Database Consulting Insight – Icebreaking of WordPress Database

WordPress came in as a simple blogging platform almost a decade ago and has ultimately become one of the most used and popular CMS choices for novice and experts alike. There are many high-end websites being built on this unique platform with the capabilities to incorporate any functional possibilities you can think of.

The major advantage of WordPress for the users is that the installation, configuration, and database creation on WordPress do not require any particular knowledge of coding or the underlying structure. However, sometimes you may find the need for some basic understanding of the database while you are dealing with the need to make it optimized for your purpose.

WordPress Database

When it comes to constructing a database, phpMyAdmin is the first choice of many DBAs. However, we will focus more on the SQL queries here by considering the fact that everyone may not be fond of phpMyAdmin. In fact, even when using phpMyAdmin, you have the option of running the SQL queries also.

You may already know that WordPress primarily uses MySQL database. So, to log on to MySQL at the first point, you can run the following command in the terminal:

mysql -u [user_name] -p -D [database_name]

After logging into the WordPress MySQL database, you can next check the tables, which WordPress creates by using the following commands.

To check the table structure, run the command;

desc [table_name];

Further, in this post, we will see how WordPress creates the tables on a typical fresh installation. New tables get created upon installing every new plugin.

Another important thing to note before getting further is that the table prefix used here is “wp,” which stands for WordPress. While following the suite, make sure that you replace it with WP if you used a different prefix for your tables.

Let’s try to have an overview of the tables in a logical sequence than considering them in alphabetical order.

  1. wp_options

This table may store all your WordPress settings as:

  • Title
  • Tagline
  • Timezone

All options a DBA sets in the dashboard get stored into this particular table.

  1. wp_users

As we can infer from its name, ‘wp_users’ stores all registered users on your site. It consists of all the essential demographics of the users such as:

  • Log-in ID
  • Encrypted password
  • E-mail ID
  • Contact numbers
  • Registration date and time
  • Display name
  • Status
  • Activation key
  1. wp_usermeta

wp_usermeta is used to store metadata (simply data about the data) of all the users. For example, the ‘last_name’ of a particular user gets saved in the ‘wp_usermeta’ table instead of being saved to the ‘wp_users’ table.

There are two distinct fields in the table which you must know about as:

  • ‘meta_key.’
  • ‘meta_value.’
  1. wp_posts

It is to store all the posts on your WordPress website and the data related to it. All posts and pages and revisions are made available in ‘wp_posts’ table. It is also used to store the navigation menu. Various entries such as pages, posts, menu items, and revisions are segregated by the ‘post_type’ column in this particular table.

  1. wp_postmeta

‘wp_postmeta’ is simply like user metadata table itself, which contains the data about the data of posts. Database consulting services mostly make use of an SEO plugin, in which all the meta tag data generated from the posts get stored in this table.

  1. wp_terms

Tags and categories for the posts, links, and pages are stored in the table named wp_terms. The column which contains this particular table is called a ‘slug,’ which is primarily a string that identifies the terms used in the URL of the website for the duration. It ultimately helps boost the SEO impact as the Google crawlers search for the URL search terms for optimization purpose.

  1. wp_term_relationships

wp_term_relationship helps to link the wp_terms to specific objects such as relevant pages, links, or posts. It serves as a relationship map between these objects and terms.

  1. wp_term_taxonomy

Taxonomy helps to describe all the terms in detail. As we discussed above, it is the metadata (data about the data) of terms. It adds more simplicity as just a plugin cannot add the needed custom values to the table.

  1. wp_comments

wp_comments help to store the comments on your posts and pages of the WordPress website. The table also contains unapproved comments and specific information about the users who put in the comments and also a customized nesting of all comments. However, one important thing to note here is that if you use any third-party commenting mechanism like Disqus, the comments will not be stored in the WordPress database, but will be saved in the corresponding servers of that particular application.

  1. wp_commentmeta

Just like all other metadata tables, wp_commentmeta consists of metadata about the comments.

  1. wp_links

It is a table which consists of all information about the custom links, which are added to your WordPress site. The Links Manager plugin can be used to enable the deprecated links.

A few quick tricks

Now, by knowing the above, next let us identify a couple of tricks, which DBAs can use to act smartly.

  • Change the default username

You may know how to create a username, but WordPress does not let you change it later. However, you can now do it through SQL by running the below command.

UPDATE wp_users SET user_login = '[new_username]' WHERE user_login = '[old_username]';
  • Change the password

If you forget your password as WordPress admin, you can now easily change if you have access to the DB by running the command as:

UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass = MD5('[new_password]') WHERE user_login = '[username]';

For this, we must use MD5 as the passwords are usually stored as encrypted.

  • Delete all spam comments

Sometimes, spam comments may be your major problem. You can make use of tools like Akismet to monitor and control spams. However, if you identify many spams that need to be removed, you can use the below SQL queries.

Delete the spam

DELETE FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = 'spam'; 

Check the spam source

SELECT comment_author_IP as ip_address, COUNT(*) AS count
FROM wp_comments
WHERE comment_approved = 'spam'
GROUP BY ip_address

In conclusion, we hope that this short excerpt helped by acting as an icebreaking session for the WordPress DBAs who were confused about handling databases. Even though there are plenty of plugins coming out nowadays, you should not simply try all of them as and when you come across one, but think twice and find the easiest and most viable solutions for your requirements.

Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas is an expert database consultant with a post-graduate diploma from MIT. She frequently posts on the tech blogs and forums to clarify the doubts of database consulting freshers and experts.

The Best Apps for planning your holiday or Business trips

Times have changed and traditional travel agencies are used far less than they used to be. Travellers now rely more on the use of digital solutions for all their travel inspiration and needs.

Are you a frequent traveller, do need a planner for your business travel itineraries? There are a number of useful Apps available to sort out your travel needs.

From helping you with accommodation and destination ideas to keeping vacation checklist and scoring local travel discount. Join tons of users who can now plan trips just by the swipe of their mobile phones.

Here is an infographic and a list highlighting some of the best trip planning Apps used in 2017

1. Google Trips:

Google Trips puts together information from your Gmail account and store them offline, ensuring you can easily access them with or without internet connection. Google Trips is a better alternative to reading through the pages of a bulky travel guide or searching through loads mails to find your reservations.

Google Trips does not only store and organize your travel information but it offers maps, customized guides and tours once you arrive at your destination. You can access special points of interests, monuments and even restaurants close to your hotel.

2. TripIt:

TripIt sorts and organizes all your travel documents and itineraries in one place. You can have your reservations sent to TripIt, as this enables you access flight itineraries, travel confirmations, rental car reservations, driving directions and a number of others in one place. The app also makes it perfectly easy to share your trip plans with whoever needs to know your travel plans.

