org. The theme support also active and also get updated daily support from theme author.

Final Conclusion

Building a community site using WordPress is much easier compare to using a standalone forums software. There’s lot more features you can add to your BuddyPress powered website such as adding user karma point, user badges, user custom profile and many more. You’ll be able to find free BuddyPress plugin addons in WordPress plugin repository which had thousand of community related plugin addons that can help you improve your WordPress community website.

Golden Rules on Running a WordPress Site

WordPress has become the most favorable content management system for bloggers, and been so for quite a while now.

Based on web statistics, WordPress powered almost 28% of the internet’s website. Almost all web hosting provide a one click install WordPress CMS solution for anyone who didn’t have any experience on installing and setup WordPress.

Few of the reason why WordPress is favorable by blogger are they’re fast, easy and SEO friendly. Unlike any standalone custom CMS, WordPress is frequently updated by WordPress developer to prevent any future security loop hole and always make adjustment and upgrade to the CMS core for better loading speed and better user experience.

However running a WordPress website will not be 100% easy. You’ll need to tweak there and there in order for you to run the website smoothly and problem free. Here are few tips to run a WordPress website.

1. Install a cache WordPress plugin

Even if you’re on dedicated hosting server and expected to handle heady traffic, it is recommended that you install a cache WordPress plugin to minimize the server query and page loads. 2 seconds load time definitely better than 4, right? There are a few popular cache WordPress plugin that were favorable by WordPress users such as WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

2. Choose a responsive WordPress theme

With the increase of mobile users in today digital age, desktop or portable computer wasn’t the only way to browse the internet anymore. People now use their mobile phone to search, read and write so it is inevitable that you need a WordPress theme that can adapt to user’s mobile small screen. Doing a quick Google search of the term “responsive wordpress themes” will bring up the themes that suitable to use for your WordPress website to make sure your sites is view-able for mobile visitors. If you’re looking for a more solid and modern responsive WordPress themes, you can visit MagPress.com and browse their 400+ collections of free themes.

3. Install an image compression WordPress plugin

Images is one of most bottleneck resource when come in running a website. If your post had one large image with size 2MB, it will took longer time to load and this will effect your visitor’s user experience, according to research, it only took 2-3 seconds before visitor decided to leave your site. To help auto compressed your uploaded images, i would suggest install WP Smush-It image compression WordPress plugin.

4. Install a search engine optimization WordPress plugin

Even though WordPress is already a SEO friendly content management system. It is by far perfect, you’ll need to install a SEO WordPress plugin that can help you handle the in-page and off-page SEO. You could choose either All In One SEO or Yoast SEO WordPress plugin for this.

5. Optimize your most visited posts

Although this is not a necessity, you should probably try to optimize your most visited posts. How to know which post had the most visits? if you have Google analytic setup for your site then it will be easy to check in your analytic dashboard. Alternately, you can install Google Analytics Dashboard for WP to directly view your site analytics via WordPress admin dashboard. After you determined which post to optimize, use Google Pagespeed Insight to check your post’s speed score, try optimize to 80/100 score at least. Don’t get too obsesses of getting a perfect 100/100 score because its likely impossible.

Final Conclusion

Running a WordPress website is considerably easy if you know what to tweak and optimize. With the growing of WordPress community around the internet, you can easily find any topic related to WordPress tutorials when ever you want.

Why App Store Optimization is Imporant

You’re in the process of creating your dream app, which you just know people will download in droves. All you have to do is publish it on one or several of the app stores, right? Not so fast. Long gone are the days of instant app millionaires, this isn’t 2008. That’s not to say there aren’t countless numbers of app success stories every year–there are–but, these app developers had a marketing and app store optimization plan in place way before launching their apps. With millions of apps already in the market, how will you help your debut to stand out? How do you plan to get buyers, downloads and users?

Develop a useful app

App optimization won’t work if you create an app which isn’t interesting or useful. During the Angry Birds craze, there were a host of copycat apps that actually did quite well. Yet, many of them didn’t. You don’t want to oversaturate the market with a copycat app. Yet, your mobile app doesn’t just have to become another version of your online store or business.

You can make it much more creative to appeal to an even larger audience than your current customers. One such app is the Purina Petcentric app, which helps you find pet-friendly locales when traveling. Purina is a pet brand, but their app is actually useful as well. So, if you start with making something useful for your target market–your app optimization results will go even further.

Plan your app release date in advance

The reason you want to do this is to ensure you get press coverage. In addition, you should keep up with major announcements in the tech world because they will compete with coverage for your app. The objective is to build anticipation around your app and get it previewed by influencers.