3. Packing Pro:

Are you sorted with your travel plans and would like to start packing for your trip? Packing Pro can help organize your luggage with a useful checklist that sorts what you’ll need for your trip by category. The App takes into account the number of days required for your trip, the destination you are heading to as well the weather condition of your destination. There is packing list to to remind you of important thing you will need for your trip and several other succinct details you may need to sort out before your travel can be documented. The App is only available to users on Apple devices.

4. Jumia Travel App:

Jumia Travel is Africa’s leading travel platform. Travellers are privy to various exotic destinations and can score great local discounts on accommodation and flights. Jumia Travel App comes in handy for making the perfect travel plans, seeing the hotel amenities and local attractions within your destination.

5. Trip Advisor:

The TripAdvisor app is just great, travellers have access to over 200 million reviews and suggestions. You can also easily get the lowest airfare and best hotels on the platform. If you are out of ideas on on local attractions and the best restaurants at your destination, the app offers insights and several suggestions. You can easily filter for restaurants at your destination based on price and ratings. You can add your reviews to and pictures on your trip to help other travellers. You can download the App from iTunes or Google Play.

6. Trip Hobo:

Trip Hobo is a hotel booking tool that doubles as a trip planner. Using Trip Hobo, you can create a custom travel itinerary with just a few simple steps and share your travel itinerary with others. You will need to choose your travel destination and pick out attractions you’re like to visit, and then TripHobo will sort out the attractions for you. You can then share your itinerary with others.

When you have no idea where to go or what to see, you can also take advantage of cool itineraries other people have made and also customize their use.

7. Priceline:

Are you a budget traveller looking to enjoy cheap deals on flights? Priceline is just the thing for you, it is a “name your price” for flights website. You can pick the dates you will like to fly and choose the price you want to pay for your flight ticket. Priceline then searches for flights that fit your search and price criteria. This makes searching for as easy as possible.

Digital vs. Traditional Marketing: Which is the Best Way to Market Your Business?

Becoming a business owner in 2017 can be an extremely difficult feat, as the economy has begun to stabilise and the market is becoming much more saturated with business. It’s been revealed that only 20% of entrepreneurs are victorious in their business ventures after those initial two years.

One of the most difficult things to consider when starting a business is how you are going to build your brand and how you are going to market your services. The majority of modern marketing tools fall into two categories, which are “traditional” and “digital” marketing, the question is, which one is best for your business?

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional marketing is a craft that has been perfected over the span of centuries. Every advertisement you ever see, hear, or pass by are the result of carefully calculated and thought out by a marketing team. Traditional marketing has the power to stay with somebody long after they have come into contact with the advertisement or strategy.

Think about this, have you ever walked through a busy high-street and been handed a bottle of your favourite drink, or given a sample of food in a supermarket. All of these clever little ways to get you thinking and talking about a product or brand, fall under the umbrella of traditional marketing.

One of the best things about a traditional marketing campaign, is that you are most likely going to reach a lot of people over a short period of time, for example if you have a television advert set to air over the course of a day, then people are bound to see it. On the other hand, although you will be reaching a large audience, or putting your product in front of a lot of people, there is no guarantee that any of these people will want to buy your product or service, or even take notice of the advertisement.

There is a common saying in the marketing industry, called “throwing mud at the wall”, unless carefully catered to a specific/ niche television channel, or centred around the demographics and psychographics of your target audience, then you are essentially throwing mud at the wall and hoping that it sticks.

In other words, traditional marketing is all about thinking outside of the box and about timing. If you consider the people you are trying to sell to, where they will be, what they watch, what they listen to, and what they respond to, and then target your campaign to fit this, then you can have a really successful outcome. Some of the most simple yet effective ways to deliver brand marketing is to also hand out promotional items, such as wristbands, t-shirts and mugs.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing allows you to be more specific and precise with your targeting. Rather than using the “throwing mud at a wall” approach, you instead have the option of practices such as Search Engine Optimization, and Pay Per Click, which will put your company’s website in front of people who are seeking your service. This is great news for you, as it means that you are guaranteed to reach your target audience – this isn’t always a possibility with TV adverts.

As well as using SEO and PPC, many companies also choose to take advantage of social media as a key aspect of their digital marketing strategy. The reason that this strategy is becoming increasingly more popular is because it is a cheap and easy to use platform, and has also been proven to bring in one of the most successful ROI of all the marketing tools. Similar to traditional marketing techniques, digital marketing techniques and strategies are most successful when they are used together. For example, social media campaigns are useful when they are combined with SEO campaigns or PPC campaigns. All are effective on their own, but all are more successful when combined together.

Is Either one Better?

As with anything, these traditional and digital strategies are not without fault of their own. Following on from the “throwing mud at the wall” idea for traditional marketing, there is also no real way of tracking how effective your campaigns have been. For example, if a chocolate manufacturer decides to hand out free samples of their product, and also to produce a television advert, there is no real way of knowing how many direct sales have come from this.

Although you can take into consideration the rise/ drop in sales of a product, or a rise/ drop in enquiries based around the time or location, you can never be sure. As for digital marketing strategies and the use of social media platforms, there is often a two-way communication between both the company and the customers or clients, so any negative reviews that are left for the site, are made open to the public and can even damage the company’s reputation in the long run.

With all factors considered, it’s important to make sure that you put a lot of thought and consideration into your marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to ensure that you are making the most out of your marketing campaigns is by using both methods in tandem with one another.

Running various marketing campaigns, both traditional and digital and using the trial and error method will allow you to gain a better understanding on what works for your business and what brings in ROI. An unconventional, yet successful method could be to create a hashtag on social media and also printing out the hashtag on wristbands. There are so many different ways that collaborating and exerting these techniques could really assist your business in making a higher ROI.

Top 4 Family Law Myths Debunked

Family Law can be a tricky area to navigate. This is why so many people end up in a Family Court in Sydney. There are many myths surrounding family law, especially when it comes to divorce and/ or separation. This results in individuals entering proceedings with false or misinterpreted information.

It is important that you understand just the basics of family law before entering proceedings and you aren’t influenced by any incorrect information. By having some sort of expectation, you should have a better understanding of your entitlements.

Here we will address the most common family law myths and explain why they actually aren’t true:

Myth 1: Division of assets is 50/50.

While in a marriage you probably accumulated some assets, i.e. cash, house or a car. We find that many people assume that all these assets will be spilt 50/50. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Every separation is different and there are a significant amount of factors that come into play when the issue of division of assets is brought up.

The Family Law Act 1975 lists a few of the key factors:

  • Previous assets before the relationship started
  • The duration of relationship
  • If the situations of the relationship impacted the income capacity of one party
  • Individual age and health
  • Children from the relationship and how much time they will spend with each respective parent

Myth 2: You will always need to go to a Family Court.

Some family law matters are quite simple, i.e. if no children and limited assets are involved. If this is the case then you don’t have to make the trip to a Family Court in Sydney. Even if the issue is slightly complex there are many different alternatives offered to resolve the issue then simply going to Court.

Sometimes you could enter with the best of intentions however the other options aren’t working and you still can’t seem to reach a conclusion. In these cases it is better to go to Court in order to get the issue dealt with as quickly as possible.

Myth 3: Child custody is 50/50.

Like myth 1, this isn’t always the case. Separation becomes significantly harder when children are involved because this is usually that area that parents fight for most. You should never assume that you will automatically be granted 50/50 custody of your children.

Every individual situation is different and if the parents can’t come to an agreement a judge might have to decide. However, usually parents can understand what is best for their child/ children and they make the right decision.

The Family Law Act explains that the children’s best interest is imperative when the Family Court produces parenting orders and decisions about their living provisions. Parents should always have equal shared responsibility in areas such as choices of schooling, health and religion. This does not, however, translate into equal custody especially if it is not in the child’s best interests.

For example, if the parents lived in different states and they wanted shared custody. This would not be in the child’s best interests because they would be at one school half the year and another for the second half of the year, which would disrupt their learning especially if they were in high school.

Myth 4: You must be divorced in order to have a property settlement.

The truth is that this isn’t necessary and both parties can discuss and come to an agreement of a property settlement during any stage of their separation. There is a difference between separation and divorce. Divorce is the official ending of a marriage.

Parties cannot apply for divorce until they have been separated from their partner for more than 1 year. Once the Court has granted your divorce, you will only have 1 year to sign and agree on your property settlement. This is why it is recommended to have your property settlement finalised before applying for divorce.


The Norton Law Group can assist you with all matters relating to Family Law. If you have to visit a Family Court in Sydney we are the team you want by your side. If you have any question please contact us, we are more than happy to help.

Liquidweb Managed WordPress Hosting: Features, Prices and Coupons

When looking for a new WordPress hosting plan, you may have come across two unfamiliar words: managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting. These terminologies, per se, don’t really apply to the shared hosting environment – which in itself is governed by the hosting company – but are applicable on VPS’s (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated servers.

More often than not, a majority of website owners start off with the shared hosting plan; as in the start, shared hosting is more than enough to support a small site. Today we will discuss “managed WordPress hosting” and if it’s the right choice for you to make and upgrade to.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

In this article we will not discuss what Managed WordPress hosting is. To see that read this guide on We will see, however, the pros and cons of this type of hosting.

Let’s start off with the conspicuous positive first:

Your website will be much faster, reliable and secure, thanks to the fact that it’s not shared with other websites on the same system, which may end up creating clutter. Further, there would be an increased motley of management services to choose from, which would come preloaded with the plan.

There are some obvious negatives to it:

You are restricted to running just a WordPress website on it and nothing else – which is something quite understood from the name! On top of that, you may also be restricted with the choice of plugins that you can make, with some of them not gelling well with the server.

Another obvious disadvantage is the cost. Managed hosting requires the host to deploy more of their resources. This is going to be reflected at the price, which is not affordable by all. This is why companies like introduce promotional coupon codes. A reduced price allows private individuals, as well as small companies, on small hosting budget the test the product for a few months.

Introducing Managed WordPress Hosting Plans from LiquidWeb

Although many services could provide you with managed WordPress hosting, not all of them are cut from the same stone; hence, to make things the easier for you, I would want to recommend Liquid Web to you – A host that was established a good 20 years back and has garnered a lot of favorable reviews from its customers over the years.


There are benefits for web developers in the form of PHPMyAdmin and WP-CLI to access the website’s database. In addition to that, there is also a provision to access your website through SFTP and SSH. It is worth noting, though, that you may not be able to install everything on the server.

Liquidweb also provide you with Varnish caching layer, which could be easily disabled or enabled on a site by site basis on the hosting.

Cost and Liquidweb Promotional Codes

Although there is a noticeable difference in price for managed and unmanaged hosting, it’s all justified. Liquid Web provides you with managed plans that range from 119$ to 289$ per month; offer 300GB SSD, 5TB bandwidth and the option to host over 50 websites.

This is a steep price to pay, compared to unmanaged plans, or even compared to ordinary shared hosting. To get familiar and appreciate the product, you can try it at a reduced price using Liquid web coupon code WORDPRESS33. Visit for the latest offers.


4 Inspired Strategies to Boost Your Digital Media Strategy

In the modern era, every business needs to have a digital presence in order to succeed irrespective of the industry. From tradies to hospitals and lawyers to exporters, a solid digital strategy has started to shape overall performance.

Why Go Digital?

While some business owners still remain resistant to change and imagine their business is doing well without an online presence, the fact remains that consumers now look up the Internet as a trusted medium when making buying decisions – which could leave your business in the lurch if you fail to change your traditional mindset.

A strategic digital media company will offer different solutions to help boost your business success in this new online world. Myriad brand management strategies will prove beneficial, so follow these to boost your digital media presence.

Start with the Basics… Create a Great Website

If you don’t use any local SEO companies, you should perform SEO by yourself. Your website is perhaps the most vital factor when it comes to setting up a good SEO strategy. It is the first thing that people notice when looking for your business online, and can make a strong first impression. Follow these guidelines to ensure you’re on the right track towards creating a great website:

  • Do not clutter the website with wordy and unreadable content.
  • Make sure each page on the website is clear and easy to navigate through.
  • Create a responsive page for mobile since many users search online for businesses.
  • Ensure quick page loads.
  • Highlight your desired call to action to generate the right results.

Understand Why Keywords Are Important

SEO is vital to a good online strategy, which is why you need to make sure you have the right keywords from an optimisation perspective. Make sure you follow these basic keyword guidelines for your website:

  • Optimise for keywords most relevant to your business with the help of your SEO and digital media partner.
  • Consider adding specific keyword phrases that users most search for.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing because Google will penalise you for using negative digital strategies.
  • Get important keywords linked to authoritative websites through organic link building efforts.

Write Great Blogs

Blogs have become important for online marketers because they deliver vital information that can help businesses build good relationships with customers… and other respected websites. Follow these guidelines when creating your own business blog:

  • Genuine and unique content is the most important, so make sure you’re writing pieces people want to read.
  • Update blogs regularly to engage better with users and potential customers.
  • Make sure the blog is well-written with no errors and a clear call to action.
  • Write in simple language that users can best relate to without including the technical jargon that can cause them to lose interest and flip to another website.