Make sure your app can get indexed for Google

You may not have known that app indexing is markedly different from web indexing. The reason is apps don’t have “pages” or “sites” for Google to crawl. In addition, they do not have hyperlinks to connect to one another. As a result, you must use app indexing in order for your app to show up in Google search results. This lets crawlers read your in-app content and index it. What does app indexing mean? It means you must have a webpage. When Google indexes apps, it connects it with web content. This way, it gives the user two search options–content in the app or in the browser. Your onsite mobile app landing page should include:

  • Keywords in the title tag
  • URL
  • Image ALT text
  • Meta description
  • Content

You also want to ensure your mobile app landing page is mobile-friendly so that mobile and desktop searchers can view it clearly. Not to mention, it should detect the device used by the searcher in order to direct them to the corresponding app.


Create an epic description

Now that you have a useful app, you need a description that will not let new users turn away. Make it bold, action-oriented and easy-to-read. You should definitely do this for the first few lines of your description, as it’s all anyone will read before deciding whether your app adds value to their time. It’s worth it to come up with a distinct and alluring description. Just make sure it’s factual, as well.

Ensure your app description is scannable

Users are bombarded with a bevy of apps. When writing your description, break up your paragraphs and use bullet points. People don’t want to read a diatribe or novel about your app. If you have press coverage and/or user testimonials–add those too. Not to mention, these are items you want to list:

  • The version number
  • Bug fixes
  • Changes made through updates
  • Links to the app website

Ask for user feedback

The modern user wants their voice heard. You should give them the platform to do so through your mobile app. By giving unhappy customers an avenue for reaching out to you, it shows them how much you value their opinion. As a result, you should include a “Send Feedback” button in your app which connects straight to email.

This can be a two-way channel for helping to improve your app. The customer is also left feeling better when they know they can get instant support. Once you have helped them, you can ask them for a review. If they are happy with your level of customer service, it is more likely they will leave a good review.

Place keywords in your title

You want people to download your app. Just like marketing your website, you need to make use of keywords.

Don’t use the name of another app

Some app developers use a black hat tactic of creating names similar to existing apps with the hope the user won’t know any better and download the copycat app. This has annoyed millions of users, that Apple may even ban your app from their store. You also want to stay away from generic terms such as “photos” or “music,” which may turn off users.

Keep your app title under 50 characters

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential users. They don’t want to read a horrendously long title. This is why your title needs to be engaging, clear, direct and short.

Measure your results

Revenue is one thing, but you also want to know which features are drawing people in and which ones cause them to leave. It also helps to know how often people use your app on a daily basis. Here are some key metrics to measure:

  • Your daily and monthly active users
  • Retention rate
  • Average revenue per user
  • Lifetime value
  • Keyword ranking

Consistently update your app

Apple will remove apps which have not been updated for an extended period of time. Furthermore, Google highlights sites which are consistently updated. With regard to Apple, they want to know that the developer will regularly improve the user experience. It’s also important to update your apps to comply with any modifications in Apple policy.

There you have it, essential tips for app optimization. The last thing you want is to launch your app and find only three people downloaded it within a week’s time. You need to have a plan, implement your plan and optimize your app to ensure you get the maximum number of users and downloads within your target market.

Making Your Bathroom Intelligent: Smart Reflection

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been making improvements for virtually all aspects of life. We learned how to control and manipulate fire, we invented the wheel, we crossed the vast oceans. These days those times of old fashioned pioneering has long since passed, and we’re looking ever increasingly inwards for expansion and innovation.

With the invention of Smart Reflection, a smart mirror, we are asked to take a look at ourselves, but at the same time, do so with the added augmented reality that the so called intelligent mirror provides.

Smart Reflection offers it users the capability to receive everything from the weather report, to Facebook status updates directly displayed on the mirror, all while having your own image reflected back at you, making it possible to both shave and look at funny cat pictures.

Developed by an app development agency for internal uses, they quickly realized the potential for the mirror as a commercial product, and have as such shifted their focus to incorporate tech users of all ages and levels of proficiency.

Designed to be running on very little power consumption, (the Raspberry Pi 3B uses ~2.5Watts on full load,) the mirror could potentially run 24/7, collecting data used for other household sensors such as thermostats, window actuators and power supplies.

While most of the available input and outputs on the single Raspberry Pi will be used for the mirror, it will be relatively easy to add another unit in series to the aforementioned one, thus making it possible to connect every IoT device in the household together, meaning that the normal bathroom routine can be excellent time for micromanaging the kids electricity usage for instance.