Use Social Media Smartly

Social media is key to any good SEO strategy, especially with the proliferation of tools like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snap Chat and much more. These social media tools allow you to engage with a wider audience, thereby enhancing your potential customer pool. Follow these guidelines in your quest to use social media more intelligently for the benefit of your business:

  • Understand what social media platform works best for your business. For example, if you’re selling to seniors, then Facebook might be better than Instagram.
  • Be clear who your audience is and choose your posts wisely to engage with the right target market.
  • Start two-way conversations that allow users to better engage with your business.
  • Run contests and promotions that foster greater interaction with current and potential customers for your business.
  • Respond to complaints and concerns about your business frequently to develop trust in your brand.

There are plenty of considerations when getting your business into the digital world but it is important to understand that a formidable online presence doesn’t occur overnight. It takes time to build genuine trust and confidence in your brand, so make sure you’re using the right strategies.

Any quick-win strategies may seem lucrative in the short run, but they will hurt your online presence in the long run. Always make sure you choose the right digital media company to partner with, so that you avoid any black-hat digital strategies that could damage all the work you’ve put into building your business in the first place.

Questions To Help You Find The Right Type Of Paint

At Platinum Painting we always get asked what the correct type of paint is for their individual situation. Well, as one of the leading painting companies in Sydney we are here to share our wisdom! 

We aren’t just talking about the right colour for your space, but instead the actual type of paint (which includes the colour as one of the factors). You may be thinking, “there is more than one type of paint?!”. Yes there is, and quite frankly it can get really confusing to pick one, especially if you don’t know what you are supposed to be looking for.

Have a look below at the 5 questions you need to ask yourself before you make the final decision on paint choice:

  1. How much activity will take place in the room?

The walls in high activity rooms (such as the hallway) are likely to see the most damage (such as marks and scraps). In order to keep the walls looking as good as possible you should try to choose high gloss or semi-gloss paint. This paint in particular has a higher resistance level to stains. As well as this, by using this paint it becomes a lot easier to clean.

  1. Can you stand the paint smell?

Paint smell is a temporary issue but this is still impacts your decision choice. Some people tend to be more sensitive to paint smell than others. If this is you, it is recommended that you choose a water-based latex paint. These paints tend to have little to no odour compared to that of any paints that are oil-based. On top of this, latex paints are usually easier to clean up.

  1. Do you want the room to look bigger or smaller?

The colour of paint helps to give the room a bigger or smaller feel. Most of the time you are looking to make the room look bigger. You can change the perception of a room by choosing the correct colour of paint. When painting it is recommended that you choose lighter colour paints, it makes the space feel more spacious.

  1. How much time do you have?

Most people tend to have limited time to paint. If this is you then you should choose a paint and primer sort of paint. This type of paint basically works like two coats in one. This means you probably won’t have to apply coat after coat. But don’t worry if you still don’t think you’ll have enough time. There are plenty of professional and commercial painting companies in Sydney that would happily take the task off your hands.

  1. What is the type of mood you are looking to create?

The colour of paint will certainly create a different type of mood. So make sure you stop and have a good think about the mood you want to produce for you home. Colour selection is very important and it is recommended for the bulk of painting you stick with neutral colours while also adding pops of feature colours.

Platinum Painting is one of the leading painting companies in Sydney. We take immense pride in our work as well as our customer service. We offer services for residential, strata and commercial painting. So whatever wall needs to be painted, we are the team for the job!


Why Use Third Party Logistics?

Before we going into details as to why 3pl logistics is becoming so popular, it is important to go over the basics. 3pl is also known as third party logistics. A 3pl provides outsourced logistics services, i.e. services that come from outside the starting business. Services can include any areas that involve management of resources and the way they are moved from one place to another.

Examples of services include:

  1. 3pl Warehouse
    1. Order fulfilment
    2. Simple warehouse functions
    3. Returns processing
  2. 3pl Distribution
    1. Road freight, overnight express and same day services
    2. Full track and trace of consignment notes
    3. Proof of deliveries
  3. 3pl Product Assembly
    1. GWP packaging
    2. Promotional kitting
    3. Over-labelling product

There are a number of clear benefits as to why so many businesses are using 3pl. 3pl offers a comprehensive solution to many issues a business may have, including; assembly, distribution packaging and warehousing. Do not underestimate the true power of having a quality 3pl company on your side!

Listed below are the top 3 reasons why businesses use a 3pl provider:

1. Save Money and Time

When you outsource your logistics you will certainly save a significant amount of money and time. You aren’t an expert on logistics and if you try to do it yourself you may not find the most cost effective method, or worse, you make a mistake that could put huge strains on the budget.

By getting someone else to do your logistics you are also saving yourself a lot of time. Don’t waste your time on an area you aren’t confident in. By using a logistics service you are able to focus on your own business and what you are good at. Also time consuming things such as paperwork, training and billing for logistics aren’t your issue.

2. Experts

3pl providers are experts in their field. They know what it takes to get the job done most efficiently and without mistakes. Most 3pl’s will have the latest technology and software that is capable of supporting any type of business, no matter its size. They will take the time to understand your business so they can develop a tailor made strategy to suit.

3. Flexibility

When using a 3pl logistic service you are provided with the flexibility to grow your business at a desired pace. You can easily grow your business into new regions. Leading 3pl providers will have strategically placed warehouses and distribution centres all around the country and even the globe. This means if you are looking to expand, you can do so at lower costs and faster delivery times. 3pl services give you the flexibility to effortlessly support your growth into any new market.

Pendulum Logistics is your leading 3pl in Sydney. If you need any 3pl services make sure you get in touch with us today, we provide many needed quality services. We are here to help make your business run as smooth as possible and give you the best chance of success!

The Benefits of Purchasing Fresh Flowers Online

The internet has changed the way consumers shop in every industry, this includes the florist industry. More and more consumers are looking towards online flower retailers to purchase their fresh flowers.

Consumers can now clearly see the benefits that purchasing fresh flowers online can provide. Have a read below at the top 5 benefits to consumers when purchasing fresh flowers online:

1. Greater Selection

When operating in an online arena the business is not constricted by limited space in a physical shop. This means that there is no limit on the range of products the business can provide. When you shop online you are almost certain to see a wider range.

Not only this, but it is much easier to browse through an online florists entire selection. Usually, online florists will include different categories. This means if you are looking for birthday flowers, or specifically roses, you will be able to view that section more easily.

2. Order at Anytime

You can virtually order at any time. Online florists have ensured this change. If you have forgotten an important birthday or anniversary until the last minute, an online florist will have you covered. You don’t have to spend the extra time dealing with traffic to get to a florist. All you have to do is go online and choose your fresh flowers.

Some online florists will also be operating 24 hours for days where getting flowers is a must, i.e. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. This means that no matter how late you remember to order flowers, they should still arrive in time.

3. Price

Online florists can get fairly competitive; this means that they will be offering their best prices. As well as this, for an online florist, they have considerably lower expenses then normal retailers. This means that they can pass those savings onto you.

4. Convenience

It is so convenient to shop for your fresh flowers online! All you have to do is fire up your computer or phone and search for a florist. All the information you could possibly need about flowers you are considering purchasing is so easy for you to find.

You don’t have to brave the weather and traffic to purchase some flowers. You get to make your selection from the comfort of your own home.

5. More Information

By shopping online you will probably get more information about each different flower. Online shopping also means you get to do more window shopping. This makes it easier to shop around for the best price. So instead of driving from florist to florist, it is just a couple of clicks away.

You will also get more information about the florist in general and the type of delivery etc. they provide. Again, you can compare this with other online florists to ensure you choose a business that is right for you.

XOXO Roses is an online florist that provides all these benefits and more! Make sure you have a look at our selection of fresh flowers today.

5 Steps To Handle A Burst Pipe Emergency

A burst pipe is a sudden and stressful emergency, which can trigger serious consequences for your home and its electrical wiring. Before you can even blink, a burst pipe will result in water gushing through different parts of your home and you will end up panicking.

Why Do Pipes Burst?

Pipes can burst for a myriad of reasons, but the damage they cause is fairly substantial and consitent throughout the home.

  • When the water pressure in the pipe gets too high, it can rupture and the pipe can burst.
  • Deterioration over time can cause the pipe to become weak resulting in a burst pipe.
  • Winter cold can trigger burst pipes because of the cold temperatures.

Handling Burst Pipe Emergencies Effectively

If you are well organised, you should be able to keep the damage to a minimum and stop the water from flowing everywhere. Here are 5 easy steps to deal with a burst pipe emergency:

Turn Off Your Electricity Immediately

Trying to clean up a wet floor while the electrical devices are plugged in can cause you to get an electric shock. Electrical wiring or sockets that are wet can be dangerous, so follow these immediate actions:

  • Turn off the electricity supply immediately as water and electricity don’t mix.
  • Do not touch electric wires with your bare hands if there is a chance that they are wet because it could be dangerous or even fatal for you.

Turn Off Your Water Supply

To stop the water from flowing, you will have to turn off your main valve to your home. Switching it off will reduce the gush of water coming into your home from the burst pipe, and will prevent the pipes from further damage. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Shut off the main valve, which is normally located near your water metre where the water supply enters the property.
  • Open the sink faucet and collect the accumulated water quickly because you probably won’t have any water till the line is fixed.
  • Run all the taps to drain excess water pressure from the system.

Turn Off Your Water Heating System

Your central water heating system could end up being a problem if you fail to turn it off because of overheating. This could result in significant damage – not to mention danger to you and your family. Once the water heating is shut off, follow these actions:

  • Open all your hot water taps and remove any excess water in the system
  • Shut off all taps and wait until the emergency plumbing services arrive to rectify the problem

Call Emergency Plumbing Services

This is not a problem that can be sorted in its own time and requires immediate professional intervention, so call the emergency plumbing services as soon as possible. Once the water has been shut off and the water damage minimised, the emergency plumbing service will need repair the broken pipeline. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Let the emergency plumbing services know of your particular situation.
  • Point out the source of the burst pipeline if possible, which allows them to be better prepared.
  • Give them an accurate description of the damage through your home.
  • Allow immediate access to your home so that the problem can be rectified immediately.

Keep in mind that you may need to also consult an electrician before the electricity is turned back on.

Check Your Property For Water Damage

With burst pipes, you’re likely to deal with water damage to your property, so assess the place for damage to establish the kind of repairs needed. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check ceilings in the property for any bulging caused by water stagnating above – stay clear of these ceilings in case they should collapse.
  • Move all your rugs, furniture and other items away from water affected areas to check for damages below them – remember that anything that sits in water for days will begin to grow mould and can trigger unprecedented damage.
  • Check your walls to look for signs of dampness and water damage.
  • Look for signs of mould and mildew in damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

For your own safety, have another person with you when you move to inspect the property for any potential damage.

Burst pipes are hard to deal with and can cause immense grief to you and your family. Follow these steps to handle them in the best way possible.

An Introduction to the Growing Business of Flower Delivery

The Internet has changed many things, the way we communicate, the way we entertain ourselves, the way we purchase products and the flower delivery industry has certain been revitalised by the latter. This has become more and more true and the industry has grown to include independent, passionate flower deliverers often in the form of ‘Instagram Florists’ that have expanded the industry greatly.  

As the online market continue to flourish there have been three major changes, a lessening of physical stores, a rise in creativity and many more niche markets.

Where are the Florists?
According to Best in Australia, you can ask any florist if there has been a decline in brick and mortar flower shops and you’ll probably find that even trying to do such a thing might take a while. The physical florists shops have decreased by over half in most major cities and the numbers continue to drop. This certainly hasn’t been due to a lack of interest in flowers, but rather a sharp increase in online florists.

The phenomenon known as Instagram florists has allowed many (usually young woman) individuals to establish their own operations out of their homes. This has resulted in many wonderful things; a diversification of the market that has diminished corporate control, lower costs and increased quality. With the added bonus of letting people create an entrepreneurial pursuit off a passion.

Most traditional florists are either having to transfer to this new model or are struggling to keep up and this may be unfair some, ultimately it has been great for more people and the industry as a whole.

Floral Renaissance
The creativity within the flower industry is soaring at the moment. Herbs, weeds, oils, paper, bows, pencils, old nick-nacks and paddywacks have all made their way into contemporary floral arrangements. In fact the expansion of what is considered acceptable is incredible and has spiced up what was sometimes overdone and stale. More than just the arrangement themselves, the receptacle that holds flowers has becoming truly inspired, gumboots, muffins trays, teapots, clocks, really anything that flowers can sit in, modern florists have delivered flowers in them.

This can certainly be received both ways though, sometimes it adds a little something, a certain je na sais quoi, but sometimes in can be perturbing and frustrating. It’s nice to receive flowers wrapped in something different, like paper from an old comic book, it’s no so sweet to receive flowers in a washed out detergent bottle. This

It is like getting avocado smash on a chopping board, it’s cool, it’s slightly different, but ultimately it’s just a nice variation of a plate. However if instead of getting a plate, or even a chopping board you get an upside Frisbee you’d be annoyed. Sure, functionally they work the same, but you don’t really want to eat off a Frisbee, especially one that has a faded Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles logo on it.