Coupled together with the Raspberry Pi will be a standard PC monitor, placed upon a two-way mirror allowing for the users to see their own reflection at the same time as seeing data displayed on the mirror, just as if it was the monitor itself.

While we foresee certain problems with shaving and watching last night’s basketball highlights, the concept is interesting, and provides unique use cases not previously considered as far as we know.

Smart Reflection is not the first digital mirror however. There have been a few failed attempts on Kickstarter, and various amateurs have built their own private version for home-use.

Nodes aims to change all this by creating a modular-based intelligent mirror with open-source software and hardware anyone can afford and purchase around the world.

Malthe Kringelbach Iversen, Marketing Manager at Nodes explains:

“We loved the prototype that we built for our own personal use so much that we decided to go ahead and try to make it modular and more easily buildable. By combining our extensive knowledge of mobile enterprise application development with our employees love of all things tech, we’re currently in the late design stages of Smart Reflection which we hope people will love as much as we do.”

There are still certain features still to be addressed and programmed for. This includes how to navigate menus and handle user inputs in general, since the prototype used special licensed software that Nodes still want to keep closed.

Since the hardware is based around the Raspberry Pi 3, it will be possible to add a mouse and keyboard to the mirror, although that would sort of defeat the purpose.

More likely we will see voice recognition at some level, possibly based on a hard-coded list of accepted keywords (Think: OK, Google). Alternatively it could be controlled by the 3D Sensor and Gesture Recognition like we know from the Xbox and their Kinetic hardware.

The developers are currently open for user submitted ideas as to the functionality of both hardware and software, so if you have an exciting idea you are sure will become the next big thing in intelligent mirrors, go ahead and post in on their blog – you might even win a first edition Smart Reflection mirror!

Developing a WordPress Theme by using PSD Designs

When we create our websites and themes, we often use Photoshop to design all graphics, place all elements, and check font sizes and much more. By using PSD files moving the menu or placing new items are easy and effortless, and results in a better website if done properly.

Depending on which developer and designer you hire for the job at hand, cost does not need to be double that of finding someone who can do both for you. If you find a jack of all trades, he is after all, master of none, and most likely it will take a much longer time because of that. Using a PSD to WordPress service does not even have to be more expensive.

Why design in Photoshop PSD files and then later convert that into a WordPress Theme?

For people new to the world of websites and web design, this question might appear natural and without a clear answer. It is understandable that people might think the cost is higher for such a project, since you have to pay both a designer to provide a PSD, and then for a developer to convert the PSD into a WordPress theme.

But for anyone who’s worked with websites for just a little while, even if it would cost more than having one person do all the work, there are other reasons why you should consider designing in Photoshop first, and then developing on top of that.

Benefits of PSD to WordPress

  • Speed

If you try to develop your site without having a clear idea of what the end result should look like in terms of design, more likely than not you will end up spending a lot of extra time and effort since it is easy to fall into the trap of modifying a bit here and there, never really looking at the big picture, moving from one part of the site to another.

By having a clear idea of how the theme should look before coding it, you or your developer can program everything from day one, and since the client has already accepted the design, chances are smaller of last minute changes to the design and structure.

  • Quality

Using PSD files allow for better quality in the overall design, often gives users a better experience and first impression, and certain elements can be imported from resources online, such as Google’s Material Elements, allowing for greater consistency and coherence in the theme.

  • Structure, Rulers and guidelines

Working without PSD files for theme development also means having to measure everything in developer tools, or even worse, by printing out the web pages and using an old fashioned ruler to measure widths, lengths, margins and so on.

Photoshop has a great built-in system for handling all these aspects, allowing the designer to get dead accurate with every single element, letter, logo and image on the site. By ensuring these small things are perfectly aligned and in their optimal structures, the first impression and general user experience will be enhanced greatly!

  • Easy to work with

It is easier to work with an already finished design, the developer can cut down tremendous amounts of time this way, and by having a designer and a developer work on their individual expertises, you ensure the best of both worlds.

Would you really want your painter to also fix your plumbing? Or your plumber to choose the color palette for your new kitchen? By recognizing the different strong and weak areas that both designers and developers have, and using just their best strengths, you can achieve a result with your theme or website that far exceeds the majority of websites out there today.


Often times people are needlessly worried that having designed a PSD file and then converted that into a WordPress theme will increase the cost greatly, but that is simply not the case. While there are certain projects where it might be fine with having the developer do all the work, it is not a given, and should be considered on an individual basis per project.

Furthermore, the quality, design and user experience will often see great improvements when using a skilled designer in unison with a WordPress developer, since you draw on the skills from experts in both areas, rather than having one person do the work of several people.