The rise of the Niche
The enormous upswing in creativity has also lead to a niche markets flying up everywhere in the flower delivery game. In the past most florists would do the same stock standard type of deal, an array of the same 7 flowers, wrapped in brown paper, held together by a bow. Now this is certainly not a bad arrangement, it’s a classic and a classic for a reason. It’s simple, elegant and not matter what type of flowers, it works. But these online only florists are using this creativity to provide a much more niche and interesting type of design.

Any type of design you are looking for is available, spend an hour on the internet looking for some through Instagram florists and you will be stunned by how specific some of the businesses. There are flower deliverers dedicated to bringing you lilies in old pencil tins, there are florists that only send out origami variations of flowers, you can get rose petals with love messages written on them, there’s basically everything.

This is awesome because it means people are getting to creatively express in a certain way, make something that they have become extremely good at or are at least improving their skills, while making a little bit of money from. As well as letting you get a fresh and different sort of flower gift. A real win win.

The Future
The floral industry continue to evolve and for the better. We are seeing a massive increase in so many positive factors and while the lessening of physical stores at first seems like a bad things, it only takes a little investigation to realise what has taken its place is an incredible and wonderful thing.

5 methods of rubbish disposal to lessen our environmental impact

We produce waste and lots of it. On average each Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of rubbish a year, which second highest in the world. There are some government programs that aim to recycle and lower our waste, but not enough. This means if you want to minimise your environmental impact, you have to take matters into your own hands.

There are many ways that you can achieve this from small things you can do at home to hiring rubbish removal companies. Numerous of these ways are in regards to your actions and lifestyle; however there are many ways you can help simple though how you dispose of your rubbish.

Here are 5 tips on how to improve your rubbish disposal methods.

1. Compost
Food products makes up 40% of the waste put into landfills every year in Australia. Food products in landfills also are the largest producer of methane, the seriously environmentally destructive gas 25 times worse than carbon monoxide. Compost bins are therefore an amazing solution to this problem and they are the only way to reuse food products. Composts bin are cheap, self-sustained and result in free fertiliser.  They are great addition to your backyard and if you live in an apartment it’s worth asking the building manager if you can get one for the lot.

2. Furniture
Getting rid of furniture is often quite difficult, while selling it on the internet or giving it away is our first suggestion, professional rubbish removal is our second. Australia’s council pick-ups, take most the stuff they pick-up to a landfill, whether it is recyclable or not (depending on council). While they do put some measures in place to make sure that they reuse it, it’s a pretty cavalier effort due to the fact most furniture is multiple types of materials. On the other hand there are many Sydney rubbish removal companies that will spend extra time and effort separating the various materials of the furniture. This is to ensure everything recyclable can be recycled. So the correct rubbish removal specialists are worth hiring for furniture that is recyclable.

3. Special Disposal
There are certain products in the home that need to be properly disposed of, detergents, batteries, plastic bags, electronics, light bulbs and other all have specific methods of disposal that should be undertaken. Often we throw these in the regular trash or even down the sink, but for most of these this can be damaging to the reusability of the rubbish and have dire environmental impacts. While it is more time consuming, tedious and laborious investigating the proper techniques and avenues to get rid of these products is a significant step you can take to more effectively getting rid of your rubbish.

4. Construction site leftovers
Construction sites are also littered with random debris. It’s an entanglement of concrete, metals, pipes, wiring and a bunch of other things some of which you’re not sure how it got there. If you do get rid of the material yourself it’s likely going to be in the form of taking it to the tip. This is when rubbish removal companies are highly effect. Most rubbish removal specialists will take construction material back to processing centres to sort through; organising the material into what can be reused and remade. However not all companies that remove skip bins and construction material are as scrupulous, so it is important to pick the right one.

5. Repurposing
While this isn’t explicitly disposal, finding alternate uses for items is a great means of recycling. Lots of things can be re-used and deserve a second life in your home, glass jars, toothbrushes, newspaper and almost anything can be galvanised after it’s seemingly finished. The Internet is an ingenious place and so many smart people out there are using creative and fascinating ways to turn their everyday household items into… well lots of different things. If you have items that you think can be reused, hit up the internet first to see if they have any suggestions.

If you truly want to make a big difference, changing the products you use, the way you consume, transport methods and a general shift in lifestyle are all things that need to be undertaken. However changing the way you dispose of waste is one of the most impactful and effective ways to lessen your impact.

Key ways a family lawyer can help with your property settlement

Tying up financial matters is a key part of divorce proceedings or when a de facto relationship has ended. It can sometimes be one of the most unpleasant factors of a divorce. If you live in Sydney or the surrounding suburbs, and are currently facing this issue, family lawyers in Sydney will be able to help you through this process and help it be as painless as possible.

Make sure you are looking for family lawyers in Sydney, rather than too far away from where you work or reside.  Any unforeseen events or new information that may arise may mean that you will need to have an urgent meeting. To make the process hassle-free, going with a local family lawyer will help lessen any stress.

Here are key areas of advice a family lawyer can help you with and resolve your property settlement issues.

What falls under the umbrella of a property settlement

Property settlements are more than just the home. It can involve the split or transfer of investment properties, commercial properties, savings, and vehicles.

Your legal representation should be able to tell you what you are entitled to and what the process might be for any property assets you currently own. Typical outcomes can include the property be sold and any profits divided between each person. Another outcome could be that one person gets to keep the property and the other person is provided monetary compensation for their half.

How a property settlement is formalised

 Your lawyer will explain to you how your property settlement agreement can be legally agreed upon. Two key ways in which a property settlement can be legally recorded is through a consent order or a biding financial agreement.

A consent order is an order that is made by the court and demonstrates that both people involved in the proceedings agree to a particular contract. A binding financial agreement is one that is drafted up by each party.

In either option, the way a property settlement is legally recorded will vary and each have its own pros and cons. Each divorce or relationship breakdown scenario will be different. Your lawyer will be able to help advise which agreement is best suited to your situation.

The importance to legally bind your property settlement

Even if a split is amicable, it is still important to ensure that your property settlement is legally sound. Even thought things can seem ok now, the nature of a split is that sometimes attitudes and priorities change. Protect yourself from any added cost and stress in the future by ensuring your agreement is legally recorded.

Your legal professional will be able to explain to you in detail about the other reasons why it’s important to legally bind your property settlement including its enforceability or your protection from any future property settlement claims.

The importance of settling property straight after the separation

There are many amicable separations and this can lead to the two parties leaving property settlement issues for a later date. Many people see this as a tension fuelled discussion, so if two people are on good terms with each other they may be reluctant to “rock the boat”.

However, if a property settlement is delayed, it leaves both parties open to claims being made against each other in the future. For example, you might purchase a new property post your divorce or separation. This newly acquired property may still be classified as part of the property you both share, and therefore, your former partner could be entitled to their part of it if they decide to make a claim.

Also, if your former partner sells any assets before a legal agreement is made then the property and assets shared is then reduced. So, when you do eventually decide to make an agreement, you will then get less than what you would have if you did it straight after your separation.

As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to get advice from a family lawyer regarding any property settlement concerns you might have. They can tell you what assets are dealt with under a property settlement, how it is formalised and legalised, and why it’s important to do it sooner rather than later.

4 Insider Guidelines To Choose The Best Rubbish Removal Company For Your Needs

If you’re thinking of hiring a rubbish removal company for your household waste, you must be diligent with your choice. The sheer number of companies available to you is enough to do your head in, so choosing the right one can seem like a tedious task. Follow these insider guidelines to choose the best rubbish removal company for your specific needs.

Research The Company’s Reputation… And Don’t Hesitate To Go To More Than One For Competitive Prices

When gathering quotes for your rubbish removal needs, don’t be afraid to go to more than one to study which company works best for you. You’ll also want to choose a reputed company whose experience in the industry speaks for itself because you don’t want to end up with mistakes or poor service. Follow these considerations:

  • Research the Internet and check reviews that others have left for the company.
  • Ask your friends and family whether they or someone they know has worked with this company before – chances of someone in your network using a reputed company are quite high.
  • Get referrals from your family, friends and neighbours to identify more than one company that can meet your waste disposal needs.
  • Check how long the company has operated for to ensure it is not a fly-by-night service.
  • Let the company know you’re shopping around for quotes to get the best price.

Once you’ve gone through these steps, you’d likely have narrowed down your search to just a few reputed companies, which is a much bigger leap than when you first started your search.

Find Out About The Waste Disposal Policies Of The Rubbish Removal Company

You should ideally consider the waste disposal policies of the rubbish removal company before hiring them for your specific needs. Here are some questions to ask:

  • What recycling policies or waste removal policies for you follow?
  • Do you take recyclable waste to a recycling plant or a regular landfill station?
  • How do you look to minimise waste that goes to landfill?

It’s important to consider recycling and waste removal policies to reduce the rubbish that goes to landfills and reuse as much as possible. These questions will help you reduce your carbon footprint and ensures environmentally friendly waste disposal measures.

Consider The Flexibility Offered By The Company

Some rubbish removal companies offer greater flexibility than others when it comes to disposing off your waste, so you may want to consider this aspect when choosing one for your specific needs. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do you offer skip pick-ups on weekends, weekdays or both? This is important for working professionals who can only do their cleanups on weekends.
  • Can we switch the day of hire by giving your sufficient notice or is the date fixed? This is important because certain renovation efforts may not be completed within your expected timeframe. Some companies offer to switch days with no extra charge if sufficient notice is given.
  • Can we change the size of the skip bin? This is important because you may have underestimated the amount of waste you need to get rid of.

Flexibility in services will help you make the right choices for your waste removal needs, so make sure you consider this aspect when choosing the best rubbish removal company for your home.

Consider The Customer Service Offered By The Company

Never underestimate the power of good customer service when it comes to hiring a good rubbish removal company for your needs. Consider the following:

  • Is the customer service staff polite and willing to answer all your questions?
  • Is the staff well trained to manage and satisfy your queries?
  • What kind of aftercare does the staff provide?
  • Can the staff easily be reached in the event of an emergency?
  • Is the customer service staff available on weekends to handle your queries?

When planning rubbish removal for your home, you probably need to get in touch with the customer service staff if you have certain queries. A company with poor customer service can make things extremely hard for you, so take the time to establish the credentials of the company before hiring them for your waste disposal needs.

Rubbish removal requires a little bit of planning to ensure you’re on the right track, especially when it comes to choosing the right company for your needs. No matter which part you live in, these insider guidelines will help you find the best rubbish removal company for your household waste disposal requirements.

Do you really need a wedding photographer for your big day?

  1. Professional experience

When hiring a wedding photographer, it is essential to confirm their experience and whether they are a professional or not. A professional will often be eager to show you their past shots that they’ve taken at other weddings, and be more than happy to brag about their experience. As such, these professionals will be able to turn your big day into something magical by bringing their in-depth knowledge to the table.

  1. They can offer you expert advice

Wedding photographers will often propose many suggestions for the upcoming marriage. They can predict which day may have the best weather for the lighting and background at the wedding.

Moreover, wedding photographers in Sydney can recommend their hidden locations so that you can have the perfect backdrop to your wedding photos. Art in photos is also subjective, a topic which couples can also consult with their photographers so that they can take photos which cater to a couple’s style and approach.

  1. They are reliable

When you hire a professional photographer you know they are going to be reliable. This is why the experience above is so important. There is a definite peace of mind for the bride when they know for a fact that they will be able to look back at the beautiful and elegant shots their photographer took for their magical day.

There are far too many horror stories out there of couples engaging with photographers without the proper knowledge or expertise, and end up with photos that left them unhappy and unsatisfied.

  1. But, It can be expensive

Hiring a wedding photographer is expensive. A professional photographer will leave you out of pocket in the hundreds, if not the thousands. Their accreditation often comes at a large cost, and in many cases, couples have dedicated a large portion of money towards making sure that they have a professional at their wedding.

However, photographers will often offer their customers with packages. These packages can provide large discounts and give ample relief for your budget. But for some couples, they simply can’t afford a photographer for the day. Don’t worry though, because there are still some alternatives available. 

  1. Alternative: hiring an amateur

If you really aren’t interested in hiring a professional for the special day, there are a number of alternatives available. There are always a number of aspiring wedding photographers in Sydney at local universities or schools, eager to take on a job. The only issue here is whether you can trust their lack of experience.

If you do decide to take this route, it’s best to engage them in person and confirm their reliability, and if you’re lucky you can find yourself saving thousands. 

  1. Alternative: doing it yourself

Another alternative is by doing it yourself. Although it will be cheaper, it still requires you to rent the proper equipment and then commit yourself to learning the art of photography, which will often takes hours.

If you have the spare time and simply can’t afford a professional, this is a tempting route, but for many on-looking couples, the months coming up to their wedding will be far too busy to even begin thinking about doing it themselves.

So, do you really need a wedding photographer?

Ultimately, the decision is personal, and one that must be carefully thought about. If you have the money, there is little reason not to hire a professional photographer for the simple peace of mind it can provide a couple on their special day. However, at the same time it can also be a killer for couples considering how expensive it is, to which there are a few alternatives available.

Coupon Strategies that Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty

Alex Papaconstantinou is the founder of, a coupon website that represents over 3,000 online stores in the United Kingdom. In this article he explains how a smart coupon strategy can help an online business, not only increase revenue, but track sales, support affiliates and increase the client base.

Though, in recent years, some retailers have opted out of coupon marketing, we’ll see here 5 reasons why online shops should consider publishing discount coupon codes.

1.      Reward loyalty

Giving existing customers coupon codes goes a long way towards rewarding loyalty to your brand. You can email them something like “We appreciate your loyalty so much that we would like to give you $30 off your next purchase. Thanks for your business”.

2.      Measure return on investment (ROI)

Tracking your marketing campaigns is very important as it gives you a clear picture of which marketing channels are creating more sales for your online business. Using coupon codes is a great way to track sales from various media.

Use a different code for every platform you promote your product, i.e. have different codes for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Youtube ,etc. Tracking the offer codes used and linking them to the sales they generated will help you calculate the number of sales produced by each marketing channel.

With a little bit of technology, you can also use coupon codes to track keyword level of your search ad campaign which is important when it comes to optimization.

3.      Personally reward followers on special occasions

Instead of offering coupons to everyone, sometimes it is best to only reward certain customers. For example, try send a special voucher code to people on their birthdays! This gives a person a lot of joy on their birthday, knowing that you thought of them. It also establishes your company as a user-friendly brand.

4.      Retargeting and shopping cart dropouts

Shopping cart dropout occurs when a potential customer visits an ecommerce site, selects a product, fills in their details including the email address but, for some reason, the customer leaves the website without completing the order. In this case, you can use a coupon code to lure the buyer back to the website.

What about sending them an email with a promotional code that reads something like this, “Hi, I am Alex from, we noticed you left our website without completing your order. Here is a 20% off coupon code for your next purchase. Use it now as it it’s valid for a day only”.

5.      Promote scarcity

In order to make buyers take action quickly when it comes to making a purchase, you can use limited time offer codes. This creates scarcity and drives the potential buyers, who maybe on the fence, to take action.

There are many ways you can leverage coupon codes to track customers, increase sales, build customer loyalty and more. But always remember that in order to build a sustainable business, you must never make a money off policy your only marketing strategy.


Divorce Lawyer in Sydney

Separation from your spouse is a deeply trying experience that can be straining, emotionally and financially. If you were to believe film depictions you might think that divorces are hard fought intensely emotionally battles over large questions like; how do we split custody? Who gets the house? And; how do we divide assets?

However these dramatic big picture decisions aren’t usually the stimuli for most divorce proceedings, in fact that majority of avenues are much more civil and symbiotic. So when hiring a divorce lawyer in Sydney you should be aware of the different types so you can chose what’s best for you.

We have outlined some of the less known alternate styles of divorce proceedings:

1. Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative divorce (also known as collaborative law) is a style of separation becoming more widely used. It is based around the two parties communicating and discussing the specifics of the divorce, while being accompanied by a special council. Both parties sign an agreement to come to a mutually accepted conclusion.

If a disagreement does occur, each lawyer must remove themselves and the couple is required to start over. The two spouses agree to work together, fairly and civilly going through the operations of a divorce. This type of separation is best when both parties understand that cooperation is mutually beneficial and are willing to make the situation easier.

2. Do-it-yourself Divorce
Not every divorce in Sydney requires a lawyer. Some proceedings can be handled by you and your spouse. A ‘Do-it-yourself’ divorce primarily involves filling out paper work and going your separate ways. This type of divorce is best/often only viable when the marriage didn’t involve children, owned homes or major assets.

Taking control of your divorce and facilitating it yourself can be very empowering and make the whole procedure much easier.

3. Arbitration
In a divorce preceding it is rare for every decision to be mutually agreed upon, so there may be a specific area that requires a neutral third party to decide. Arbitration is when both parties agree to have a private judge make a decision about a specific case (or a couple different things), outside of the courtroom.

Each side presents their case to the judge, who then will decide which side has the better case. This is useful if there is a specific issue that is halting or derailing the proceedings.

4. Mediation
Similar to arbitration, but focusing more on communication than decision making; mediation functions by having a lawyer sit with both parties and facilitate discussion and agreements. The lawyer does not represent either party specifically but works to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome.

This method also varies from arbitration as the lawyer does not have the power to make legally binding decisions; rather they are merely offering advice on what the two should do. This can be useful if emotions, personal turmoil or lack of knowledge are impeding the proceedings, which are almost expected during a divorce.
There are many different types of separation that should be considered when going through this ordeal, so understanding the nuances should allow you to hire the perfect divorce lawyer in Sydney for you.

Freelance Developers: When To Register A Company

Drawing on my own experiences, I’ll try to let you know how to go about registering (incorporating) a company in Singapore. I will mainly go over finding your first employee, and what to be aware of.

Normal employment:

Now, I would like to tell you how employment works in Singapore. First, as a foreigner, getting here and getting work permits is fairly easy and it requires that you are employed in a local company here or that the company you work for abroad has some legal representation here.

Typically, you can obtain a temporary work permit (green card) that can be extended if one’s employment conditions in a local company are still met. After a while that varies slightly depending on the number of new citizens here (about 3 years), you can apply for PR status (Permanent Resident) and if you have achieved it, stay here for as long as you want to comply with the law.

Start the Company:

But you can also easily start your own business here without having to live in Singapore in advance and I will briefly show you what it takes to do that. And I’ll share it in the example where you just want to have a Singapore company without staying here – and an example where you want to have a Singapore company and also want to live here.

To own a Singapore company as a foreigner and with a foreign residence, eg UK:

The type of company that is easiest to start is a private company with limited financial liability here called “Private Limited” (Pte. Ltd.) – and that is why almost all Singapore companies are called xxxxxxx Pte. Ltd.

  • The requirement for equity is at least 1 SGD $ (about $1 USD)
  • You must be over 18 years old
  • You must have a bank account in Singapore.

The corporate tax of the profit is 9% for the first 300,000 SGD $ annually and flat 17% over 300,000 SGD $ (300,000 SGD = about 300,000 USD). GST (VAT) is 7% (Goods and Service Tax).

If the turnover is below 1,000,000 SGD per Year (about 1,000,000 USD), you do not have to be a GST registered. But you can also volunteer GST register no matter what the turnover is and it’s an advantage if you trade the most with other companies and it seems more professional I think. In addition, the quarterly reporting of GST is very easy and takes place online.

When you start a Pte. Ltd. There must also be a company secretary (company secratary) who is local resident but that person does not have to be co-owners of the company and there are really many accounting companies that offer as a service to do – just because that person does not have an economical responsibility. The purpose of the company secretary is simply that this person must sign the annual accounts and that is why it typically is a person from an accounting firm because often you may not have even employed an administrative person who can make it review the financial statements.

Note that this secretary does not need to be in possession of the bank account and therefore does not have to co-sign on, for example, checks – ie you can have financial responsibility yourself if you do not want to share it with others. All of the above information was provided by the leading Halal Certification company in Singapore.